Stay Human
Stay Human
Michael Franti
There’s no one you wouldn’t love if you knew their story. Michael Franti is a globally-recognized musician, humanitarian, activist, and award-winning filmmaker revered for his high-energy live shows, inspiring music, devotion to health and wellness, worldwide philanthropic efforts, and the power of his optimism. Michael’s album ‘Stay Human Vol. II,’ which is an accompaniment to his documentary ‘Stay Human,’ focuses on how we hold on to our humanity in the most challenging times of our lives - and this podcast seeks to do the same. On the heels of four Billboard #1 singles and an array of Top 30 hits, Michael continues his mission of empowering a vast audience of likeminded activists and world-changers to create positive change. His 11th studio album ‘Work Hard And Be Nice’ is OUT NOW! Tune in to 'Stay Human' to join the movement!
Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz addresses current events, including holiday safety in the time of COVID, vaccines, and how important it is to maintain our mental health - which includes getting good, quality sleep - something he has studied for years. Dr. Oz gives us a glimpse into his dual upbringing in Turkey and the US, giving insight into the challenges he faced growing up with immigrant parents in a town where there were no other Turkish people. He shares with Michael how and why he became a doctor and how he intentionally instilled passion and drive in his own children. In the end, they discuss humanity - and the grand idea that there is something bigger than us, which we often overlook, and is actually what makes us human. Launching as an omnichannel brand, the Dr. Oz Good Life products can be found online at,, select Macy’s stores, Macy’ and @dr_oz *See clickable links, full show notes, and podcast credits for this episode on the episode webpage.
Nov 23
34 min
JC Curleigh of Gibson
James “JC” Curleigh is the President and CEO of Gibson Brands, responsible for leading the major comeback of their iconic music portfolio after the company filed for bankruptcy in 2018. He’s one of the world’s true visionaries and has led game-changing initiatives at Levi’s, KEEN, Salomon, and Mars. As a triple citizen of Canada, the US, and the UK, JC grew up with one of the most unique childhoods you’ll hear about and was taught to embrace new environments and tackle challenges from Day 1. Franti and JC discuss turning obstacles into opportunities, creating a thriving culture, giving back to the community, the parallels between sports and music, and of course… staying human. Website: Instagram: @gibsonguitar *See clickable links, full show notes, and podcast credits for this episode on the episode webpage.
Nov 16
47 min
Brandon Chrostowski of EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute
Brandon Chrostowski joins Michael to talk about his fascinating life story, including how at just 18 years old, he was staring at a potential prison sentence. Chrostowski speaks on how these events led him to become a successful chef, restaurateur, and politician. During the conversation, they discuss incarceration, the “turn around” stories Chrostowski witnessed first-hand, what it means to have a plan in life, Chrostowski’s business, Edwins Leadership and Restaurant, and the importance of serving others.
Nov 9
34 min
Ziggy Marley
Ziggy talks with Michael about going from listening to music as a kid to becoming a globally-recognized artist. Ziggy shares his journey with music and how his music has not only impacted himself, but many others. He shares that the goal of his music is to bring everyone together in love by writing values into his songs, as seen in his song “Love is My Religion”. Ziggy’s new album ‘More Family Time’ strives to use music as a tool to fight for the joy and hope in the world.
Oct 31
36 min
Patty & Manny Oliver of Change The Ref
Patty and Manny Oliver speak on the tragic death of their son Joaquin, who was killed in the shooting that occurred on February 14th, 2018 at MSD High School in Parkland, Florida. Ever since Joaquin’s passing, they have turned to art and activism to ensure their son’s voice stays in the forefront of the gun violence prevention movement. Patty and Manny discuss how to remember the beautiful moments and how to live on in this midst of tragedy. Through their foundation Change The Ref, their ultimate goal is to give the young generation of survivors and victims a disrupting voice to help lead the way to change – a more peaceful future.
Oct 26
42 min
Bert Jacobs of Life Is Good
Bert Jacobs is the Co-Founder of the $100M lifestyle brand Life Is Good. When Bert and his brother John started the company in 1994, they had $78 in their pockets, lived out of their van, and sold t-shirts on the streets of Boston. Was this their way of avoiding the “real world”? You betcha. Did it turn into something much bigger? Absolutely. Bert tells Franti of his childhood and the impact his mother made on his life and the company. Bert speaks on the power of one's disposition in life and emphasises how business will be the hero of the 21st century. Bert also gives helpful insight on how to start your own business and what it looked like to create Life is Good. Furthermore, Franti and Bert have a fruitful conversation on the current injustices in the world and, of course, how to stay human during this unprecedented time.
Oct 19
1 hr 2 min
Andy Bernstein of HeadCount
HeadCount’s Co-Founder and Executive Director Andy Bernstein has led the organization in registering over 650,000 voters to date. Michael discusses with Andy his forged alliances with hundreds of musicians and entertainers, and his production of dozens of highly-successful events and initiatives. They talk about Bernstein’s childhood, how it has shaped him, and what inspired him to create HeadCount. Of course, with the forthcoming presidential election, they dive into the importance of voting, including voter’s rights and how to vote while contemplating the ever-changing idea of what the American dream means in our country today.
Oct 12
57 min
Celeste Barber
Actor, comedian, and writer Celeste Barber speaks with Micheal about her career, life struggles, and just about everything in between. Celeste Barber is most known for her Instagram parodies, and in this podcast she elaborates on her reasoning behind her posts and what she wants people to take away from them. Franti and Barber explore the hardships of growing up differently, the struggles they have faced during the pandemic, and finding the bright side amidst the chaos that 2020 has thrown at the world.
Oct 5
1 hr
Hot Buttered Rum
The band Hot Buttered Rum speaks about how they were introduced to music and what sparked their passions. They highlight how their travels have shaped them into the people they are today, and they touch on the humbling experiences throughout their journeys. Franti and the band members of Hot Buttered Rum explore how to manage relationships and keep them thriving, while also pursuing a career in the music industry.
Sep 28
32 min
Keller Williams
Artist Keller Williams talks with Michael about growing up in Virginia in the 80s and how that contributed his current sound. In a fun conversation, Keller thanks The Grateful Dead for inspiration and gives a shout out to his high school football team. Tune in to hear more about his technique of using a loop pedal, how he came to be known as the one man jam-band, as well as (of course) what helps him stay human.
Sep 21
29 min
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