Lea Thau
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The Schmidts, Part 2
Part two of Sequoia Schmidt's story. Enjoy! You can find her at And you can find me at  
Oct 29, 2020
45 min
The Schmidts, Part 1
Meet Sequoia Schmidt - a most interesting and unusual young woman from a most interesting and unusual family. This is Part 1 of her story.  Part 2 drops next week. Enjoy!
Oct 23, 2020
39 min
Wilmot of Helena
Wilmot Collins is an interesting man with an interesting story. This is it. I hope you enjoy it. Find more Strangers content, new and old, at - it's only $1 per month to join - or stay subscribed here for more free episodes, which will drop from time to time. However, if you want to receive regular episodes, and hear the continuation of my series called The Cape, and access our archive of more than 90 episodes, join us on Patreon! 
Jul 23, 2020
26 min
The Cape, Chapter 1
Lea is back, but where has she been? The story officially starts here. 
May 7, 2020
20 min
15 minutes of life
Mar 27, 2018
14 min
Do You Like My Little Lie?
It’s the time of year when skeletons come out of the closet. We honor the dead, as we get ready for holidays among the living, where secrets will be spilled, and secrets will be created that will haunt us for years to come. You might describe today’s story as a classic “noir,” if it wasn’t … Continue reading Do You Like My Little Lie? →
Oct 11, 2017
33 min
The Truth
Ashley’s husband, Corey, is accused of the worst thing imaginable. What follows sends the family on an ever darkening journey, swinging between answers, hypotheses, emotions, and, ultimately, the truth. This story is not appropriate for children.
Oct 27, 2016
49 min
The Son, The Goddess, and Leopoldo
Born in a coven of lesbian witches in a Haight-Ashbury commune after the fall of Saigon, young Joshua Safran soon hit the open road with his single mother, Claudia, and things only got stranger from there. A word of warning: this story contains some disturbing moments.
May 29, 2016
46 min
The Waxing Virgin — Then and Now
Four years ago, we met Becca, a virgin in her 30s who waxed genitals for a living. On this episode we play her original story, along with an update about what Becca has been up to since then…
Jan 15, 2016
28 min
Falling Slowly
Strangers, at its core, is about the beauty and the struggle of human connection and what happens in those moments when we get closer to someone else, or, say, further removed from ourselves. Often that change is subtle and slow, but sometimes it is sudden and monumental. Here is Lyena Strelkoff. A version of this … Continue reading Falling Slowly →
Oct 23, 2014
24 min
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