Startups For the Rest of Us
Startups For the Rest of Us
Startups For the Rest of Us
The longest running (and most popular) podcast for non-venture track startups, this show follow the stories of founders as they start, acquire, and grow SaaS companies. Hear when they fail, struggle, succeed, and take you with them through the tumultuous life of a SaaS founder. If you like Mixergy, This Week in Startups, or SaaStr, you’ll enjoy Startup for the Rest of Us.
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Rob is the Chuck Norris of bootstrap founders. Thanks for all you do Rob.
Valuable podcast for any startup
Valuable and practical knowledge for anyone in any stage of the startup process.
Craig Holliday
Great, valuable content
Really insightful and honest content about bootstrapping. Great questions and answers that don’t sugar coat. A great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about starting companies.
The best podcast for startup founders
As a start up founder this has been my favorite podcast for years. Rob and Mike have a genuine way of presenting information, and they are concerned with helping people, not becoming famous. After 10 years of showing up every day, they have left a great trail of actionable information for the rest of us. Thank you!
There’s no way to explain the feeling !!
Just wanted to thank you for the heart & energy you put into this show! You’ve made such a positive impact on my life!!!!
Incredible wisdom
Unlike many in the bootstrapped software world, I haven’t listened to this podcast for years. I started fall 2019 after knowing who Rob is for years. I have to say that the wisdom shared over the last period of time has been incredible and my life as an entrepreneur is richer and better off since I started tuning in consistently.
Awesome Podcast!!!
The host of the Startups For the Rest of Us podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
A staple in the bootstrapped saas space
Following along with Rob and Mike through the past few years has been great. I’m especially enjoying lately following up with Mike’s story, as I’m in a similar place. I also love the new intro, the new types of episodes, etc. Keep up the good work guys! Thanks for putting these out there.
The real experience of bootstrapping
This show absolutely ROCKS. If you're bootstrapping your company, thinking about starting a company in the future or just curious to understand what it really feels, and looks, like to start a company without outside funding - this is a must listen. Each episode brings an aweomse blend of vulnerability, insight and honesty to building from the ground up. Plus tactics you can actually leverage! Thank you Rob and Mike!!
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I've leveled up, just listening
I started at episode 150 in February 2019, and just caught up to 453 (6 months later). Well worth the time! Anyone who is trying to turn their side project into a real thing should listen.
A must for any entrepreneur..
This has been a must listen since I found them before episode 300. A ton of practical advise with no holds barred when needed. It's a staple for me when it comes out and one of the very few to get an auto-download.
I’m not a startup founder and I love this podcast
I enjoy every episode and gain valuable knowledge and insight. I typically leave each episode with multiple new ideas and actionable items. I’ve worked for giant companies and small companies and found having the spirit of a startup has been valuable to my career. Thanks Rob & Mike for sharing your learnings with the rest of us.
Could Listen All Day
I do not own my own SaaS, but I work for a small info product startup and this information is so valuable. I am able to see this information in practice and know that I will have a head start whenever the moment strikes for my own SaaS just from all the info Rob and Mike share.
Just so practical
I’ve listened to several business podcasts and unlike the rest, these guys deliver practical information episode after episode, and do so without a lot of annoying chatter, in the right timeframe. So much better than the others. I’m on my first startup, a hardware IoT device ( and these guys are so helpful. I get nuggets on almost every show. God bless.
Christopher de Vidal
Best. Startup. Podcast.
On my fourth software venture (!) and this podcast has been invaluable. Keep up the great work guys!!
Greatest podcast
Phenomenal podcast that covers all kinds of different topics dealing in the space of tech!
Top notch
Wow, clearly brilliant and useful info -- huge value!
Both inspirational and actionable
Most entrepeneurial podcasts fall either into the inpirational bucket or the actionable bucket but rarely is a podcast both. Startups for the Rest of Us is the exception particularly for those of us that are bootstrapping busineses on nights and weekends while supporting a family with a day job. If that sounds like you then Startups for the Rest of Us is a must listen as it keeps you focused on the outcome--a better life for you and your family. I only wish I had enough hours in my week to implement all of their great advice.
