Star Trek CCG: The Game Show
Star Trek CCG: The Game Show
Corbin Johnson
A Game Show using trivia from the First Edition of the Star Trek CCG.
Episode 25:"From Cutest to Least Cutest"
Video: SevenCrdSpud (Jason B.) faces off against The Ninja Scot (Michael V.B.) in a battle of 1E Trivia. Fizzbin: Lineup
Feb 23, 2014
32 min
Episode 24: "You'll Comp My Holodeck?"
Video: ComicBookHero faces off against Flrazon in a battle of 2E Trivia! Fizzbin: Memory Alpha / Royal Casino: Slots
Feb 20, 2014
44 min
Episode 23: Strength of 57
Video: Assimilate This' own Daniel Matteson (OkCoyote) faces off against Creative member Mike M. (ComicBookHero). Exclusive 1E Emissary Spoiler inside! Fizzbin: Build Interplexing Beacon
Nov 16, 2013
45 min
Episode 22: You Chose... Poorly
Video: The Chairman Charlie P. (MidnightLich) faces off against Assimilate This' own Daniel M. (OkCoyote)! Slight update to the rules of In the Zone. Fizzbin: Strike Three
Jun 1, 2013
43 min
Episode 21: Where's Matt Kirk?
Video: The illustrious Matt Kirk faces off against the formidable Ryan Sutton for victory and prizes on the Star Trek CCG Game Show! Title inspired by the song "Where's Captain Kirk?" by Spizzenergi. Fizzbin: My Ultra-Rares are Hard to Win
Mar 27, 2013
53 min
Episode 20: Distraction Foils
Video: Our 1E rules master Jon C. (pfti) faces off against the chairman himself Charlie P. (MidnightLich) in a battle of 1E wits. Fizzbin: Number Theory
Mar 9, 2013
42 min
Episode 19: A Win is a Win
Video: In what is likely the funniest episode this season, Danny N. (Nuttersuclan) faces off against Niall M. (Sexecutioner) in an all Euro contest! Listen as Corbin avoids using the word England. Fizzbin: Warp Speed Fizzbin
Feb 10, 2013
50 min
Episode 18: All Your Base
Video: The Host of "Assimilate This!" Daniel Matteson (OkCoyote) faces 1E's new Rules Master Jon Carter in a battle of wits. Fizzbin: Dabo!
Feb 10, 2013
50 min
Episode 17: This Space Left Intentionally Blank
Video: Maelwys (Chris L) and Flrazor (Jeremy B) face off in the first episode of season 3! Now with video goodness. Fizzbin: Attribute the Attributes
Jan 19, 2013
49 min
Episode 16: Corbin Badger Don't Care
It's rematch time! Season one's finalists Matt Kirk and Greg Dillon face each other in a match of 1E, 2E and Tribbles Trivia. Fizzbin: My Ultra-Rares are Hard to Win.
Dec 9, 2012
45 min
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