Starve the Doubts
Starve the Doubts
Jared Easley
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Jared Easley & Ms. Christine have fun-filled "The View/The Talk" style panel conversations that range from online business, personal and professional development. This show includes a guest on the "hot seat" that illuminates the path for listeners by sharing how they have navigated challenging seasons & difficult hurdles to pursue success.
If it Ain't Going to Kill You, Do it with Ashley Long and Dez Jordan
To achieve financial success, you need to start with the right mindset. In this episode, you will learn: 1. What advice does Des Jordan have for Ashley Long, who is working towards launching her own podcast production company?2. How did Ashley and Des Jordan meet, and what was their first impression of each other?3. What are some of Ashley Long's goals for her career in podcast production?Here's a breakdown of what is covered:[00:00:00] - Don't let fear stop you.[00:00:21] - Introducing Ashley and Dez.[00:01:59] - Welcome to fincon.[00:03:09] - Where's home?[00:04:35] - First year fincon.[00:07:09] - What popped into Ashley's mind?[00:08:16] - What session has stood out to Dez?[00:09:05] - What are some of your goals?[00:09:41] - Dez' coaching advice.[00:14:01] - Hang out with rich people.[00:16:25] - Someone that excites you.[00:18:31] - If a friend is stuck.[00:20:26] - Having aha moments.[00:24:42] - How to connect with them online.[00:26:01] - Your final thoughts.Connect with Ashley Long on LinkedIn and Instagram.Connect with Dez Jordan on LinkedIn & Instagram. Support the show
Oct 2, 2022
28 min
The True Cost of Being a Christian in Iran: Joshua's Story
The Islamic Republic of Iran is home to a Christian community that flourishes in secret. Joshua is one of the founders of the largest Christian groups in Iran today. Born into an affluent, religiously devout Muslim family, Joshua rejected that faith in his mid-teens. After a rebellious youth he converted to Christianity and began his ministry with the homeless and addicted of Tehran, but he couldn't avoid the scrutiny of the oppressive Iranian government. He was arrested, tortured, and incarcerated in the notorious Evin Prison. After his release he was forced to flee to Turkey as a refugee. While there he began another church to serve the refugee community. Joshua's arrival in America brings new challenges, new opportunities, and a family he never anticipated. This inspiring true story is a journey through three countries, the joys and losses of a man's life and his practical approach to faith grounded in the love and acceptance of all people.Here's a breakdown of what is covered:[00:00:07] - Special cohost welcome.[00:00:25] - The story of joshua.[00:01:40] - Who is joshua.[00:02:38] - The need to tell his story.[00:04:22] - How josh converted to christianity.[00:06:03] - How did you get into drawing.[00:06:55] - Do you forgive the iranian government.[00:08:21] - Why become joshua.[00:11:39] - Some bible verses joshua loves.[00:12:26] - What americans don ’ t know about iranian christians.[00:19:25] - The final thoughts.[00:21:16] - The becoming joshua ministry.https://becomingjoshua.orgSupport the show
Sep 25, 2022
23 min
Avery Warner is the Chiller Queen: Reality Show Celebrity, Model Mom, Chef, and Entrepreneur
After finding fame on 90 Day Fiance - Before the 90 Days, Avery Warner capitalizes on her newfound platform to pursue her passion for cooking and creating the Chiller Queen Podcast! Here's a breakdown of what is covered:[00:00:00] - Paranormal overnight hunting event.[00:00:57] - Introducing Avery Warner.[00:01:30] - Best concert Avery's attended.[00:02:53] - Pumpkin spice latte or cold brew.[00:03:46] - Having adult beverages in North Carolina.[00:06:19] - Are you scared of ghosts?[00:08:45] - Background of 90 day fiance.[00:11:19] - How does the show's notoriety change your life?[00:14:54] - Dating as a single mom.[00:17:33] - Rosemary's passion for cooking.[00:18:53] - Chiller queen on podcasting.[00:22:32] - Craziest stories.[00:24:37] - Who is doing something that interests you?[00:26:11] - Final thoughts for the listeners.Support the show
Sep 18, 2022
27 min
The American Dream: Immigrants Building Wealth with Maribel Francisco
Maribel Francisco is an immigrant money coach who focuses on helping USA-based immigrants navigate the financial system. She is the founder of Our Wealth Matters, a company that provides financial education and resources to the immigrant community. Maribel has been featured in the New York Times and Next Adviser with Time. --Do you feel like you're working hard but not getting ahead? If you're an immigrant, a person of color, or a first-generation American, you may have been told to take specific actions to achieve financial freedom. But if you do not see results, it can be frustrating."I figured out that was an ITIN, which you get from the IRS if you're fully undocumented. So you can do many things that people with Social Security numbers can do."This is Maribel Francisco's story...Maribel Francisco is an immigrant money coach who helps USA-based immigrants with their finances. She started her company, Our Wealth Matters, to bring together all the knowledge and information she has accumulated over the years to help her community. She has been featured in the New York Times and next adviser with Time. At a Fincon conference, Maribel put out a message that she was going to be playing Uno, and anyone who wanted to play could message her. One gentleman showed up, and it was clear he had been drinking for some time. He then noticed another person in the room, and an argument ensued. Hotel security was called, and the situation was eventually diffused. Next, Maribel gave a speech on how creators can support the immigrant community within their audience.