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State Bar of Texas Podcast
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Post-Pandemic Court Proceedings (State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2023)
17 minutes Posted Jul 5, 2023 at 8:30 am.
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Show notes

Pandemic-era legal proceedings taught Texas lawyers and judges that alternative methods can be extremely effective in a variety of court processes. And now that we have entered into the post-pandemic era, these tech-fueled advancements are still front and center in Texas courts. Judge Roy Ferguson, Megan LaVoie, Michelle Casady, and Jennifer Doan discuss their session on what legal professionals need to know to incorporate the latest options for court proceedings into their practice. 

Roy Ferguson is a judge of the Texas 394th District Court, presiding over the largest judicial district in the state of Texas. 

Megan LaVoie serves as the Administrative Director for the Texas Office of Court Administration and Executive Director of the Texas Judicial Council. 

Michelle Casady is a reporter at The Texas Lawbook.

Jennifer Haltom Doan is a founding partner with Haltom & Doan, a boutique trial and appellate firm located in Texarkana, TX-AR.