Star Signs: Go Stargazing!
Star Signs: Go Stargazing!
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New to stargazing
I acquired a telescope this year, and went looking for a podcast on astronomy and different astronomical events that are upcoming. This really fits the bill, and is very accessible for an amateur like me. I also enjoy the news on astronomy related subjects. Thanks!
Brian Boru82
Super interesting and well done!
I’ve recently been getting more into stargazing and astronomy and I highly recommend this show to anyone who’s trying to do the same. It’s exactly what I needed: informative weekly guides to the night sky with interesting facts and prominent features about what you can see, as well as current space news. It’s well produced, relaxing, entertaining, and certainly educational.
Astro ASMR for sleep
My daughters and myself listen to Tom every night at bed time to relax and learn about what we can view in our skies for the week. We also bust out impersonations of his intro randomly throughout the day, often receiving weird looks from this around us who don’t see the stargazers we’re welcoming
Star signs
Discovered this pod cast through 4.7.20 Pink Moon feature story on BBC News. Fascinating information, clearly presented, and in a soothingly pleasant voice. Will share and tune in again. Wonderful change of focus during period of coronavirus.