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David Fiorazo
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Chris Lawson: Alpha Course; Defining the New Spirituality; Aware of the Enemy’s Schemes
Our guest today is apologist/author/speaker Chris Lawson, founder and director of Spiritual Research Network, a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the gospel and helping Christians grow in discernment regarding multiple new ideologies. Chris has authored several booklets for Lighthouse Trails Research and has collaborated on the newly released "A New Narrative for a New World" with several authors including Mary Danielsen, Carl Teichrib, Kevin Reeves, Warren Smith, and Richard and Linda Nathan. That book and many more excellent, biblical resources can be found here.  He and Mary discuss the Alpha Course, from a booklet they co-authored;  the new book, and his work with Spiritual Research Network. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!
Feb 23
55 min
Jim Farrington: Lost in “Trans” Mission – The Battle for True Identity
Mary welcomes back Jim Farrington of First Stone Ministries whose  primary purpose is to lead the sexually and relationally broken into a liberating relationship with Jesus Christ. In this podcast, we look at the perpetuation of twisted gender-bending ideology across different media. From a new documentary featured at Sundance Film Festival, to a second documentary about  the search for manhood in a culture that doesn't value it, we certainly are living in a time when Satan has ratcheted up the fight against humans who are made in God's image. Of course it is deeply spiritual at the core and the ministries that come alongside these unhappy victims are on the frontlines of the tough fight for men's - and women's- souls.   Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!
Feb 22
54 min
Replay – Kevin Minske: Truth Divides, Mainstream Ai, & a Middle East Update
Crash Connell host today's podcast with in-studio guest Pastor Kevin Minske of Christ The Rock Church in De Pere, WI.  Today's discussion deals with bible passages in response to the growing warfare and division in the local church, artificial intelligence is ramping up and going mainsteam and current happenings in the Middle East. [Original airdate: 11/13/23] Our YouTube & Rumble channels Stand Up For The Truth Gear
Feb 21
56 min
Pastor Joe Bell: Watching, Waiting, and World Affairs
Mary Danielsen chats with Pastor Joe Bell of Calvary Chapel LaFayette Indiana about bible prophecy. Pastor Joe has faithfully hosted a Spring prophecy conference for many years and has helped many Midwesterners to watch and wait for Jesus; he teaches verse by verse weekly. We talk about his history in Indiana, the conference theme and details. Then we go on to some current headlines including technology, Bill Gates, climate change carbon hysteria, and much more.   Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!
Feb 20
55 min
Scott Schara: Medical Murders – The Real Battle Ground
Today, Crash Connell and Scott Schara discuss the spiritual warfare that has shown its head with the medical industrial complex.  Scott walks through a few slides (PDF here) showing the collusion is from the top down.  We begin the collusion discussion with eugenics and the minions involved with the implementation of the banality of evil and collectivism. Then, we move into Congressional involvement and “Standards of Care” designed to hasten our deaths. Finally, we close with what Scott believes C--id was…God’s calling us to repentance.  Repentance of what?  Falling trap to fear and the security and comfort offered by the medical industrial complex. Video version of today's podcast at Link to Scott’s podcast on Medical Murder Collusion: Link to Scott’s last podcast with Jamie Walden: PDF Transcription of today's broacast here   Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!
Feb 19
55 min
Mary Danielsen: Gnosticism – Hate the Gnosticism, Love the Gnostic
Mary talks today about Gnosticism, the mother of all cults and originator of all heresy. The early church battled it - and addressed it in the New Testament. Why should we care about Gnosticism? It truly goes back to the garden, it presents a universe where the Serpent wins in the end; it IS the spirit of antichrist. When the bible talks about "vain philosophies" and denial of the resurrection, Gnosticism is in view. There is so much fascinating history here, and a few things you may not have seen coming. Plot twists and modern gnostic films and cults - it's a packed hour. "Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ."  2 Corinthians 10:5 Downloadable PDF with more information.   Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!
Feb 16
54 min
Jim Fletcher:  Why Israel is Winning; He Gets Us (So Does the Devil); The Delusion of Dividing Israel
Mary Danielsen welcomes back Jim Fletcher to talk about God's promises to Israel and what that means for the believer; why Israel is truly winning the war with Hamas; and dividing the land, which of course God will never bless.  Then we talk about those ridiculous Super Bowl Ads that suggest that the God of the Universe is just waiting for silly humans to give him some PR that anyone can swallow whole. A dose of social justice universalism is just what those 120 million football fans were waiting for (besides a Swift sighting). Jim is a tremendous advocate of Israel and very knowledgeable. He writes an Israel Watch column for Rapture Ready and has his finger on the pulse regarding the systemic wickedness of the system that gave us Joe Biden.       Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!
Feb 15
54 min
Replay – Philip Zodhiates: The High Cost of Defending the Defenseless
[Original airdate 10/3/23] Mary Danielsen talks to Philip Zodhiates who found himself caught in the vortex of the culture wars aimed at the destruction of our childrens' innocence. He served nearly 3 years in a federal prison for giving a ride to a young mom who was fleeing an abusive former lesbian partner. Lisa Miller had left the lifestyle and surrendered her life to Jesus and shortly thereafter all hell broke loose as she found herself at the mercy of the agenda to normalize perversion between adults and children. Learn about those behind the scenes who want to set in motion a wicked agenda and use believers and Christians as throw away pawns in their game. We'll discuss the organizations that, while corrupt, are still working around the clock to demonize parents and other conservatives as hate groups. A cautionary tale for Christians in these times. Philip is the son of bible scholar Spiros Zodhiates, author of the wonderful resource "Hebrew/Greek Key Study Bible", available on Amazon and a must for the inductive bible study student. 419 Fund Philip's Prison Blog Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!
Feb 14
55 min
Carl Kerby: The American Church; Worldviews, Inc; Some Assembly Required
Mary Danielsen chats with Carl Kerby about the American Church, in particular when it comes to worldviews. Every human has one, and they largely revolve around such weighty issues as, what is reality? What is a person? What happens when we die? What is the nature of right and wrong? Philosophers have undertaken the answers to those questions for centuries, and its safe to say everyone has grappled with these at some point. But in the church, the notion of "worldview" becomes much more narrow - and looking into the worldview of those who shepherd God's flock can be, in this age, a bit disappointing. What are the factors that determine a Christian worldview and whether those who lead God's people get it right, ie, live by every word? Pastors may not be responsible for the sins of a culture, but they do have the responsibility to lead God's people via truth that is not subjective. Download their free app - click here.   Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!
Feb 13
55 min
JB Hixson: Is the ‘Rapture’, Supporting Israel, Dispensationalism in The Bible and More
Guest host Crash Connell visits with J. B. Hixson, a nationally known author, speaker, and radio host, with more than thirty years of ministry experience in the pastoral and academic arenas. Recognized for his expertise in Systematic Theology, Dr. Hixson has a passion for communicating important theological truths from God’s Word in a clear and easy to understand way, and for helping others learn how to study the Bible effectively for themselves. Dr. Hixson has served on the faculties and adjunct faculties of nine colleges and seminaries. He earned his B.A. degree from Houston Baptist University, Th.M. degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, and Ph.D. degree from Baptist Bible Seminary. Today is an improved Q&A: Is a church rapture biblical, why should Christians support today's Israel, is dispensationalism biblical, preparing for the coming evil, and more.       Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!    
Feb 12
55 min
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