Stories from the Borders of Sleep
Stories from the Borders of Sleep
Seymour Jacklin
A semi-regular podcast, featuring original stories, fantastic fables and curious tales by written and read by your host, Seymour Jacklin. Each episode is from 8-18 minutes long and takes the listener on an imaginative and thought provoking journey. Aimed at adults but very suitable for children, too.
Sketching and Painting
Who makes the woods beautiful in the Fall and how is it done? You might never see them quite the same again.
Oct 26
20 min
Brother Savion
One day in September, 40 years of the companionship of a forest brings a hermit to the culmination of his life cycle.
Aug 20
22 min
The Librarian
"You know, all this talk we are talking? It's like the sunshine and the rain. It's present or not, but when it is present it soaks and warms and disappears. Nevertheless, the nourishing effect of it lasts and shows continually."
Apr 30
22 min
Chippie and Angus
It's a story about a quiet girl, and I don't want to give too much away ...
Mar 29
13 min
Lady Isabella
A little story about an unlikely friendship that occurs in a meadow on an expedition to gather chamomile.
Mar 5
16 min
Horseless Carriage
Just a rather nice little trip down memory lane in later life, wherein we discover that the peacock is a magical bird ... perhaps.
Jan 14
23 min
In which some fascinating things are discovered about the secret life of plants and other living things.
Nov 18, 2018
26 min
Water Cure
Inspired by an atmospheric piece of music by composer, Paul Morris, this story tells of a strange visit to an unusual shrink.
Jul 13, 2018
8 min
Mortal Uncoil
Episode 38: A strange journey after life.
May 20, 2018
11 min
Poor Butterfly
Two girls get away from it all in a borrowed Studebaker, and get diverted on their way to the coast.
Jan 14, 2018
10 min
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