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StartUp Podcast
A series about what it's really like to start a business.
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Pretty epic podcast
Love going on the journey with the entrepreneurs.
Why is it so hard?
Why can’t we find the 2020 episodes even when clicking on See All Episodes?
Reply All is my favorite podcasts but Alex Blumberg is my favorite Host/Guest on all Gimlet Podcasts.
Strong start, then flopped
This started very strong, as many reviews have mentioned. But then it started drifting away from the original theme and became rather political. They placed a concerning amount of emphasis on skin colors and genders.
Lisa is a fantastic journalist
Well written, well researched, looks at both angles to each story
Church Planting Season!
So good.
From the first season of Startup I was hooked. I binged every episode catching up. So inspiring for anyone wanting to go out and do your own thing, no matter how hard. Highly recommended to everyone.
One of the initial Gimlet shows
I have never heard anything like this podcast - following the start of a business through the years was an amazing ride! Absolute delight to listen to.
Dragonlady Gigi
This podcast has gone downhill
The very first season of Startup was excellent but this podcast has only gone downhill from there. The episodes gradually got less and less interesting and then in late 2018 they started putting as many ads as possible into each episode. After that they ruined this feed by spamming it with Without Fail episodes. Additionally, with the recent three episode season on Spotify's acquisition of Gimlet, they were too careful not to give away any important details. Those three episodes were nothing like the first season.
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Ira Glass imitator makes self indulgent podcast
I can’t believe people like listening to this Ira Glass imitator. Full of himself
Lisa Chow - Wow
Lisa is the best story teller and podcaster I’ve had the joy of listening to. I was deeply moved by the Success Academy story. Very balanced coverage. I kept flipping my opinion throughout. So good, I’m hooked.
So awesome
Fun stories
New listener
Love this podcast! Found it from listening to How I Built This podcast interview. So interesting- been binging all weekend!!
happier in iowa
AKA Without Fail
There hasn’t been a new episode of Startup published to this feed in almost a year. All it has been in that time is episodes of Without Fail, and sometimes some other podcasts that are advertising themselves to me. When they published a rerun of THE WRONG PODCAST to the Startup feed, I finally unsubscribed. If I want that show, I’ll go subscribe to it.
I’m late to the Startup party. I started listening after the Spotify deal. It has been fascinating to be able to go back and hear the story from the beginning. Thanks for recording your journey so honestly.
Alex like talks to like Ira Glass like
Guys, I’m a big fan of both of you and your shows, but holy cow—this StartUp episode interviewing Ira Glass was almost unlistenable. Did not expect two seasoned radio pros to drop “LIKE” like a couple teenaged girls.
Startup podcast
This 5-star rating is for the interview with Ira Glass. I thought what bothered me about this series was all the celebrity interviews which went no deeper than most celebrity interviews and glamorized fame too much. But hearing the Ira interview I realize how great it is to hear interviews between people with a history in each other’s lives. AND VERY IMPORTANT is the discussion about the deep desire to make really good, beautiful work. This is what I crave and long for: more beautully interviewed, edited, and produced podcasts. So many are slap-dash blah blah ( not gimlet). But please. Now that you have Spotify in your corner how about more like Crime town season 2 and Crime Machine (reply all, and running from cops, and interview with Ira, and Heavyweight ( about Scott. The addict getting his father’s gun back) and Start-up season 1 and 2. And more. But most podcasts make me wonder why the host(s) bothered to buy a mic. Carry on. Thank you for working so hard and being so brave.
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A little uneven, but mostly riveting.
The team does a really nice job of getting into the real ups and downs of starting a company. Nice that they also follow up on a lot of the companies that they profiled earlier in the previous season and spoiler alert: many did not survive.
Boat Carpenter
I am not an entrepreneur but I have loved listening to this series! Nice work, great story telling and l love that it has a “happy ending”!
nola in idaho
Amazing podcast!
Love, love, love this podcast! I have enjoyed the candor with which it was created and executed. The Gimlet story is inspirational. I couldn’t be happier for Alex and Matt and the successful sale to Spotify. You guys and your staff are a success!
Congrats and thank you
Very cool to follow this startup to exit story. Thank you for your contribution and all you do
Congrats Gimlet!
Congrats on your deal with Spotify. I look forward to following Reply All and Heavyweight, et all for years to come!
Some seasons are a hit, some are not
Startup was at it’s best when it was about Gimlet, but some seasons like the one with Arlen came close to the same magic. I am disappointed by the final “season”. It seemed more like a way to quiet the latest reviews criticizing this feed cross posting “Without Fail” episodes than an honest look at what it’s like to go through an acquisition. But I appreciate that Alex did something to wrap up Gimlets journey from Startup to multi-million dollar company. The first season is still a great primer on starting a business and is a must listen for all budding entrepreneurs.
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What a great ride!
Listen from the beginning, and thank you for sharing the final episodes about your journey with Spotify! It was really interesting! Cheers!
Final season HUGE let down
I am sitting in my car, late for work, listening to the last episode. This final season is essentially a long-form press release. The first season asked hard questions and engaged with so many aspects of starting a business. They have given up on all of that in this final season. One of the highlights of the first season was the failed funding pitches. What happens to those investors? Is this playing it safe is a harbinger of what has to Gimlet because of acquisition? Will all the other shows be softballs? I am sad to let go of my favorite podcast.
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Listened from the beginning
Final episodes are a fascinating look at a company leaving the “startup” phase. In this case, it means a buyout by Spotify. Also interesting to think about where the podcast industry is headed.
There was more than one...
