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Studio is a show for independent podcasters who want to professionalize their sound. We talk about editing, mixing, sound design and the finer points of podcast production. Hosted and produced by William Smith of Daring Creative. Learn more about the show at
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Sep 14, 2017
4 min
#19 Geoff Manchester of iZotope
After a 2 week hiatus due to a studio renovation I'm back with another episode of Studio! Today I talk to Geoff Manchester, an award-winning composer, mixing and mastering engineer, as well as product specialist at iZotope. Geoff shares with us some tips and tricks for getting a great recorded vocal for your podcast, as well as introduces us to some plugins available from iZotope to clean up your recordings, mix them and add that finishing polish that makes them really stand out. Note: This is not a sponsored podcast for iZotope, I just really love and believe in their audio plugins! You can try all of these for free by downloading a demo on the iZotope web site and look for a giveaway coming in the next episode for some of the software talked about today! Mentioned in this episode Geoff Manchester on Twitter Manchester iZotope's web site RX Elements from iZotope Neutron Elements from iZotope Ozone Elements from iZotope The New Audio Podcast Pro Audio Essentials at iZotope Geoff's RX tutorial on iZotope's website Music for Studio comes courtesy of Jeff Stark at Attune Musical Design. Our new logo was designed by Cory Jespersen. Studio is hosted, edited and mixed by William Smith.  If you enjoyed this week's episode, let me know by dropping a line or leaving us a review wherever you download your podcasts! Talk to you next week! See for privacy information.
Aug 14, 2017
44 min
#18 Experience, Motivation and Business Plans
On today's show I respond to a listener question! Jay Fratt of the Conservative Hippie podcast writes in to ask about my prior experience with podcasting, my motivations for Studio and what my podcast business plan looks like.  The Conservative Hippie Cory Jespersen's artwork As always, the music in Studio is composed by Jeff Stark of Attune Musical Design. And we've got some killer new podcast artwork courtesy of Cory Jespersen (see the link to his art in the links above) Thanks for listening this week, and I'll be back next week with even more for the independent podcaster who wants to professionalize their sound. Talk to you then!   See for privacy information.
Jul 24, 2017
13 min
#17 Amanda McLoughlin of Spirits & Join the Party
On today's show I'm excited to bring you an interview with Amanda McLoughlin. Amanda recently penned a fantastic article on Medium titled "Lessons from an Independent Podcaster" which really got my attention -- so much so that I had to have her on the show to talk about it!  Amanda is also the host of Spirits, a podcast that just passed the 1M downloads mark after only 18 months! We talk about the growth of that show, including how she got included on Apple's "New and Noteworthy" section, as well as the production and sound design of her second show Join the Party. You'll also learn a lot about mindset, growing your podcast audience, and "whole-assing" your podcast - great term from Amanda that I'll probably steal!  I can't think Amanda enough for sitting down to talk to me this week and hope you enjoy this interview! Links: Lessons from an Independent Podcaster Spirits Join the Party Amanda on Twitter I'd also be remiss not to mention the killer new artwork for the show! Thank you to Cory Jespersen for providing the art, and as always, our sound design and intro music come courtesy of Jeff Stark at Attune Musical Design.  See for privacy information.
Jul 18, 2017
31 min
#16 Audio plugins to enhance your podcast sound
On today's show I'll introduce you to some of my favorite audio plugins for enhancing the sound of podcasts. I demo iZotope RX Elements. Nectar 2 Production Suite including Breath Control, and the Greg Wells MixCentric Plugin from Waves Audio.  RX Elements from iZotope Nectar 2 from iZotope Greg Wells MixCentric If you enjoyed this podcast subscribe to it wherever you download your podcasts. And if you learned something new, shoot me an email and let me know! It will make my day ;) You can always reach me at   See for privacy information.
Jul 10, 2017
9 min
#15 Madeline Dowling of Marmoset Music
On today's show I speak with Madeline Dowling, a music supervisor at Marmoset Music.  Marmoset is a full-service music agency, meticulously curating a roster of rare, vintage and emerging artists, bands and record labels for music licensing. Marmoset also boasts an award-winning Original Music Production Team, working directly with indie artists and bands to craft original scores and soundtracks for nearly any creative need imaginable. They also have some great music for podcasters to license!  We also talk about one of the partnerships Marmoset has as a music provider for Gimlet Media, my favorite podcasting studio! Links: Read the full transcript for this interview Marmoset Music Gimlet Media Our theme music is by Jeff Stark at Attune Musical Design. You can support Studio by leaving a review on iTunes, Google Play or wherever you download podcasts. See for privacy information.
Jul 3, 2017
21 min
#14 Grow by thinking small
On today's show I talk why you should think small when growing your podcast show -- with an assist from an interview Seth Godin did with Tim Ferris last year. You will learn how earning your audience one person at a time can be so powerful, and hopefully be less stressed out with the pace of your show's growth. Mentioned in this episode: Tim Ferris Podcast  Think Small to Grow Big Seth Godin Our theme song and musical scoring for Studio comes courtesy of Jeff Stark at Attune Musical Design. If you have a podcast that you produce and would like to be featured on Studio, reach out to me! You can support the show by leaving a review wherever you download podcasts.  See for privacy information.
Jun 26, 2017
7 min
#13 Podcast news from WWDC 17
There was a lot of news related to podcasting at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference last week and I've got the highlights. It looks like the Podcast app that comes with every iOS device will be getting some love, as well as some new tags in Apple's podcast specification that will help podcasters who create serialized shows. Finally, it looks like we will get access to in-podcast analytics - but is that information a blessing or a curse? Mentioned today: Podcast update from WWDC (Apple) OmnyStudio Did you enjoy today's show? Let me know by dropping a line (I love to hear from listeners) or leaving the show a review on iTunes.  See for privacy information.
Jun 13, 2017
9 min
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