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Best Tech/Art Podcast
Loved the episode with LACMA tech manager Morgan Kessler!
Awesome podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast! I listen while I paint, and constantly find myself inspired. Great guests, great hosts, great topics. I highly reccomend.
Unique and inspiring content!
Reveals where tech is pushing the art envelope. You can’t listen to just one episode. I’ll be listening long term.
Cole Joplin
Very enjoyable
I loved the podcast on Meow Wolf. Great job. It is always interesting to hear people at the forefront of art and technology.
Superficial, Uncritical
Neoliberals rejoice! From this podcast comes a world where all arti$ts are rich, and best of all they don’t even have to make art!
Poor audio quality and rambling content
Low-quality recording. Lots of words but little of concequence. Nothing I heard would qualify as the "forefront of technology," rather tails from a decade or so ago.
Aaron 2020
Interesting Twist on the future of art
Really interesting even for the "hoping-to-become" art collector
Positively disruptive
If you’re interested in how industries are impacted by technology then this podcast is worth your time. Discover how the not so obvious industries, like art, are being disrupted! Ethan is not only talking the talk, he’s walking the walk!
Not-so casual observer
My new favorite podcast.
State of the Art has become my favorite podcast (sorry Tim Ferris!)
Learning the new art reality
Ethan and his guests go through the next generation of technology associated with the art world. This is a great podcast to not only learn, but also understand how the next generation of technology is transcending to the way art is created and distributed in the 21st century!
Brandon Maroney
Best in the biz
I like listening to relevant art and marketing podcasts but have yet to find one that packs a punch until I found this podcast. Ethan does a fantastic job of asking questions that dig deeper into issues we as artists find valuable. The guests are leaders in their respective fields and provide critical insight not normally found any where on the web. Better get your notepads out. I listened to a few twice just be sure I didn’t miss anything. Bravo. I’m hooked.
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BBOY Emotion
Energetic and insightful
The host’s enthusiasm shines as he takes us on a journey into the “State of the Art.” Fun and fascinating.
Making art more accessible!
Highly recommend for anyone interested in learning more about art and getting unique perspectives on how art can be accessible and how it applies to very current topics like data and technology. Don't hesitate and listen now!
Really insightful and interesting
A great podcast with a lot of interesting insights on where the art world is heading and how tech is faciliating change! Ethan and the guests are passionate about the subject and engaging to listen to.
Amazing podcast
This podcast Really makes me think about the future of Art. Thank you Ethan and the Vango team for once again doing things differntly in this ever changing space. I highly recomed this Podcast
Brandon Scott Art
game changing
A relevant, timely and informed discussion re. the shape of things to come in the marketing of art
Love it!
Great podcast, exactly what I was looking for. Ethan rocks
Janice Gomez
Great Idea
Will be subscibing today!
Top notch content
My favorite podcast already and they're just getting started!
Really enjoyed
Leaned a lot in the first few minutes. Lots of value
Carlos Derr
Ethan brings passion and knowledge to everything he does. It is nice to know there are people like him, trying to bring more art into the world in creative and interesting ways.
Rufus Nash
Fantastic podcast, keep it up guys!
Very much enjoying these first few shows.
Benjamin Stone
Making Wavess
Inspirational and informative! Really cool insight in today's ever evolving art world. AI robot painting is just around the corner.
NYC giggles
Great Content and Speakers
Ethan, I'm enjoying this podcast (even as a less knowledgeable art buyer) because it does a great job of bringing me up to speed with great content and speakers. Excited for the next ep!
Wow! Seriously impressive
Just listened to Episode 1 featuring Matty Mo (The Most Famous Artist) and I'm hooked. The host, Ethan, asks relavent questions, guides listeners by clarifying terms for non-techies, and challenges his interviewee. The episode itself is provocative with Matty Mo making bold statements and forcing listeners to not only think about present day art world trends, but where we're headed into the future. Worth a listen; can't wait to hear more
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Interesting topic and guests! Can't wait to hear more.
State of the art and technology
Conversation about how to democratize art on the internet. Original art for everyone- like music!! Yay!
cannot wait to listen to it!!
cannot wait to listen to it!!
Morgan Zhang
Fantastic concept
Looking forward to this!
Sandwich Guitar
Surprisingly Excited to hear more
Great trailer. I only say surprisingly because I'm not an art person but the episode teasers def peaked my interest
James Edwards III
Great podcast
Ethan covers the intersection of art and tech speaking with some fascinating guests - definitely worth checking out!
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