Stuff You Missed in History Class
Stuff You Missed in History Class
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I love this
Love learning about history and they make it so much Better I look forward to their new episodes and this is definitely one of my favorite podcasts I love how they’re so detailed about every little part in history
Please remove the sound effects
I listen to Stuff you missed in History to learn from Holly and Tracy. The cheesy sound effects in the latest episode make it hard to hear the hosts and are generally distracting. Holly and Tracy don’t need gimmicks.
Some other guy 9000
Former listener
I have been listening to the show for quite a few years, and am thankful for the information and the knowledge that I’ve gained. Lately, though, I’ve stopped listening as the hosts have become increasingly condescending, insulting and at times downright rude to any suggestion of values or thinking that do not align perfectly with their very obvious political leanings. Ladies, if I wanted opinions, I’d watch the news. I came to you for facts. Now I can’t even have that.
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Best podcast ever
I have been listening to this podcast since I was a sophomore in high school a decade ago and they have only gotten better with time! Holly and Tracy are always very respectful to the history and cultures they cover but always add in fun aspects of the story to keep it entertaining. I have used this podcast for college classes and to teach young kids about history. Thank you Tracy and Holly for such a great show!
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Made me a history nerd!
With every episode I listen to, I become more and more obsessed with this podcast. They make me truly enjoy each subject. I’ve never considered myself a history buff or even really been interested, but now I’m hooked. I love their story telling and their chemistry.
Love you guys! Great show!
I have been listening for years and at moments, the show seem interesting but... somewhat off, couldn’t place it before but now while listening to part 1 of Duke Kahanamoku episode, I felt the hosts tend to judge/comment in a condescending way mainly people from other cultures. One host laughed while talking about Duke’s not having clothes for the cold weather (why would he?, he’s from Hawaii)... I tried to move further in the episode but there were more incidents like that, I didn’t feel comfortable. Don’t think I want to keep listening to this show.
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TaN gogo
Entertaining and educational
Very sensible choice of topics. Extremely entertaining and educational at the same time. Hosts are very careful about their research. When some quotes/sources are unreliable but included to advance a narrative or to present an ongoing debate, they make sure it is clear. When there’s question about facts, they correct and clarify in future shows. The presentation often includes surprising or lesser known aspects and perspectives.
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There is absolutely no bias here! The thing with blue hair has zero political agenda in the stuff you should have learned! Stalin forever
Love it!
I love the range of topics! Very fascinating. Seems like most of the negative reviews are from people who just don’t like women’s history/women presenters so keep that in mind, potential listeners...the title of the podcast is “Stuff you Missed in History Class” and considering that most mainstream history is about already white men, you would think people shouldn’t be shocked that female presenters sometimes explore the history of women and people of color in a podcast with this title
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space e cadet
It’s not them, it’s who they’re in bed with
I liked the podcast, but when a I learned thru their ads by NPR and Chelsea Clinton, for example, the connection they apparently have with the Left, I dropped them because I now can’t be sure that the content is 100% neutral and not presented through a skewed lens. There are a whole lot of other podcasters out there to listen to.
Started listening in 2014, and nothing’s changed but the ads
These smart women do a good job of selecting and dissecting movements, events and figures which are often MISSED IN HISTORY CLASSES—they certainly were all left out of my history education in the late 80s and early 90s. The very premise of the podcast challenges white supremacy and male superiority. Why anyone chooses a podcast so named and then complains about the content...? Well, folks, you’re the ones who appear to have a political agenda and your slew of poorly written reviews smell of sour grapes. Get lost.
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Great entertainment and always interesting
The podcast is always well researched. It’s presented in a way that is almost always fun and it IS always easy to understand. When Holly or Tracy express an opinion, they’re always sure to make it clear that it’s is an opinion. I love the friendly, conversational tone they carry through every episode. It feels like a conversation with friends.
Lovely in every way
Don’t believe the trolls. This show presents facts through the lens of modern historiography—it’s not political or aligned to any ideology. They shed light on people and events that explore how we could learn from the past, be better, or maybe explain how we got to where we are today. If you’re not able to listen with an open mind, try a different podcast.
Mostly enjoyed the content, but I Heart Radio ads are the worst
I don’t know what’s up with the ad inserts, but I quit listening to this show when I started getting the same ads with the same annoying jingle twice in a row. This was after a long history of getting ads in languages I don’t speak, for states I don’t live in, and for products that are thinly veiled scams. This was the last of the How Stuff Works podcasts I tolerated under the I Heart regime, but I’m done now. I give up. Not even the crappy FM radio around here is this bad.
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Chae norr
good podcast
it helped me with a history assignment and i got a semi good grade 10/10 would listen again
Holly & Tracy are a great team. They make history fun & educational. Keep doing a great show!
Well researched!
Very good quality show
Love this Podcast!
I love listening to this podcast while I work. I learn so much and the day goes by so much faster!
Pretty boring presentation
The topics seem interesting, but the podcasts are not.
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Great discourse and commentary
This podcast is a great one to listen to in the car on a long ride. It provides incredible discourse and commentary on the topic at hand and makes you think without getting confused. Holly and Tracy make lesser known history more accessible and fun!!
Truly, my favorite podcast
I began listening in 2016, by chance in the month of October, which is always a highlight in the SYMHC cannon; needless to say I became an instant loyal listener. I’ve gone through the entire back catalogue, from the beginning when the stories were like snacks and the hosts brought little clippings of history to the podcast feed. I’m grateful the current show is longer and more space is given to context and story arcs. The hosts are thoughtful, discerning and champion researchers. They bring care to each subject that is covered. If you want history of people, places and events that expand beyond those dry textbooks of schools days of yore, this is the show for you!
