Spill it, Sister! Reality TV recaps with Ally & Leah
Spill it, Sister! Reality TV recaps with Ally & Leah
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Love After Lockup: Two Body Bags
50 minutes Posted Nov 11, 2020 at 10:00 am.
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Show notes

If the rolls aren't buttered Destinie doesn't want them. 

With only two episodes left until we enter Life After Lockup territory, it seems we are tying up loose ends to all of our "couples". 

After 5 episodes Heather has yet to leave her car while in full-on road rage meltdown. Jessica spills the beans when she turns down champagne at the dress boutique. 

Welcome to the south where you must say everyone's first and middle name when we meet Tara Belle. Instant red flags went up on our radar when Tara Belle and Lindsey passionately hug. 

Stay tuned for reality check where we talk about what show we are covering next and what's going on in the reality tv world. 

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