Strange Tales (Old Time Radio)
Strange Tales (Old Time Radio)
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I like listening to some of these but…
Lately they have been posting some of such poor/degraded shape that they are almost unbearable to listen to. I have had to stop a few about 10 minutes in because of the crackling and scratching.
So Good
I would listen to this podcast when I had 1-3 hrs to kill between classes at college just walking around the campus in the fall with the leaves and crisp air. There’s always good stories.
Great collection
So many great episodes and a good mix
Love too much
I literally listened to all the episodes back to back it’s part of my nightly routine so I guess the only problem is it’s so good it’s too good
Just as advertised
These particular old radio shows on this podcast are absolutely (unintentionally?) bonkers in regards to their plots. The episodes were produced by the usual weekly old-time genre shows of mystery, thriller and horror stories, but clearly the writers went entirely off the rails in these scripts. The plots are completely mental. Good for us listeners whoever was doing quality control or continuity checks on these broadcasted episodes seems to have left the room or gotten blind drunk that week! : D
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Scary tales perfect for bedtime
These shows take me back to my childhood growing up in Maryland where ironically enough they would play old radio shows late Sunday nights. I would do 100 push ups and sit ups when I got to tired just so I could stay awake to hear them.
Old Friends
Thanks for making bedtime awesome.
Of course, it’s all about Big D. Come on people, stick to the story. No one cares about your introspection of your life.
Jordon Peterson
The host!!!
Has such a hot voice. Wonder who he is? Either way, super soothing assortment that has quickly become my go-to podcast choice. Xoxo Swatchdogg
Fond memories
I grew up listening to “CBS Mystery Theater” on the homeward stretch after family visits to my grandparents. It gave me a love for old time radio, and Strange Tales + The Horror provide a wonderful weekly fix of nostalgic thrills. I particularly enjoy the eclectic approach to material. I’d never heard of some of these shows until your podcast - and I used to collect old cassettes of mystery/horror radio programs, so your source material is deep and wide. Thank you for all Relic Radio stuff!
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Thank you!
My dad played old radio shows on our road trips when I was a kid. I think that’s why I like podcasts so much. Thank you for making my favorite shows available! Especially Suspense, Escape, and Lights Out.
Thank you!
Love these old shows. Thanks so much for doing this.
I love this podcast
So glad I found this podcast, I love that it plays episodes from Radio Mystery Theater with E G Marshall a show I listened to as a kid in the late 70s! Thank you!
oy! Phillies
I love this show
I have subscribed to many of his radio shows. They are always fun, thrilling, and my favorite thing to put on while I work on my crafts. Young, like me who has only heard tales of the golden age of radio, or middle age, when you can temper the programs coming back on in the 1970’s, or if you are the part of the golden generation and have fond memories of these playing while you did housework or them being on after school, old time radio has something for you. I think that this piece of history should be shared to every generation like a great book.
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I really like this podcast for its variety and its consistently good audio quality!
Definitely worth subscribing to if you like the genre (as I do)... the audio is always good, and the stories and characters are always colorful! (As an added bonus, the opening music is great!)
Favorite podcast discovery
I absolutely love this podcast. It's great fun and oh so chilling. Muhaha... Truly the best podcast that has given me hours of entertainment.
I love old time radio. The Whistler is my favorite!
Sour Punch Straws
Many Many Many Thanks...
...for the outstanding classic radio shows you bring us. I'm too young to remember the golden days of radio but have been a fan for more than 40 years all the same. Keep bringin' it and I'll keep listenin' to it!
Pete Lutz
I love these Relic Radio podcasts. This is probably my favorite. Glad to see the past preserved.
I really enjoy the variety of the stories shared on this particular RelicRadio podcast. They really are are strange.
Dr. Al-Malood
It will thrill you a little, and chill you a little.
Strange Tales is an excellently curated weekly podcast with incredibly high-quality OTR stories that border on the mysterious. The tagline “stories not necessarily of the supernatural, but of the unnatural” is perfect - you will find creepy tales, some in the form of mysteries and others of the spine-chilling horrific. The team at RelicRadio have produced a well-selected collection that surprises every week with stories that are all reminiscent of “that Rod Serling show” and come from a wide variety of programs throughout the history of OTR and around the globe. I donated to the program, and look forward to the show every week!
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Best OTR
I love OTR, this is may favorite.
I love this podcast! I also listen to The Horror & Relic Radio SciFi. I love all 3, but Strange Tales is the best. Keep up the great work, &maybe make it TWICE a week!!!
Great Stories!!