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Will from Engage Tactics
Great information
I listened to one episode and I’m hooked! It was full of great information that I can easily implement. Some of the information was a little bit advanced for me currently but I’m confident that by selectively listening to more podcasts I will pick up on more. Awesome podcasts!
Nathan Bell LO
Keeps getting better
This is my go to podcast every Tuesday morning. Rob and Mike continue to give their insights (not just info) on exactly what to do. I also love hearing the different journeys they’re on. Rob selling and Mike growing is a nice mix. Keep it up guys, thanks!
Find Fitness Pros
Stop reading and start listening
This podcast is an amazing wealth of information for people starting and growing their business. Highly recommend, rob and mike really give killer bits and pieces every week.
Kevin VanderLugt
Awesome show, highly recommend!
Rob and Mike are truly two of the best in the biz at expertly extracting those bits of gold listeners are looking for. They and their guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the absolute best tactics to effectively grow your business without draining your bank account and overall well-being. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Startups For the Rest of Us if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to grow both personally and professionally (and reach your overall goals as a result)!
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J. Barshop
Every episode is invaluable
Somehow Mike and Rob ensure that every episode has at least one (and usually a ton!) nugget of valuable information. I love their presentation style and how much they pack in. I don't think anyone should start a tech business without listening to this podcast.
I wish 6 star ratings were possible
This is by far the best podcast for bootstrapped SaaS entrepreneurs. Mike and Rob provide more actionable targeted advice that any other podcast in this space. This is the first podcast I listen to each Monday.
Long time listener and this review is LONG overdue (my apologies for the delay Rob & Mike). Simply put, one of the best podcasts for small or self funded startups for building and growing a software product. When I started listening I had long held thoughts and feelings with respect to how I wanted to start a business (self-funded, grown organically (to grow as my business would)) and when I found this I was like "Yes!!! folks who think like me".
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Eric from CT
Great Startup Founder Podcast
Rob and Mike do a GREAT job covering a wide range of topics in the startup space. They discuss first hand issues and solutions that they have experienced while building their respective SaaS businesses. Must listen for any startup founder!
Fantastic podcast
Inspiring while providing practical and realistic advice for a bootstrapped entrepreneur at any stage. No snake oil or BS. Some discussion of their related ventures (like their conference) but the podcast isn't a hollow lead generator that lacks substance. The frank discussions about their own ups and downs are invaluable. Interviews with guests discussing their own businesses and experiences are also great for new perspectives and ideas. Thanks for an amazing podcast Rob and Mike.
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Very informative
I usually listen to all podcasts at 1.5x speed to provide value for my time. These guys have so much info I usually have to go back and listen to an episode twice. Plus Mike went to RIT and I'm in Rochester.
Dark matter developer
Wisdom flows forth from this podcast
There are lots of resources on the net for Startups. However most are focused on the traditional approaches of building a product or service with the intention to grow headcount and overall size of the organization as the business grows. Lots of great knowledge to be gleamed from it, no doubt. However, it has never been the right fit for who I am, and what I'm doing. It wasn't until I came across Startups for the Rest of Us, and what Rob and Mike have done, and the wisdom they share, that I've come to see this whole domain of smaller startups, "micropeneurs," bootstrap-startups, revenue focused, owner-developer-marketer-operator small businesses. To share one of the most impactful wisdom I've received is: the Stair Step Approach to iterative, ever growing, ever increasing approach to products/services. This has unlocked my creativity and reduced my rigidity with regards on what I'm doing and where I'm going. So powerful. Thank you Mike and Rob!
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Self Actualization
Best resource for the aspiring bootstrapper
This has been one of the most valuable resources I've found for information on bootstrapping a business. The advice Mike & Rob give is based on their vast experience, it's practical, but more importantly, it's actionable!
Hooked instantly
This podcast speaks directly to the challenges bootstrappers face and seems to help this solo founder feel less isolated. Keep up the great work!
Incredibly helpful and inspiring
Rob and Mike have a good rapport and know how to deliver a fast-paced dose of highly-concentrated wisdom to entrepreneurs and startup founders.
