Story Story Podcast: Stories and fairy tales for families, parents, kids and beautiful nerds.
Story Story Podcast: Stories and fairy tales for families, parents, kids and beautiful nerds.
Story Story Podcast
Fairytales, stories and folktales from the mouths of storytellers around the world. For parents, children, families, librarians, teachers and people who are obsessed with "once upon a time" and "happily ever after". Gathering folktales from around the world with princesses, ghosts, clever Jacks and giants. Grimm Download the MP3, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher or listen at The Stories Podcast, The Story Podcast, Reading With Your Kids Podcast, Story Podcast, Storynory, Story Time
The Hosts tell Holiday Stories!
Three hosts walk into a Zoom room and tell stories! Hear Simon Brooks, Isabelle Hauser and Rachel Ann Harding divulge secrets and tell stories for the last episode of 2020!Watch this episode at
Dec 22, 2020
30 min
Stories for the Solstice
The nights are dark but the stories are warm. Join host Isabelle Hauser for stories of the season with DD Storyteller telling "Cat on the Dovrefjell" and Cooper Braun telling "Solstice Badger".
Dec 15, 2020
41 min
Special Announcement! Story Story Boutique is Open!
The Story Story Podcast now has an online store! Get your teeshirts, magnets, magic cups and more at !!
Dec 13, 2020
42 sec
A Visit From Santa!
This episode has a very special guest from the North Pole - Santa Claus! Please enjoy my conversation with one of the celebrity figures of the season who scheduled a call with me in his busy season and tells the stories "The Christmas Spider" and "The...
Dec 8, 2020
46 min
Quick Thinking (with Host Simon Brooks)
When dealing with a cat or the devil, story characters have to be quick on their feet! Join host Simon Brooks as Mo Reynolds tells "Bizarron and the Devil" and Tim Lowry telling "The Barking Mouse".
Dec 1, 2020
33 min
Soup (with Host Isabelle Hauser)
Warm and comforting a bowl full of story and soup are the ingredients to this episode!
Nov 24, 2020
26 min
Secretive Spouses
For better or for worse, there are secrets between the spouses in these stories. Hear Cathryne Fairlee tell "Sir Garwaf" and Brenda Wong Aoki tell "Twilight Crane".
Nov 17, 2020
25 min
Golden (with Host Simon Brooks)
All that glitters is not gold - but sometimes it is! Join Host Simon Brooks as he bring all the shiny things  with Jenni Cargill-Strong telling "The Golden Goose" and Jane Dorfman telling "The Giant with Three Golden Hairs".
Nov 10, 2020
29 min
Kind Curses (with Host Isabelle Hauser)
Sometimes the curse can be the cure. Join Isabelle Hauser as she brings you stories from Elisa Pearmain telling "Dervish in the Ditch" and Liz Weir telling "The King with Horses Ears".
Nov 3, 2020
22 min
Mary Culhane
Could you go walking in a graveyard at night? If you could, this story will make it clear why you probably should not. Hear Ingrid Nixon tell "Mary Culhane".CW: This episode features a story that has elements for older listeners. Please listen to it...
Oct 27, 2020
26 min
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