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. Maribel Francisco's experience as an immigrant money coach, including her work with MGM, NBC, and Universal, and her focus on helping immigrants in the US build wealth. 2. The Our Wealth Matters company was founded by Maribel Francisco and the feedback she's gotten from her community. 3. Maribel Francisco's experience at FINCON, including her interactions with other attendees and her thoughts on the conference overall.Resources:[Insert any lead magnet/CTA links from Guest here]Chapter Summaries:[00:02:30] - Marabelle founded a company called Our Wealth Matters to help the immigrant community in the United States. Her parents were immigrants. She has been featured in the New York Times and Next. An adviser with Time magazine, Marabelle, is networking at the event at Finkind in Orlando. Finn Connors is at his first Fincontression of the FINCON conference. He had a run-in with a stranger at the hotel. He has since changed rooms and is happy with how he dealt with the situation. He put his room number out and invited people to come and play board games. People from La. We were kicked out.[00:11:16] - Yesterday was your first full day at the conference. You went to orientation, hit up a couple of spots in the conference, and went to the party. You have one pink shirt, and TJ took one. And you have two pink shirts for yourself. You want to get more pink shirts to give away at your speech on Saturday.[00:13:22] - The topic of this talk is to show other financial content creators how they can support the immigrant community within their audience. Not many people know that immigrants, more so undocumented immigrants, can even invest. It's all about helping their end users, and the audience gets further in life.[00:14:55] - Stacey is looking for people who support the immigrant community at Fincon. She wants to create a network to care for a person. Some people were like lawyers, and some were in the immigration field. Stacey wants to meet with them to talk abouSupport the show
Sep 11, 2022
23 min
Kimanzi Constable: How to Spend Your Time - Lessons Learned From Travel and Interviews
"How do you want to spend your time? Not what somebody else programmed into you."Kimanzi Constable is a writer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He has been featured in Time, Business Insider, and other publications. He is the author of "Are You Living or Existing?"In this episode, you will learn the following:1. How do you want to spend your time?2. What is the Fire Movement?3. What are some lessons you've learned from travel?Chapter Summaries:1) In This episode, Kimanzi and Jared talk about what they learned over the last year. Jared used to run an online business selling digital products, but now he's writing for Time and Business Insider. In the course of those stories, he discovered the Fire movement. Fire stands for financial independence and investing in total stock market funds. Jared wants to be financially independent. At 41, he has some money allocated in S&P 500. He wants to invest in 401 KS and Roth IRAs. Jared doesn't want to be 60 years old doing a Facebook Live, trying to get someone to buy his $97 course.2) In September of last year, he and his wife sold their house and started traveling full-time. They went to Puerto Rico for six weeks. They were in Europe for the first three months this year in London, Lisbon, Rome, and East France. They were in Medicine Columbia for a month and on a cruise.3) In Columbia, you can get an excellent Airbnb for $600 for the month. Cindy and I were in a four-bedroom, four-bath penthouse on the 12th floor overlooking the entire city for 1900. For a month, we ate big meals for $13 for the whole dinner for two people. There are mixed-use places that are catered to tourists.4) In Europe, they've been able to standardize and systematize significant issues like healthcare. European cities tend to be more walkable. And have some public transportation. He was traveling in the US. It is expensive, but it's not as expensive as in Europe. Dave Ramsey's credit card is good for saving money. Kimanzi hasn't paid for a single flight this year. He's taken 26 flights.5) Kimanzi likes Mark Cuban's subscription pharmacy service, the Fire movement, financial independence, saving more, investing more, and cutting expenses. Jared's podcast is world-class. Kimanzi follows YouTubers like Takis, who rescues dogs in Greece. Other episodes you'll enjoy:Urban Intellectuals with Freddie TaylorKimanzi Constable returns to Starve the DoubtsStarve Wars - Will it Fly? w/ @PatFlynn (@KimanziC @ChrisMurphyHub)Connect with Jared:Instagram: https://starvethedoubts.buzzsprout.comSupport the show