Love this podcast--have been listening to Relic Radio's podcasts for years now, and really enjoy the mix of stories! Thanks..
Another strong Relic Radio entry
I really look forward to every new episode of this podcast. It's not too different from Thriller or The Horror in its material -- a sort of half-step between the two, in fact -- but that distinction makes the difference. Many of these stories fall into the category of "Weird" fiction from the 50s -- not quite horror, and not quite crime, but something worthy of consideration on its own merits. Besides, it's just a fine and fun podcast.
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Grammar Merchant
Great Presentation
Great shows and variety! Some great unusual shows along with the old stand-bys. Thanks for providing broadcast dates and other information. Keep up the good work.
Relic Radio!
Having been a fan of Old Time Radio since I was a kid, I have listened to a lot of programs and shows. Relic Radio does such a wonderful job of presenting each episode and having a fully functional website that's easy to navigate and find what you're looking for. My favorites are The Horror and Strange Tales, with each week comes another episode from another great show as if they were just written and performed! I love it. Thanks!
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Mr. Dylan Jung
2nd only to The Horror!
Another terrific channel in the Relic Radio lineup! You can never have enough classic OTR weirdness!
Wickedly awesome collection.I remember listening to these in the "old country" whenever the power went out and all we had was a battery powered radio for entertainment. even though those days weren't too long ago I still love these old shows.
There are many things iv saved over the years, for when I grew up and had kids. I have 20 year old teenage mutant ninja turtle toys I have saved for my future kids, to share with them. Radio shows were something my dad and I enjoyed when I was a kid. From 12 years old on, my dad and I couldn't find any radio shows. My dad has passed, I'm 30 with two kids of my own. It's a dream come true to share radio shows with MY kids. Thank you. Very much.
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The Red Phantom
Love it
Cant wait for new episodes every week!
Polish Ninja
Great collection
A weekly tradition in our home.
It"s great
My mom and dad got into these old radio classic when I was a kid . Now that both of them r gone Iisten to old shows that bring a smile to my face
Astounding podcast
As with just about everything from RelicRadio this is phenomenal stuff with amazing quality real old time radio stories perfect for sleepless nights. Great host as well. You can tell he really loves what he's doing
Great stories
Easy to lose yourself in these odd stories. Didn't know old time radio was so cool until I ran into this podcast. Keep 'em comming!
Missoula Brandt
Love It
Stories to listen to when you can't sleep at night.
ipod world
Relic Radio is the best!
Strange Tales is a great addition to this wonderful series. Keep up the good work.
These are great!
If you like the window into the past afforded by the other options in this series, you're going to enjoy these. Really good stuff.
Strange Tales & The Horror
I love these podcasts and listen to them whenever I can. I also love to hear the old commercial tie in's!!
Tory Lyons
Best of the best!!!
I subscribe to tons of different OTR, NTR, science fiction, and horror podcasts and those from Relic Radio are my favorites. Always the best, most interesting, and most unusual stories. With the Strange Tales podcast, Relic Radio has really outdone themselves, I couldn't believe all of the delicious stories all in one place. Someone is really working some heavy duty overtime to find these gems! Thank you so much for all of your hard work Relic Radio, this podcast is the best of the best!!!
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Love it
I love OTR I've never heard it before because I'm still pretty young, but it's a Shame that they don't do radio like this anymore I love it .
Strange Tales
RelicRadio IS old time radio!
This podcasst is pretty cool but i think that vintage horror is better
nickda homie
Another excellent podcast!
I love the Relic Radio podcasts. They are top shelf when it comes to production and content. The host delivers with an informative yet entertaining approach. Great job yet again! Thank you.
Subscribe now old time radio lover!
Relic radio are the best of the best podcasts! Check them all out! The very best tales from the past. As always relic radio delivers again:)
Another Winner
Time after time, RelicRadio has consistently been tops in presenting only the very best in Old Time Radio, and now they've done it again with RelicRadio Strange Tales!
Another Great Podcast
"The Horror", "Relic Radio", and now "Strange Tales" - it's an old tme radio fan's dream come true! Thanks so much for this continuing source of exceptional entertainment!!!
Old Time Radio Fan
Strange And Fantastic!
I'm also a huge Relic Radio fan, and I've been waiting anxiously for this new podcast ever since I read about it! If you're an OTR fan, subscribe IMMEDIATELY!
Another great podcast!
RelicRadio has always presented the best Old Time Radio on the web. From scifi to comedy, their podcasts always surpass any other provider's. Strange Tales is sure to be a very welcome addition to the RelicRadio family.
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