Steve Rizzo's Hey, I'm Talkin' Here
Steve Rizzo's Hey, I'm Talkin' Here
Steve Rizzo
More Humor Being to the Rescue
8 minutes Posted May 23, 2023 at 2:00 am.
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Steve Rizzo's Hey, I'm Talkin' Here - More Humor Being to the Rescue

Host: Steve Rizzo
Co-Host: Eric Bam
Director: Bruce Himmelblau

Humor doesn't necessarily mean laughter. It's something within you that just lifts your spirit, it makes you feel good, it puts a giant smile on your face. This story put a smile on my face for a long, long time. As a matter of fact as I think about it now, I still have the smile on my face. I was at the Dallas Fort Worth airport and this was during the Gulf War and we're ready to board at the gate and the flight attendant went up to these three marines that I was talking to and said guys "I'm really sorry but um I tried to get you an upgrade to first class but all the seats are taken." and they said "Oh ma'am thank you. We we didn't even expect that. But thank you for trying." So when I heard that, I was giving up my first class seat and I asked for two more volunteers.  Two other people volunteered, a woman and a man. You should have seen the look on these three Marines faces when we gave them our first class seats. But better than everyone in the world should do that. But more important than that, this is what blew me away. You should have seen a look on our faces when we got off the plane and all three Marines were standing at attention saluting us. I mean that this made me feel and fantastic.