Step Back And Receive
Step Back And Receive
Sarah Lalji
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Are you tired of being in control? Are you constantly doing a happiness check? Have you ever focused on letting go? If so, then you need to listen to my podcast! In my podcast, I will focus on different areas of my life where I can let go of a little bit of control and let the universe do her thing! It’s time to manifest and receive! My goal is to connect with you all from different experiences in my life, because who knows we may be more similar than you think! So step back, tune in, and let’s start receiving! IG: @sarahlalji Support this podcast:
New Year, Better YOU
Happy New Year! We finally made it to 2021. With the new year, comes new things to look forward to. What will you do to be a better version of yourself this year? Listen here as I reflect on 2020 and realign my focus for 2021! --- Support this podcast:
Jan 5, 2021
19 min
What the F is going on in this world? And how to find your place in it!
Season 2, LETS GO! Feeling stuck? Keep going. How? Speak your truth. But, it’s hard. Ya I know, but keep going. Season 2 I am changing things up. This is me speaking my truth, hoping to deliver my message and I’m here to inspire and bring forth positive change. The question is, will you join me? --- Support this podcast:
Oct 24, 2020
8 min
A Reminder
This is my last episode for some time. Here’s a reminder for you all (or more so me reflecting on two reminders that have helped me during my dark times). --- Support this podcast:
Sep 22, 2020
22 min
Reason For A Season
Y’all know nothing is permanent right? Throughout your dating experiences, have you learned the lesson? What are your reasons throughout those experiences? Listen here as I reflect on my reason for all my seasons! --- Support this podcast:
Aug 28, 2020
18 min
“Longing” For Love
Have you ever caught yourself longing or desiring something? That feeling of wanting it so bad just keeps coming up! Today I discuss longing for love and what that shows up as for me. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 10, 2020
12 min
Inner Child Healing
Looks like I’m embarking on this healing journey of caring for my inner child. Do you have negative beliefs about yourself that you’ve carried with you throughout life? Then this may be the episode for you. Maybe we can all heal together and start receiving what we truly want. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 4, 2020
19 min
Receiving Mode: ON
Is your receiving mode activated? Are you even aware that you are constantly receiving? Listen here as I share some tips and feedback on how to activate your receiving mode and get what you truly want and desire! --- Support this podcast:
Jul 27, 2020
21 min
Why do people settle?
Why are we constantly settling? Whether it’s the 9-5 routine, the relationship that’s making you unhappy, the boring job that’s sucking the life out of you. Why do we settle? Listen here on my thoughts / experiences on settling and how I have made a change to get “unstuck” and “recharge.” I hope this gives you what you need to make some real changes. Stop settling!! --- Support this podcast:
Jul 21, 2020
22 min
Let’s Talk Surrendering and Mental Health
I’m tired but I need to let go and let it be. Are you consumed by your thoughts? Don’t let it take over your world. When you try and nothing else changes, seek relief. Let it be. Surrender and don’t forget to talk about your mental health. It’s important. You matter. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 14, 2020
8 min
Breaking Free Of Childhood Wounds
Are you operating from a place of lack? Is this feeling, creating your negative experiences? Please listen here as I share with you all my childhood wounds and this feeling of not being good enough. Just remember that you are enough! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
Jul 6, 2020
21 min
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