Strangelove of Movies
Strangelove of Movies
Livia Martinez
'Strangelove of Movies' is about ... you guessed it ... movies! But it's also about how a family can watch a film together and come away from it with some very different opinions about characters, motivations, techniques. (Of course, is it really so hard to imagine that a teen-age girl and her mom and dad might disagree about stuff?) If you love to watch movies and are more than a little curious about what other, semi-normal folks think about new and classic flicks, this podcast might be a hit with you. Instagram: Strangeloveofmoviespod
'Boys State,' FINALLY Something Good from Apple TV!
'Boys State' (2020) is one of our new favorite documentaries! Watch on Apple TV now, and then come listen to this podcast where we go deep into some of our favorite personalities at the camp. Instagram: @Strangeloveofmoviespod
Sep 12
22 min
Christopher Nolan has done it again with 'TENET' (SPOILERS) (Rewatch with us)
Christopher Nolan's much anticipated film 'Tenet' (2020) is finally here, and we have some things to discuss! This is our SPOILER episode, so if you have not seen Tenet yet, go listen to our spoiler free episode before seeing it. Instagram: Strangeloveofmoviespod
Sep 7
29 min
Christopher Nolan's much anticipated film 'Tenet' (2020) is finally here, and we have some things to discuss! This is a SPOILER FREE episode, so if you are interested in Tenet, or thinking of seeing it, listen to this episode before you go to the movies. Instagram: Strangeloveofmoviespod
Sep 3
9 min
How was Scar Jo ONLY 17 in 'Lost in Translation??' (rewatch with us)
Strangelove is in awe of Sofia Coppola's Oscar winning film 'Lost in Translation' (2003). Emily and Oscar discuss how much more they liked it after a second viewing, and Liv discusses the beauty of Tokyo and how young Scar Jo was when they made this film. Her and Bill Murray had a 35 year age gap! Follow us on Instagram: Strangeloveofmoviespod
Aug 29
19 min
'Molly's Game' Would be Better if it had an Editor (Rewatch with us)
Strangelove of Movies goes deep into the world of Molly Bloom, and her poker games in 'Molly's Game' (2017). This is acclaimed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's directorial debut, and we discuss what does and does not work. This film starts Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner and Michael Cera. Watch the movie on Netflix before listening. Follow us on instagram: @strangeloveofmoviespod
Aug 21
19 min
'The Revenant' AKA Leo gets attacked by a bear movie (rewatch with us)
Strangelove of Movies dives deep into 'The Revenant' (2015). We discuss the performance that finally won Leo his oscar, the brilliant cinematography from our king Chivo, and Alejandro González Iñárritu's back to back best director win. This podcast contains heavy spoilers, so watch the film before listening. Instagram: strangeloveofmoviespod
Aug 10
25 min
'Silence of the Lambs' is NOT as SCARY as You'd Expect (rewatch with us)
Strangelove of Movies dives into the critically acclaimed horror classic 'Silence of the Lambs' (1991). We discuss the wildly disturbing parts along with the acting and it being 1 of 3 movies to win all 5 big categories at the Oscars! This podcast contains spoilers. Watch on Netflix before listening. Instagram: strangeloveofmoviespod
Aug 9
21 min
We DON'T Like the Fake Dog- 'Call of the Wild' (rewatch with us)
Stranglove of Movies discusses 'Call of the Wild' (2020), and the weirdness of the fake dog, and how the film deviates from the original classic novel. This is a goofy and spoiler free podcast, it will hopefully give you a good laugh! Instagram: @strangeloveofmoviespod
Aug 6
9 min
'Sleepless in Seattle' is an Iconic Chick Flick! (rewatch with us)
Strangelove of Movies talks about the ultimate chick flick 'Sleepless in Seattle' (1993). We discuss the cuteness of Meg Ryan, and why Emily thinks Tom Hanks is overrated. This review is spoiler free, but we recommend watching the movie before to better understand what the Strangelove crew is talking about. Instagram: @strangeloveofmoviespod
Jul 29
13 min
'Paper Moon' (rewatch with us)
Strangelove of movies dives into Peter Bogdanovich's classic 'Paper Moon' (1973) starring real life father and daughter Ryan and Tatum O'Neal. We discuss our lack of excitement going into this film, and how our perception completely changed after watching this 70s masterpiece. No spoilers in this episode, but we suggest watching the movie before listening. Follow us on Instagram @strangeloveofmoviespod.
Jul 24
12 min
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