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Stu Does America
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Stu Burguiere dissects and debunks leftist propaganda with a lethal blend of wit, wisdom, and mockery.
Ep 180 | Stu Does Fact-Checkers | Guest: Jason Buttrill
Stu does ... fact-checkers! With conservative censorship online at an all-time high, the media "fact-checkers" become the media "fact-creators." Who fact-checks the fact-checkers? And, Glenn Beck's own Jason Buttrill joins to discuss the details behind the insane assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 1
44 min
Ep 179 |Stu Does Cuomo of the Year | Guest: James Altucher
Regular viewers of this program know how awful Andrew Cuomo is. So why doesn't everyone else? The latest rumor circulating is that he's being considered for Time magazine's 2020 person of the year. Stu takes a few minutes out of his day to explain why that's bologna. Then, entrepreneur and author James Altucher joins to discuss BitCoin's all-time-high prices and how important bandwidth will be to future society.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 30
44 min
Ep 178 | Stu Does Waffle House | Guests: Jeffy Fisher & Lisa Paige
Stu does ... Waffle House! Stu covers the latest in pre-Thanksgiving news, starting with the CEO of Waffle House taking a stand against the ridiculous COVID-19 restrictions in place for this holiday season. Then, BlazeTV's Jeffy Fisher stops in to try to invite himself to Stu's Turkey Day celebration, and Lisa Paige, purveyor of the Lisa Paige Made Me Do It brand and wife to Stu Burguiere, joins to plan out the family's festivities for this year. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 25
44 min
Ep 177 | Stu Does a Very COVID-19 Thanksgiving! | Guests: Andrew Heaton & Dan Andros
Stu does ... a very COVID-19 Thanksgiving! Local governments are already going nuts with COVID-19 restrictions for Thanksgiving, but what if this is just a test for more severe restrictions down the road? Then, comedian and podcaster Andrew Heaton returns to the program to riff on news of the day and give his take on our COVID-19 holiday. And, Faithwire's Dan Andros drops by to talk about HBO's newest disturbing documentary. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 24
44 min
Ep 176 | Stu Does the Worst Thanksgiving Ever! | Guest: Brian Sack
Stu does ... the worst Thanksgiving ever! Thanksgiving is this week and it's pretty clear that it's going to be terrible for everyone, regardless of intention. With that in mind, Stu presents the Stu Does America Plan for the Worst Thanksgiving Ever! Then, comedian and podcaster Brian Sack joins the show to give his take on the COVID-riddled holiday from a northeasterner's perspective. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 23
44 min
Ep 175 | Stu Does Jason Whitlock | Guest: Jason Whitlock
Stu does ... Jason Whitlock! Stu welcomes renowned sports writer and TV personality Jason Whitlock for an extended interview on race, identity politics, free speech, and much more. And, a critical look at the unchallenged claim in South Dakota that a plethora of COVID-19 deaths were accompanied by denials of the virus' existence in the first place. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 20
44 min
Ep 174 | Stu Does Thanksgiving Gone Viral | Guest: Brian Riedl
Stu does ... Thanksgiving gone viral! We're already in for a much, much different sort of Thanksgiving than we're used to. Luckily, we can always count on the media and their cherry-picking of facts to make things worse. Stu looks at that, and the Manhattan Institute's Brian Riedl returns to the program to help break down the reality of student loan forgiveness. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 19
44 min
Ep 173 | Stu Does COVID Hypocrisy | Guest: Glenn Beck
Stu does ... COVID hypocrisy! It must be great to be a politician on the Left, delivering draconian mandates to your constituents while flouting those same rules publicly and shamelessly. Stu takes a look at the worst offender: Gov. Gavin "Patrick Bateman" Newsom. And, Glenn Beck is in the studio to discuss his new special, “Battleground Georgia: The Radical Democrats Who Will Transform America." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 18
44 min
Ep 172 | Stu Does Ezekiel Emanuel | Guest: Dan McLaughlin
Stu does ... Ezekiel Emanuel! A new name has been floated out for Joe Biden's presidential Cabinet. Why does his name make us think of corruption and partisanship? Oh right, because he's RAHM EMANUEL'S brother. That's going to go just fine. Also, Dan McLaughlin, senior writer for National Review, cuts through the media's garbage to fill us in on the facts when it comes to President Trump's election lawsuits. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 17
44 min
Ep 171 | Stu Does the COVID-19 Vaccine | Guest: Dan Andros
Stu does ... the COVID-19 vaccine! Pfizer and Moderna are touting the development of the coronavirus vaccines, but is the news really worth getting excited over? Stu breaks it down. Then Dan Andros from Faithwire stops in to discuss the vaccine, liberal hypocrisy on taking the vaccine, and most importantly, National Fast Food Day. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 16
44 min
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