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It’s decent
👍 this podcast is awesome stop hating trolls
alfa wolf 🐺
This is great!
The hosts are good, and I havent heard any political bias yet, which is NOT ok mind you, love the topics, gonna avoid recent political ones so im not cringing half the time 👍🏻
me me huddy
Women and poc’s you missed in history
This podcast is going downhill with 75% “strong women” history topics. Please keep it balanced, your listeners need you! 2 of the last 32 episodes about white males. How long will the revenge take?
Nub ninja
Too much annoying filler
Great topics, too much chatter about personal issues. Tough to weed through to get to crux... I’m impressed the podcast got as far as it has. Good on you,ladies. I find the delivery annoying and amateurish, but clearly many do not.
Love it
These ladies are awesome! Great topics presented by a pair of interesting and knowledgeable hosts. I felt I had to amend my earlier review to add that I have listened to this show for years, and it’s ridiculous that presenting facts and history that’s relevant to events going on today is now considered political by the trolls. Keep up the good work!
Giggling schoolgirls
Interesting topics presented by a couple of tough-to-listen-to “women”. Lots of unnecessary chuckling and giggling. They make themselves laugh while saying things that aren’t even a little bit funny. I applaud there significant others for putting up with them. I won’t be.
Unnamed Source
Passionate hosts
The hosts are passionate and informed. Had to give a five star review to counteract one star reviews from the Trumpsters 😂
These Ladies Kill It
One of my go-to podcasts for interesting, surprising and captivating history lessons!! I truly appreciate all the work they all put into this podcast. Keep it up!
Beth in LB
Just wonderful to listen too...
I am addicted! I just found this podcast! I listen everyday. The topics span a wide variety . They are thorough and fresh! They go right into the story with not a lot of nonsense and fluff... It not necessarily. This is straight up a short comprehensively informative history lesson!
Jean & Mike
Flu virus session
I was very impressed with the sessions about the Flu Virus of 1918 in March of 2021. I’m just wondering if any of you ladies are going to be able to do at least a 50 year anniversary of the COVID Virus. Thank you very much.
Content is great. Missing the old hosts
I’ve been listening for so long. I just miss the old hosts. The new ones have such great content but their voices are cringeworthy and they come off condescending sometimes, even to one another.
Recent Episodes
Usually like the podcast topics. However, listening to podcasts about pandemics while living through one is just too much. Please find topics that are interesting abs help us escape the daily monotony the this pandemic.
Great listen
Don’t pay any attention to all these butt-hurt trolls that think historians are biased for telling the truth and exposing historical facts. They probably also think that racism ended in 1968. Carry-on with the well-researched topics!
Love my History Ladies
I’ve enjoyed this podcast for a long time. But when they added their Friday mini episode it really provided a nice little wrap up to their episodes that I really enjoy.
Obvious political bias
I used to like this show, until it became a platform for leftist ideology.
You can’t always believe what you hear
I first started listening to this podcast tell the story of LaDora Duncan and that was pretty intriguing, but as you started to talk about Freedom Summer and Cobb, you precisely stated that there was not two sides to the story (regarding the previous election.) Stating your opinions as fact is unprofessional and disrespectful. Everything is worth investigating, whether it seems true or not. Finally, let’s remember that you can’t always believe what you hear...
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Been listening for years
Love these ladies - been listening for years and love how they make history so approachable. I really appreciate too, how as our country is reckoning with so much of our own ugly history, Holly and Tracy acknowledge the ugly-ness in a way where we can learn how to be better.
OES mom
Thank you! ❤️
Report facts and keep your political party and beliefs out of these reports, please. I truly love history and am a strong advocate that either we learn from the past or are doomed to repeat however your podcast (the three that I have heard have turned me off of your). The two of you remind me of my 8th grade US history teacher who tried forcing her beliefs and view down our throats.
I love these ladies!!! They are so smart and so fun! Absolutely delightful!!! Love you 2!
lilly bourret
Awesome, awesome!!
I’ve listened to this podcast for several years. I love Holly and Tracy and the personality they bring to each episode. They both bring a fresh look to each episode and remind us that history is a collection of stories and perspectives. For anyone reviewing them as being ‘too liberal’, they’re not. Acknowledging unrepresented minorities and their perspectives is not liberal - it’s caring about other people and all viewpoints. They also don’t white wash history, which is refreshing.
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History is cool. These hosts are not.
These girls are brutal. Their attempts at jokes are never funny. Their laughs are painful. The one tries to show off by how she can pronounce french names but she sounds stupid. They sound like two miserable types of women you would find in a coffee shop in pdx. The old hosts were so much better.
Dj spinelli
Virtue signaling
The host are not trying to inform their audience... they are trying to change their mind. Feels extremely forced. It’s also just not interesting. Too bad, cause the idea is a good one.
😒 opinions are not facts
Sigh 😔 disappointing
The hosts sound like muppets
I can’t listen. It’s great info but...
Refreshing take on historical learning
Been listening for years! Really enjoy this on commutes and road trips. Thank you!
Really Lovely
This is so calming and informative. I’ve listened for about 3 years now, thank you to both hosts! I originally was a SYSK fan but was captivated by this podcast’s hosts’ dedication to sourcing their information, and sourcing books that they themselves have read. I appreciate that Tracy and Holly prioritize telling the listener the real history behind a subject, and don’t shy away from the racist, and misogynistic undertones that color most of history, even when it’s uncomfortable. The only reason someone wouldn’t at least agree this is a good and well researched podcast, is if they romanticize Eurocentric history telling. I’m shocked but not surprised at all of the rude and blatantly misogynistic reviews, and I hope that Tracy and Holly continue to be strong advocates for the truth. I appreciate it!
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