Super insightful show
Rob and Mike are a lot of fun to listen to, not to mention insightful and knowledgeable as well.
Thanks for an awesome show for startups!
Thank you for providing a great show for startups!
The Best!
This podcast is amazing! I have a small app business and the advice they give is super helpful in my business. I listen to a number of podcasts for small businesses and passive income and this podcast is the most beneficial to me.
Best. Podcast. Ever.
Best podcast for anyone looking to start a selling a software or saas product.
good info
Great information, but…why do they talk so fast? The podcast sounds like it’s being played at 2x speed and it’s very annoying.
Good Podcast
With startups, everyone tells you "DON'T DO IT", except your mom, who will love you anyway, and overseas web developers, who spam you relentlessly. Your cast is very easy to listen to, and already slapped down several mistakes i was "planning" to make. It's really nice to listen to folks who aren't asking you for anything.
Equal parts therapy and practical advice
I started listening to this podcast because there's a lot of great advice to be found in the now 300+ episodes but over time I've found that my favorite part is the couple of minutes of water-cooler talk between Mike and Rob at the beginning of each episode. The life of a single-founder can be very lonely and often filled with self-doubt due to the problems encountered along the way. Listening to two experienced and proven founders talk about the details of their week is incredibly comforting.
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Lost In Chiang Mai
Like having two mentors you can listen to whenever you want
Listening to Rob and Mike's podcast is obviously not quite the same as having a face to face conversation with an experienced entrepreneur who's lived the business you're venturing into, but it's pretty close. As a bootstrapper working on building my first SaaS app and building a business around it, the insight and advice from these guys is invaluable. Thank you for the work that goes into this.
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Outstanding and valuable
Can't stop listening to this podcast with practical and inspiring content delivered by two amazingly articulate, frank and experienced micropreneurs. Makes you believe you can do this and be successful! Whether you are a business person needing more tech insight or an advanced developer seeking to break out with a new business, this podcast will answer questions you didn't know you had! So I'm listening non-stop to "SUFTROU" by alternating the most recent and oldest episodes. Thanks to Rob and Mike, I believe I'll be ready to launch by the time I catch up and consume to the entire series!
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Great content and very useful
Great informative and to the point content. Pleasure to listen and a great way to spend my time in traffic in a useful manner.
Great podcast for Startups
These guys know what they are talking about. Really useful for founders who are groping in the dark with lots of issues trying to move the startup forward. Keep it up guys.
Daily Startup Motivators
Rob and Mike had me hooked after the first couple of listens. I've since joined the Micropreneur Academy, and couldn't recommend these two more for their expertise and practical advice.
I’m embarrassed it’s taking me this long to review this podcast because it’s so good. A lot of great content. Thanks Rob & Mike.
Fantastic podcast for small business owners
I love how Mike and Rob keep the podcast focussed on actionable advise and interspersing personal nuggets where applicable. The checklist format which they adopt makes it easy to keep track and I frequently look up the material they reference. After I listen to a podcast, I feel energised and inspired rather than when I listen to most other podcasts/read techcrunch where one feels like a loser for not being a billionaire at 30.
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They deliver the goods episode after episode
I've been listening to this podcast for years and it's still my favorite. It's full of real, authentic advice from two guys who are actually out there in the trenches. You won't find any fluf here, just actionable takeaways that will actually make a difference in your business and your life.
Excellent for anyone thinking of starting a business
This is an excellent podcast for anyone who's running or thinking of starting a business. I've only recently found it and have already listened to about 10 of the latest episodes and look forward to working my way backwards. The episodes are quick paced and full of helpful information if only to get you thinking outside your current box. Many episodes seem to focus on SaaS type businesses but I promise you that even if you're starting a small flower business you'll find many great pieces of advice. Because every business, even a 10-year olds lemonade stand have to be online to be competitive. Subscribe today.
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This one is a must
One of the best resources for anyone building software products. Every episode comes a bunch of actionable items. Thank you guys!
Best resource for self funded startups
Have been listening to the podcast for over a year, only wish I knew about it sooner. Rob and Mike are down to earth guys and give valuable and practical information to any Internet business boostrappers. Best the podcast of its kinds!
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