Spill it, Sister! Reality TV recaps with Ally & Leah
Spill it, Sister! Reality TV recaps with Ally & Leah
Taste of Reality
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My favorite show is the challenge but sadly nobody in my life watches it. I tune in to this show every week and it feels like I have two friends that are just as excited about every episode as I am!
my truths- M
Love love love. Listen to this now. These girls bring it. Love their recaps. Funny AF!!
I wanna be your sister!
Ugh! I just love these girls and this podcast. They don’t hold back, they’re hilarious & I seriously can’t get enough! I love their content so much, I joined the Patreon (something I swore I’d never do for any podcast I love)! Lol. Thank you so much for keeping me entertained during my 9 hour work days 🙃
Rae Ghelfi
These are my people!
These two keep me entertained while saying what I’m thinking plus some interesting insights. I imagine this is what it would be like to gossip with my girlfriends about my favorite trash tv, if I admitted I watched it! 😉 Love the girlfriend’s guide to The Challenge and Love after Lock up. A Segment the end about what has you buzzing would be fun, anything new you want to recommend to watch or read would be appreciated.
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So fun!!
This podcasts makes me laugh out loud! It’s so fun following along with the shows and getting to hear the gossip and insight they provide. Keep up the good work ladies!
So Awesome!
I just started listening today—I love it!! I love the banter between the girls and their recap of my favorite trash TV shows are hilarious.
Love it!
Can’t wait for their episodes to drop every week to see if they are thinking what I’m thinking! They always are and always have tidbits of extra info. Definitely worth listening to these hilarious sisters!
Awesome Game and addicting
Love it!
These two are hilarious and keep my mornings going!
Great podcasts
These sisters are great to listen to. I highly recommend!! It’s nice to listen to ppl who love trash tv as much as I do!!
Hilarious recaps!
Love all the recaps, my favs are 90 day and Love after lock up. The commentary is so funny and light hearted! You guys work so well together. Love it!
Say what we all are thinking!!!
I LOVE listening to you all, I listen to all episodes but of course my favorite is love after lockup edition or life after lock up, these girls are so funny and Say what we are all screaming at our TVs, I can across them on IG and decided to listen and so glad I did they make my car ride to work bearable....
BuzzFeed rocks
All my favorite reality shows!!
Informative deep dives and hilarious commentary!!
Hilarious recaps of 90DF!
Love these ladies!
One of my favorite reality tv podcasts
Fun Fact
Fun fact you mentioned me in your reunion wrap up so that earns you 5 stars.
JabroniJake Medina
Working hard to separate interests
One of my favorite things abt this podcast is that the gals do separate labelled episodes for different programs. For instance, I have no interest in The Challenge, so I don’t have to skip around and interrupt the flow. Some other podcasts combine shows (even if timeframes are listed in notes), which doesn’t appeal to me.
Keep up the good work!
Just found you both! Love it!!
It’s good
I just really enjoy how they drag the LAL and 90 days cast and come the with receipts. Nice that they keep up with socials and do their research. They are fun to listen to.
dummy thicc bish
Binge worthy!
I just found this podcast and have been shamelessly binging all the episodes! Keep them coming girls!
One of my favs.
I love these girls. Makes me wish I had a sister! So glad I stumbled upon them!! HH
Sisters spill the tea
Sisters by marriage, Ally and Leah take their listeners into their virtual kitchen table as the discuss their favorite reality tv shows like love after lock up and 90 day fiancé. Their easy chemistry and thirst for trash tv make this an enjoyable recap podcast.
Spill it sister
Love the recaps of 90 day and Love after Lockup
Great find
I so enjoy the recaps of Love After Lockup and 90DF! These ladies are fun to listen to and I often find myself agreeing with their takes on the hot messes in the cast! Keep up the good work!
Love love love
I’m a 90 day, love after lock up junkie. I found you guys yesterday. I’m so excited to listen to more of your love after lock up recaps. I have been waiting to find out the T on Lacey. The interview was awesome!!!
These chicks speak the truth! #theysavage
Great New podcast
I found a gem today! Love the flow of Ally and Leah. Will definitely be listening for the rest of the season!
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