Study Group
Study Group
Greendale College Community Studies Group
Kieron Gillen, Matthew Sheret, Ann Scantlebury, Tom Humberstone and Chrissy Williams assume their places on the sofa for this sprawling look at US humour through the bottom of a wine glass.
Episode 24: “Something’s not right about the game”
Kieron Gillen, Chrissy Williams, Ann Scantlebury, Tom Humberstone and Matthew Sheret pop some bubbly and bring our little Study Group to a close. See us out with this near-hour of chat, celebrating Greendale’s greatest victory. Thanks for listening! It’s been rambly, emotional, funny and illuminating. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Nov 3, 2015
57 min
Episode 23: “I get paid to shoot paintballs, honey, not the breeze”
The Good, The Bad and The Dean face off in the halls of Greendale, and no-one is safe. Fast balls and faster quips pepper the screen and NO-ONE STAYS ON TOPIC. Ann Scantlebury, Chrissy Williams, Matthew Sheret, Tom Humberstone and Kieron Gillen wax lyrical and digress wildly as our podcast near its close. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Oct 27, 2015
51 min
Episode 22: “I yanked a little dude out of my friend”
Our little gang witness the miracle of human life this week, as Shirley’s pregnancy comes to an abrupt (and dramatic) finale. Tom Humberstone’s back! Joining Chrissy Williams, Kieron Gillen, Ann Scantlebury and Matthew Sheret to chew through 22 minutes of telly. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Oct 20, 2015
37 min
Episode 21: “The dangers of ingesting mercury”
Of course we went meta with this one: it’s the clip show. The Community team hack the format to pieces in a superb twenty minutes, and we just hack up our episode. Chrissy Williams, Matt Sheret and Kieron chat for a while and misremember an awful lot of things. We’re professionals. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Oct 13, 2015
31 min
Episode 20: “The professor is so old...”
There’s qite a lot going on in this one, but despite that the gang don’t really have many nice things to say about it. Matthew Sheret, Kieron Gillen and Chrissy Williams reflect on the sad truth of Sean Garrity’s words in this slightly tedious episode. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Oct 6, 2015
24 min
Episode 19: “I had been Chad, and Chad was dead”
Metatext, restaurants and birthdays combine to produce a fabulous study of one man: Danny Pudi. He’s so damn good. Kieron Gilllen, Chrissy Williams and Matthew Sheret discuss Andre the Giant, the meaning of comedy, and Shirley’s awesome wardrobe. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Sep 29, 2015
25 min
Episode 18: “SO much worse than Tall Kyle”
It’s a summer miracle: Shirley finally gets some screen time! Plus Britta ruins another friend for Troy and Abed while Chang is at his least together yet. Chrissy Williams, Kieron Gillen, Matthew Sheret and Ann Scantlebury chat race, motherhood and just how big Jeff’s face is on the DVD cases. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Sep 22, 2015
37 min
Episode 17: “Your own little side adventures”
Joe Biden! Joe Biden is coming! Ohmygosh! Leslie Knope’s favourite politician is coming to Greendale. This is the very best day! Let’s ruin it all with an election. Matthew Sheret, Chrissy Williams, Kieron Gillen and Ann Scantlebury stand for truth, justice and old-timey lemonade in what might be our shortest episode yet. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Sep 15, 2015
21 min
Episode 16: “Set phasers to LOVE ME!”
Just when you think Pierce’s malevolence couldn’t get any worse IT GOES AND GETS MUCH MUCH WORSE. What a guy. Ann Scantlebury, Matthew Sheret and Chrissy Williams chat hand-held cameras and dud jokes, while Kieron Gillen quietly implies that nobody is as clever as he is. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Sep 8, 2015
22 min
Episode 15: “Don’t mind if I Chang”
It’s Valentine’s Day in Greendale, and everyone’s flush with the joys of friendship. It’s so boring. Kieron Gillen, Chrissy Williams, Ann Scantlebury and Matthew Sheret chat friendship, rivalry, and who they’d choose out of Troy and Abed. It’s like Sophie’s Choice, but really not. Music: ‘Crazy Glue’ by Josh Woodward (
Sep 1, 2015
31 min
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