Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show Podcast
Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show Podcast
Stuff I Never Knew
Too Close Too Call Live Trivia - Episode 92
49 minutes Posted Nov 8, 2020 at 5:00 pm.
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Show notes

We have a great episode planned tonight! 3 new guests to the show!Tonight

I am joined by:Reid Messerschmidt from The The Irrationally Exuberant - A podcast. Megan Danger from Oh No Lit Class Clay Groves from Fish Nerds We are going to play 3 rounds of trivia ROUND 1: Too Close To Call ROUND 2: Animal Connections ROUND 3: Buzzer Sudden Death About Stuff I Never Knew:This is your weekly trivia game show podcast. Each week 3 players from around the world call in and battle it out over 3 rounds of trivia. Listen to over 90 episodes on your favorite podcast player!

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