Stay Hatin
Stay Hatin
A rap podcast for people who like rap music and hearing people discuss rap music all sorts. We play things we like and sometimes things we don't like. Either way you should be put up on some new stuff you should like.
Episode 92
Episode 92 We’ve been slipping for a minute but we haven’t forgot about you. Soft Money and Serg get back on it before the end of the pile of dog shit that is known as 2016. This episode is super heavy on the Baton Rouge because there is a shitload of dope music coming from […]
Dec 20, 2016
Episode 91
Episode 91 Stay Hatin is back after a few months off. Soft Money and Serg been busy with things called life but now they are back to what really matters, playing rap songs on the internet! Soft Money jumps face first into some Chance songs that Serg finds too positive but if smiles aren’t your […]
Jul 19, 2016
Episode 90
Episode 90 Hitting you off with a very special Stay Hatin that you’ll want to listen to with the whole family. Soft Money brings a  gun school and Serg is addicted to caffeine pills. How will they cope this time? Naturally by dedicating an entire show to Project Pat. This is clocking just under two […]
Apr 4, 2016
Episode 89
Episode 89 It’s like every month now I’m late on posting these. This one sat for almost two weeks. Sucks, but it’s up and you should download it. Soft Money wants to know about who has the best producer drops. iTunes ADP Mixcloud Mixcrate Tracklist: Boone – Pop A Perc Nef Da Pharoah – Saydaat […]
Mar 9, 2016
Episode 88
Episode 88 Stay Hatin is back! Yeah we know, things got slow in 2015 but we’re back for 2016. We got some things in the works for the new year but first we hit you off with a new show of rap music and blabbering. Soft Money asks you the listener to provide some input […]
Jan 26, 2016
Episode 87
Episode 87 Stay Hatin this week was recorded a while back but we’re just getting around to posting it because we’ve so busy with preparing for the holiday season here at the Stay Hatin headquarters. This episode is on the shorter side because we showed up later than planned and had to bang it out […]
Nov 18, 2015
Episode 86
Episode 86 For this episode Stay Hatin is back at the All Day Play studios. DJ Ammbush come through to hang out for a bit and talk about some things he’s been doing as well as discuss random Phoenix rap scene related topics. He also comes through and drops some new shit from the Jealous […]
Oct 16, 2015
Episode 85
Episode 85 This week we have a very special episode of Stay Hatin’. Don’t worry this isn’t the one where we try to save Soft Money from abusing diet pills, instead this episode was recorded in a Brooklyn so we’ve got some new guests on the show. Skinny Friedmen and Tom Delay join us to […]
Sep 22, 2015
Episode 84
Episode 84 Stay Hatin’ is LATE! Yeah this episode was actually recorded almost a month ago but things happen, like you open up the audio to edit it and there is only 10 seconds of audio showing. Fortunately I was able to recover the shit and finally found some time to edit it. The next […]
Aug 27, 2015
Episode 83
Episode 83 The Stay Hatin Mob is back! We’re cookin in the kitchen again. This episode features no Soft Money but don’t wet those pretty eyes internets because in this episode Serg is joined by Michelle who founded the PR company Audible Treats. We’ve been trying to get her on the show for a minute because talking […]
Jun 29, 2015
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