Star Wars: Beyond the Films - A Podcast About the Latest Star Wars Books, Comics, Video Games and more!
Star Wars: Beyond the Films - A Podcast About the Latest Star Wars Books, Comics, Video Games and more!
Star Wars
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Sith Spit! This is a great show!
Great show, found this show while searching for podcasts on the New Jedi Order, and the Vector Prime episode is phenomenal. All the thoughts/feelings I had reading this 20 years ago came rushing back. Loved the dramatic reading of parts of the book and the conversation that’s makes the bulk of the episode. Going to listen to more eps, and I hope the NJO read through continues. May the Force be with you, always.
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Definitely hit the nail
I really like the Jedi new Jedi order
Great content, but needs editing
I absolutely love the content on this show and the hosts, old and new clearly know their stuff. That being said, I find the episodes run on a bit too long to hold my interest. There are loads of good poscasts that I enjoy and if every single one of them clocked in at almost 2 hours, I wouldn't be able to get to them. Yes, there's a lot to be said, but longer episodes tend to just drone on and on. Just my thoughts.
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A Jedi named Steve
God I will kiss Nathan but love you and him and am looking forward to more insanely great content in the future
steve ok cape cod
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Wow. Just wow.
I love this show already after watching part of one show. I am 10 years old and love this podcast. I recommend for kids!
This is the Star Wars Fandom at its finest
I stumbled across this podcast several months ago and was initially impressed by the ease of flow exhibited in Mark and Nathan’s conversation. Since that day I have plowed through nearly every podcast available through iTunes. These guys know their stuff and most importantly they LOVE Star Wars. I have always learned something new from this podcast. And unlike other Star Wars podcasts I was not left wondering, “do they even know what they’re talking about?” Mark and Nathan have a way of making you feel like you are part of their incredible friendship and that you get to participate in enjoying the fandom with them. Thank you guys for letting us into your world! My only complaint would be that I can’t stand to listen to other podcasts anymore. Which I guess is a good thing for them! They do an excellent job. If you want to laugh, be uplifted, and educated. This is the podcast for you.
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I play all day baby! Xbox!🚳🚱🔞📵🚭🚯🚷
I play all Star Wars game including clone wars! 🔜🚭🚯♨️🚷🔞🚱🚳❗️⁉️💯💢🚷🚯🚯♨️📛⛔️🚫🛑⭕️🛑🆑💮📴 XBOX ON! ALL DAY BABY!
The fastes runner sonic
thoughtful Star Wars discussion
I'd gotten sick of most Star Wars podcasts, particularly ForceCast, which seem to focus on Star Wars-related nonsense, such as news stories about guys dressed as Darth Vader robbing banks. Fortunately, I found SW Beyond the Films. Nathan and Mark actually engage in interesting and substantive discussions about Star Wars - the stories of Star Wars. They tend to focus on new releases, but also discuss broader themes, such as gender, in the saga. They keep the conversation lively and lighthearted throughout. I also appreciate that, unlike ForceCast, SW BTF doesn't trash certain fans and is generally respectful of all points of view. The podcast covers all periods of the EU and the Disney canon. No matter which era of Star Wars you enjoy, there's probably something on this podcast you'll enjoy. Also, by and large, these episodes don't become immediately obsolete, as many podcast episodes do. It's definitely worth going back and listening to earlier episodes. Overall, this has become my favorite SW podcast.
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Great show that dives into all things Beyond the Films!
Mark and Nathan are super knowledgeable in the Star Wars universe. Their opinions expressed on the show are always insightful. Even if they have opinions that differ from my own on certain topics, it always expands my knowledge of the SW universe and makes me see things in a different light. Always informative and fun!
Great team, great guys!
Always enjoy listening to these guys!
right-wing stooges
This is theoretically a Star Wars podcast, but you're complaining about Roseanne getting fired and those Parkland teens speaking out about gun violence. You're even inventing psychotic imaginary scenarios wherein you might have to use lethal force to defend yourself from an angry listener. Maybe just transition to some Trump-loving political pod instead of hiding behind "both sides" arguments to defend toxic star wars fans.
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Jim Ryalto
Asks the questions and discusses it in a mature and informative way !