Jul 19, 2022
32 min
Nikki Rae of 'Organized Chaos' on What it's Like to Live Off the Land
Nikki Rae is the host of the popular podcast Organized Chaos. Nikki is known for her outgoing and spontaneous personality and her love of travel. Nikki's goal is to help people meet their potential for happiness, and she believes that everyone has the ability to find happiness if they are willing to look for it.This is Nikki Rae's story...Nikki Rae is the host of the podcast Organized Chaos. She has always been interested in public speaking and helping people. During Covet, she and her best friend tried to start their own podcast but creative differences got in the way. Nikki decided to start her own podcast and has been hosting it for about a year. She loves to travel and recently went to Vegas and California. In Vegas, she visited the ice bar and recommends it to others. Nikki also discussed people-pleasing and living off the land.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. What are some tips for people that are people pleasers?2. What are some examples of living off the land?3. What are some of your best travel stories?--Follow me on:Instagram: https://starvethedoubts.buzzsprout.comLoved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here: the show
Jun 29, 2022
28 min
Urban Intellectuals with Freddie Taylor
Freddie Taylor is an entrepreneur, speaker, history enthusiast, philanthropist, and the founder of Urban Intellectuals (UI). Spurred by the lack of Black history instruction that his sons received in grammar school, Freddie knew the onus was on him to create a new narrative of Black culture, and in 2009, UI was born.   UI is an online hub of Black media that boasts over one million Facebook fans, a mobile app, and its own social media network.   Over 350,000 Black History Flash Cards have been sold and featured in: Essence, HuffPost, CBS Chicago, Good Morning Washington, Milwaukee PBS, ABC News Live, and Sister Circle on TV One. UI enjoyed a 2019 Black History Month collaboration with JetBlue, featuring the flashcards in the JFK (NY) and Newark (NJ) airports. Additionally, UI received 2021 All Black National Convention’s Black Business of the Year award.Support the show
May 31, 2022
27 min
Corda Coffee with Wade Preston
This episode is co-hosted by my friend and former podcast guest, Jeff Moody.Wade Preston is Co-Founder of Prevail Coffee, a coffee brand whose mission is to roast and serve ethically sourced, sustainably grown coffee that acts as a connection point, cultivating an authentic, diverse community. Wade began his career in coffee after working with an economic development project in West Africa and seeing the impact that ethical trade practices can have on economically disadvantaged communities. Wade has become a decorated coffee professional in seven-plus years in the industry. He has won several US Coffee Championships competitions and has pioneered innovative coffee brewing techniques, garnered praise throughout the US and Australia. Wade has also leveraged his background in non-profit work and education in philosophy to craft Prevail Coffee into a thoughtful brand that has grown throughout the Southeast and has become a hub for the vibrant community emerging in downtown Montgomery. His wife, Prevail, and co-founder, Megan Preston, live in Montgomery with their daughters, Wesley Anne (6) and Amelia (2). Wade enjoys snowboarding, reading philosophy texts and indie-rock biographies in his spare time, and trying to grow up to be Wendell Berry or Fred Rogers.Connect with Wade on Linkedin.Support the show
May 16, 2022
37 min
Spin It with Stephynie Malik
Stephynie Malik is ⚖️ Global Business Consultant + Crisis Expert🎤 Public Speaker @bapesclan⚜️ High Impact Performance Coach🌀 Host of Spin It! Podcast**Please say hello to Ms. Christine on Twitter or Instagram. She loves it when you do that!Support the show
Feb 17, 2022
30 min
Salad with a Side of Fries with Jenn Trepeck
Jennifer Trepeck is an Optimal Health Coach, Podcaster, and Business Consultant. After graduating from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Jenn founded Better Life Now LLC while working full time in hedge funds. After over a decade of coaching clients, Jenn started Salad with a Side of Fries Podcast to help pay it forward and reach a larger audience to teach the nutrition education we are all supposed to know but no one ever taught us. Jenn implements revenue-generating wellness programs in doctors' offices, salons, and spas to further expand the impact and help change the state of healthcare as a Certified Transitions Lifestyle Coach and Consultant with nutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions. When not doing everything else, Jenn is typically working out at Physique57, discovering hidden gem restaurants in NYC, or traveling to spend time with friends and family.Support the show
Feb 10, 2022
27 min
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