Gimlet post acquisition
The journal seems ungenuine and seems like an advertisement. Hoping the sale of the company doesn’t ruin the quality of podcasts i’m used to from Gimlet. Startup is amazing, i’m very upset it is ending.
aggravated customer.
I used to love this podcast
And listen to it the second it came out. Now it’s a trash feed for whatever Gimlet wants to promote. I couldn’t figure out what I had already listened to. I stopped listening bc of all the repeats and promotion.
Alex is as good as it gets
Every story Alex makes, it makes me cry or laugh or both. I’m sad that the startup franchise is coming to an end.
Love this sad that it coming to an end
I'm late, but happy to find this
Loving the first season!
The Gimlet story
I binged the first season over the last two days. I can’t say enough about it. I found it deliciously entertaining, extremely educational and incredibly inspiring. The honesty and courage to tell its story in near real-time made me forget that the episodes were produced years ago.
Used to be great
Startup used to be wonderful. Now, it’s effectively spam. Replaying a different podcast (Without Fail) week after week is just wrong. If I want to listen to Without Fail, I’ll subscribe to it.
Used to love this podcast. Not anymore!
The startup podcast was one of my favorite podcasts of all time. I loved listening to the stories and I felt like I went on a journey learning about the different companies and their struggles. I am personally not a big fan of the interview “successful” people podcast style they all sound the same. So, I am really unhappy to see that the podcast has changed now to just Alex interviewing people that I don’t care about. Very sad!!! Like others, I thought Spotify’s purchase would bring us more original content. The interview podcast is overdone. Unsubscribe for now; when things change I might come back.
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Decide what to be and go be it
It was one of the best shows about startups. I loved it and looked forward to it. Then, that was finished and they just diluted it with barely relatable content and continued to disappoint listeners for two years. Would’ve been better to be honest and tell listeners you were coming up on the end and thanks for listening. Honestly I thought it was just me, but it’s good to see others felt the same way.
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Without Fail is a great pod
I wish it wasn't in my startup feed. I like when podcasts serve me up a sample of another show. Not 18 of another show in a row. I'm patient/lazy...I can wait for the new episodes without unsubscribing, please don't abuse my patience.
What in the world
This was a great podcast that showcased the startup world and their struggles. Really fascination and intriguing. But now, it’s just reruns of other shows from Gimlet. It seems as though the producers are out of ideas or those that are willing to shed light on the subject. Now I can’t re-listen to the old podcasts such as Dov. So disappointed.
Just like everyone else you gave us quality content now you don’t . I suggest everybody unsubscribe and leave it at they apparently no one cares .
What Happened?
It’s so true that the joy is in the pursuit. When Gimlet was trying to make a name you could see the explosive captivating work. Now that it has a name, the content is somewhat disappointing. I subscribe to “Without Fail.” Love it! I subscribe to “Starup.” Love it. What I don’t love is that they now share the same content. I would think that selling out to Spotify would have made Gimlet enough money to produce new and original content. Guess not!!
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What happened?
This was a great show and somehow it because a one on one interview show. I’m confused about the sudden change of direction on this show. Not a fan of this latest season.
Dar Nell
Stop the republishing
Dear @gimlet and @spotify: do you plan to ever release original content here again that isn’t a cross-publish from Without Fail? Used to love this. And I miss it. But I’m frustrated having to delete all the duplicate content that I already heard on Without Fail. If you don’t have anything new to add for Startup, then just put it on pause or let people know you are no longer producing content under this banner.
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What happened to Startup?
The feed has been hijacked for "Without Fail". If I wanted to listen to "Without Fail", I would subscribe to that feed. Unsubscribed.
Gone to trash
What was one of my favorite podcasts has become a lazy, uninspired interview show. But go back and listen to the first few seasons. They were fantastic.
Mick Fishbaum
What happened to startup
Startup started as a 5 star podcast, down to 4 when Alex handed over, 3 stars for church planting season, 2 stars for the school thing, and now it’s just reruns of episodes I’ve already listened to on other shows. In the mean time gimlet grew and was sold for $400m, really big missed opportunity to document that process
Annoying without fail
One episode (or two) to promote a new show, I can understand. Hijacking a podcast feed to push it out there? Terrible form. Am joining the list of unsubscribers for now.
Talk About Spotify Transition
What I want to hear about is the decision to sell to Spotify and how it’s going. How did that decision get made? How do your partners and employees and hosts feel? Have Naz weigh in. How do you feel about it, Alex? Is it changing the process of making Gimlet podcasts? You know what I miss? I STARTUP! Seems like a real missed opportunity.
A fan until recently
Used to be good, now Alex talks to rich people
Since getting bought by Spotify, the Gimlet team is now ultra wealthy. That’s good news for them and they deserve it. But now they just talk to rich people on this podcast, like Guy Raz does on his podcasts. Rich people are boring as a rule. They should talk to interesting people going through real struggles, like they did originally.
Listener 2013
Unsubscribing for now
Please listen to what the reviewers are saying and stop playing the Without Fail podcast where the Startup podcast should be. It’s bad form. I’m unsubscribing for now but will check back and will resubscribe if I see Startup is back with a new season. I love that show.
Unsubscribing from Without Fail
Been listening to StartUp from the get go. Normally, I love when podcasts drop a trailer or pilot of a new different show into their feed as a chance to try something new, but this is just getting out of hand with respect to Without Fail. I didn’t subscribe to Without Fail for a reason when you dropped the pilot. So, unsubscribing and deleting for now. Maybe I’ll come back in a year and see if this insanity has stopped.
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Where’s my StartUp podcast?
This show is turning into “How I built this”. I want the emotional rollercoaster of building a company while diving headfirst into heartache and misery.
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