Troy Noble
Honest Opinions
I started to listen to your podcast a year ago little by little I have been catching up. Is a real good podcast full of information and honest opinions which I appreciate. I will recommend to anyone who love Star Wars.All universe. Keep up the good work.Thanks
Lady Harker 34
Serious Star Wars Analysis for Serious Fans
These guys are awesome! I have read 0 EU/Legends books or comics, but Mark and Nathan get me really interested in checking out those stories. (I probably won't strictly because of time, but these guys bring serious Star Wars knowledge.) I started listening to this podcast for the reviews of the storygroup canon novels and comics (which are PHENOMINAL and DEEP reviews). Mark and Nathan discuss Star Wars at the depth I want to discuss Star Wars. They dive in deep, consider whether the characters would really make those choices, and connect it back to our world! I found the podcast 3 months ago, but I have gone back and listened to hours of their old episodes. I have also come to enjoy their discussions of the other non-film content. Overall, Mark and Nathan work really well together and give great insight into the Star Wars universe.
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Mitchell Godfrey
Good podcast
This podcast is so good and funny.
In depth EU
Mark is an enthusiastic fanboy with strong opinions and Nathan is a hyper-informed fanboy with strong opinions. Episodes get stronger and more precise as time goes by. Well done!
Could Snoke be part of or a remnant of the Eternal Empire? They both are from the unknown regions of space, I can see this being an opportunity for finally making the Old Republic cannon. Just a thought I think it would be cool to hear about your thoughts on this.
Great Podcast
Great Star Wars Podcast for those wanting to learn more about Legends or Canon. Someplace where there is no such thing as a bad a question and where ponders are frequent and encouraged. If you are like me and enjoy the books and comics of Star Wars this a Podcast that you should check out.
Buckeye Nit 1007
Really enjoy this podcast!
Mark and Nathan are great hosts, as a fan of the new Canon material they are honest and pretty quick about their reviews, its the next best thing to having some one there to discuss it all with. Sometimes their talk and referencing the Legends EU leads me down a path of reading stories one can not learn from a Mouse. One of my over all favorite Podcasts I listen to!
D-Lo Cosplay
The subject matter is interesting, they cover the expanded universe well. Unfortunately, one of the hosts brings his political views into it too much for my liking. So I unsubscribed. If you have pc values, this might not be the podcast for you.
Darth Obsidian
More intense
Ricky Mokel
Makes me glad podcasts like Cantina Cast, Now this is Podcasting, and Rebel Grrrrl exist. Pass on this one
Solid Star Wars Podcasting
Mark and Nathan are just fun to listen to. Nathan is very informative, and Mark's enthusiasm is infectious, and listening to both of them together is just a joy. I really look forward to hearing them discuss topics. They manage to be fair about what they like and don't like, but manage to avoid fawning on the positive aspects or wallowing in the negative. If you enjoy Star Wars as it appears in the books and comics, you really should give this a listen.
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Great podcast!
These two know their Legends/new cannon stuff. Also opened minded to what is being talked about.
Jedi Niac
200 Episodes Later, Still a Favorite Listen
First off, Mark and Nathan: Congrats on 200 episodes! I've been a big fan since the day I first heard a couple of my favorite podcasters would be collaborating on a show that would cover some of my favorite Star Wars material. You've provided your listeners with so many hours of discussion over the years, and always had a wonderful mix entertaining, thought provoking, and unique ideas to share. I hope, despite all of the negative and vitriolic elements of fandom that sometimes drown out the more reserved folks like me, that you realize just how much we appreciate what you put into this show and thereby our fan community! I know I'm not alone in my exuberance at your return, and I hope we as fans of your podcasting efforts can help be a brighter spark for your fandom just as you are to us. I'm thrilled to have new episodes coming down the pike, and hopefully getting more engaged with a positive community of listeners can help bolster your enthusiasm and show that, while the worst part of being a Star Wars fan is sometimes the other fans, it can often be the best as well. On the other hand, know that your loyal listeners are going to support whatever is best for you as you step back into the EU arena. If that means you need the ocasional rant or to take a step back to focus on real life or even just to have a break from the stress, know that we understand. To paraphrase a mantra Nate is fond of repeating from time to time, fandom should be an outlet to relieve stress, not a cause of it. So as you get back into the swing of Beyond the Films, keep telling it like it is, keep loving what you love about the GFFA, and try not let the vocally negative side of fandom sour the things you are passionate about. Thanks again for all the time and work you put into bringing us this show, may the Force be with you, and I look forward to the next 200 episodes!
