Split the Veil
Split the Veil
Split the Veil
Split the Veil covers all things Bioware - from Mass Effect, to Dragon Age, Bioware classics, and Anthem. Hosted by Caitie (Ghil Dirthalen on YouTube) and Jordan (The Exalted March on YouTube).
Split the Veil 95: Dragon Age Day 2023
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan discuss the latest Dragon Age: Dreadwolf teaser trailer released on Dragon Age Day in December. Also there's quite a bit of talk about how well we think Dreadwolf will end up doing once it's released, and... more BG3. Also: spiders.
Jan 4
1 hr 13 min
Split the Veil 94: BioWare Layoffs and N7 Day
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan lament the departure of the BioWare employees laid off in August and discuss what it means for the studio. Also: N7 Day teaser and what it means for Mass Effect fans. Also: also: maybe something about the voyages of the "Titanic."
Nov 15, 2023
57 min
Split the Veil 93: Baldur's Gate 3
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan discuss the newly released Baldur's Gate 3! We talk character creation, companions, choice and consequence, and everything else to love about this RPG. Also: Dragon Age comparisons.
Aug 6, 2023
1 hr 20 min
Split the Veil 92: Sort of E3 and Dragon Age: The Missing
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan discuss the Summer lineup of gaming showcases, give their thoughts on Dragon Age: The Missing comics, and discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic moving on from BioWare Austin developers.
Jun 22, 2023
1 hr 19 min
Split the Veil 91.5: The Timeless Mark Darrah Returns
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan come back for another "half episode" to discuss the return of Mark Darrah to BioWare! Long time Dragon Age Executive Producer is returning as a Consultant on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. We talk about what that means for the game, for BioWare, and for Darrah. Also: the ghost of Jordan's mic.
Mar 28, 2023
44 min
Split the Veil 91: Dragon Age Design Blog
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan return from a long winter slumber to talk about the latest BioWare blog outlining some design concepts around character progression and leveling up in Dragon Age Dreadwolf. Also: some stuff about Texas and counting.
Mar 28, 2023
52 min
Split the Veil 90: DA Day and Absolution
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan discuss the cinematic teaser for Dreadwolf released on Dragon Age Day - AND Dragon Age: Absolution on Netflix. We talk about our impressions of the show, what we thought of the new characters, the cast of actors, and the ending. Also: Geralt and his tendencies around sorceresses in the Witcher. 
Dec 15, 2022
1 hr 3 min
Split the Veil 89: Dreadwolf Hits Alpha
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan discuss Dragon Age: Dreadwolf hitting a major development milestone - making it to alpha stage. Now that the devs have gotten a start-to-finish draft of the game in place, we discuss what's next for Dreadwolf, and how long its main quest might be. We also talk about the end-of-life for mobile game Heroes of Dragon Age. Also: Dragon Age: Absolution, N7 Day, and (very briefly) what it's like to be a musician on the Titanic. 
Nov 10, 2022
47 min
Split the Veil 88: Dreadwolf Codex Previews
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan discuss some new codex entries related to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf - fancy Nevarran tombs, dragon diets, and... other things. Also: old emojis. 
Oct 23, 2022
43 min
Split the Veil 87: Magic (and Tech) in Dragon Age
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan talk about magic and technology in the Dragon Age series so far, what we'd like to see in the future, and what we think may not work so well for future games. Also: Amazon and EA. 
Aug 31, 2022
1 hr 16 min
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