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JJ Abrams Fan Boy Podcast
This podcast is nothing more than a JJ Abrams fan boy support group. The moment that it was stated that The Force Awakens was the best of any of the Star Wars movies, I completely lost any hope that an objective view of that film would occur. Perhaps it would have been a good film if it did not copy A New Hope almost verbatim and if it had good actors. Daisy Ridley, BB-8 and Mark Hamill gave the best performances in the film and to say that this film was better than the Empire Strikes Back or A New Hope is utterly laughable. People were very excited about Abrams taking over for Lucas and wanted so desperately for this film to be good since episodes one through three were awful, that they settled for a regurgitated version of episode four with worse acting and horrible moments of humor. I suggest trying to be more objective when reviewing the films and not let your love affair with Abrams interfere with seeing just how unoriginal and poorly acted the film actually was. I was hoping to find a good Star Wars podcast that would carefully review the film and look at the new Star Wars canon objectively, but apparently will need to continue my search. My only hope for the new films is that Abrams will have less influence and that Disney hires good writers.
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Very informative
Nathan brings an education background to star wars. Sometimes I want to tell him to take a breath! haha
One to skip
Couple of old EU fanboys trying to prove that they are still relevant. Pretty sure the co host may be illiterate, constantly using words like "boughten." Move along...
Awesomeness and Then Some!
I have always enjoyed this podcast, but it just keeps getting better as we get more new Star Wars material. Nathan and Mark really keep it entertaining! These guys are true Star Wars fans but not Lucas sycophants.
Great, but "bipolar"???
I'm rating this as 5 stars because I really enjoy it. It's fun, well-organized, and informative. Every EU/Legends fan will enjoy the spirited discussions. But as a person with bipolar disorder, I ask that you remove the phrase "bipolar" from the introductions. I'm not a PC person but would you ever make a similar reference to cancer or diabetes? I think not. A disease is a disease, and coping day to day is hard enough. Also, you're not even using the word correctly. Most bipolar people don't rapidly switch from mood to mood; it's a process of weeks or months. Every time I hear you guys say it, it makes me feel marginalized even among my own people--Star Wars fans. Anyway, please at least give this some thought. I guess I will unsubscribe if it doesn't change, and that would be a bummer because like I said, I really enjoy the discussions and think you do a nice job.Thx.
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Bummed Unsubscriber
There may be Star Wars fans out there who know more about the comics and novels than Nathan and Mark but if there is they certainly aren’t podcasting. This podcast is a one stop shop for Legends and EU discussion. Subscribe to this podcast you won’t be sorry.
Great Show
Best EU show I've listened to. While I don't always agree with their views, Nathan and Mark make it clear that it's just that- THEIR views Keep up the good work
Amazing Podcast
I have been listening to this podcast for years and I'm glad that I found it. I've was looking for podcasts that feature The EU and this doesn't disappoint. I like the banter between the hosts. They seem to love Star Wars and it shows. I recommend this podcast to any fan.
Star Wars Beyond The Films is a good podcast for EU now Legends Books and Comics fans.
This podcast from The Star Warsa Report Family of great podcasts , I like Star Wars Beyond The Films it's a good Star Wars Podcast for Star Wars EU now Legends Books and Comics etc. Mark and Nathan do a great job with the show and I enjoy listening to it. Great Star Wars podcast for EU now Legends book and Comics readers. Good podcast Star Wars Beyond The Films is. This is the podcast you are looking for!!! Keep up the great work guys and May The Force Be With You Always!!!
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Kenny Kraly Jr.
Like petulant children.
I can’t really stand either of them. Mark is an idiot and Nathan is annoying. The last few episodes especially have just been them complaining about the EU being rebooted by Disney, Mark clinging to the idea they’re going to continue Legends when they clearly aren’t. It’s not even informative or an interesting discussion. And not worth your time.
Another great Nathan P. Butler podcast.
Great to listen to every week.
funny and fun.
Longtime fan of Nathan's, back to Chronoradio days - this is unquestionably his best work, with Mark making a great co-host. Thoughtful discussion mixed with unique humor, always a good time. Well done, fellas.
Very Good
My favorite Podcast. It was informative and had me cracking up!
EU fans, strap in!
Beyond the Films is a great pod for Expanded Universe fans. Mark gets excited and usually goes off on tangents, which is usualy the best part of the show. Nathan is extremely knowledgeable and well spoken. Fantastic show!!!
The Fools That Follow
Just Not Enough and WAY TOO MUCH
I have listened a few times. Way, WAY TOO much time/talk spent on who drew what boards/panels,art about comics. Far Too Much Over analisis. I have yet to make it to the end of One single episode. ANY single episode. Sorry can do better than this.
Totally awesome.
This is a totally awesome podcast, it tells almost anything you want to know about star wars, old and new. Ask them, and they might tell you. Thank you Mark and Nathan.
Great Podcast
A very intelligent and informative podcast for any Star Wars EU fans out there; the hosts are great and the topics are always interesting and fun.
Awesome podcast
I found this podcast a week ago, and I love it. I am a huge Star Wars fan and this podcast is for any Star Wars fan weather you are a beginning fan or a long time fan.
The force is strong with this one
Great show! Look forward to listening every week!! Thanks for your commitment to fandom.
Generally Fun, Occasionally Ponderous
Well first off let me say that this podcast is 1000 times better than Nathan's last podcast, in that you can actually understand his co-host. The last guy spoke like he had a mouth full of marbles, if he spoke at all. Nathan did most of the talking, which frankly was fine by me, since his co-host sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard. His new cohost is much more clear and verbose. Perhaps a bit TOO verbose, actually. Whereas the last guy barely spoke, this guy pretty much speaks non-stop. Which might be okay if he were actually sharing interesting info, but sadly this is not the case. He basically just makes lame aside comments and then laughs at them. He also cuts Nathan off a lot, which is kind of annoying, especially when Nathan's actually saying something relevant or insightful. Then he's gotta stop, acknowledge what his co-host said, pretend to find it funny and try to get back on track, if that's even possible. This new guy seems like a nice enough chap, but he really needs to relax and stop trying so hard. Right now it sounds like he's just waiting for Nathan to stop talking, so he can start. And as I said- sometimes he doesn't even wait for him to stop talking. Additionally, if you listen to this podcast, get ready for endless plugs for Nathan's non Star Wars projects. His real gift is for marketing, because he finds ways to plug his writing that even the most saavy advertising exec might dismiss as too blatant. There is NO topic of discussion that Nathan can't somehow relate to his writing. Prepare to hear the words, "for example, when I was writing my novella 'Greater Good'" at least once per show. I applaud the guy's initiative, but he seems unaware of the fact that as with all things- less is more. If his writing as is an unsubtle as his marketing, I'm guessing he uses a lot of superlatives and exclamation points. In any case, I do recommend this podcast. It's fun and informative. The real problem is (as with many podcasts) the hosts seem to think they're more interesting than their subject matter. Sadly this is not the case. They'd do well to put the plot first. Which as a writer, is something Nathan should know about. For example, when he was writng 'Greater Good...' Edit, 12/14/12: Nice of Nathan to give me a shoutout in his recent "Feedback" episode, though I gotta correct one thing he said. His only real reference to this review was that I called him out on his endless plugs for his own writing. Which is true, though he engaged in a bit of hyperbole. He is a writer after all (didn't you know that???) so I guess I can't blame him. But still, he kinda misrepresented what I said. He claims that all I said in relation to his endless plugs was "how dare you." Not only did I never use the words "how dare you," I actually elaborated on the reasons behind my complaints, explaining everything rather clearly. He not only left out my reasoning- he changed the entire meaning of my criticism. Basically he completely ignored my rather valid criticism and blew it off as someone being outraged that anyone would "dare" to shamelessly plug their own work over and over (and over). That's very much NOT the case. I'm not outraged, I'm just bored and sometimes embarassed for Nathan when he engages in such shameless pluggery. I'm not suggesting he never mention his own work, but a little goes a long way. In this case- a very long way. Regardless, I do wish Nathan would actually address these concerns, rather than blowing them off, or worse, misrepresenting them. But anyhow, let me just state for the record: I'm not outraged and I never think "HOW DARE HE" when he plugs his own writing. All I do is sigh and reach for the fast forward button. I just wish I didn't have to do it quite so often.
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Awesome Podcast about Star Wars books and comics
I just discovered this podcast, and I love it! The hosts do a great job at discussing and dissecting their topic for the episode. I've read a number of the Star Wars extended universe novels and comics, and I'm revisiting the extended niverse and reading more of the books and comics. This podcast is an excellent companion to the extended universe. I'm really digging it. If you like the Star Wars extended universe, give this a listen, you'll probably love it.
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Sean Neprud
Comment on the podcast
Really enjoy the podcast. I hope the show does more book reviews and character depth. Would love your 2 opinions on the darth bane trilogy. Keep up the great job.
Makes You Into an EU Fan
I've been a Star Wars fan since the movie hit the screen in 1977, but I've only casually gotten into the EU. However, these guys have so much passion and deep insight into the EU that it's become one of my favorite podcasts out there! Now they have gotten me more excited about the EU. So much so that I was just listening to a SW audiobook in my car. Great job, guys!
Admiral Rex
Never Quote Them the Odds!
Just don't do it. You won't like what happens when you do. These guys (and girls, counting the special guests they bring in) are THE best Star Wars podcast out there! Don't get me wrong though, RFRN is a phenomenal Clone Wars podcast. But this dynamic duo, much like C-3PO and R2-D2, get into so much more and it is a great experience every time.
Ben Targaryen
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