Spawned Parenting Podcast with Kristen and Liz of CoolMomPicks
Spawned Parenting Podcast with Kristen and Liz of CoolMomPicks
Cool Mom Picks
Hi, we're Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase of and parents to six kids between us, that we know of. We've got a microphone and more than the two minutes the Today Show gives us, and we're not afraid to use them. Join us (and some awesome celebrity guests) for candid parenting culture discussions, non-judgy (mostly) tips, and a good dose of humor, if we've had enough coffee. Which is always. Named a top podcast by The Washington Post, Mental Floss, Business Insider and Fatherly; 2016 Iris Award winner for best parenting podcast.
Can You Really Be a Feminist Dad? With Jordan Shapiro | Ep 232
Spawned listener favorite Jordan Shapiro is back! He totally changed the way we think about kids and tech, and now he's joining us to challenge our ideas about gender roles in parenting, and chat about his new book, Father Figure: How to Be a Feminist Dad. Is such a thing even possible? Well... We learn a whole lot about our own preconceptions here, how we can help change things -- and we get to laugh while doing it. (See why we love him so much?) Plus, some very cool Cool Picks of the Week. //Show notes: Cool Mom Picks podcast page // Chat with us in the Spawned FB Community // Graciously sponsored by the (very cool!) award-winning Panasonic Baby Video Monitor that's safe, secure, and even helps babies sleep. Really. // Thanks for listening and for subscribing! - L + K
Apr 7
45 min
"Embrace the Janet Jackson rule": Supporting women in the workplace | Ep 231
We love this talk with Kate Eberle-Walker, author of The Good Boss, on what's good and bad for women in the workplace right now, how we can better support women, how we can even change the game entirely. (And of course, some fun bad boss stories!) Whether you're a manager or have one yourself, whether you're temporarily out of the workplace, you'll love this helpful discussion, filled with inspiring tips. // Thanks to our sponsors Google Families, providing parents the help to raise healthy digital kids, and EcoFreaks Hand Sanitizers - use code COOLMOM to get a free fun keychain for kids along with the purchase of a family pack. // Shownotes: Cool Mom Picks podcast page. // Don't forget to subscribe, and give us a sweet sweet 5-star rating to help support Spawned. Thanks for listening!
Mar 31
40 min
Showing up for yourself and your friends in pandemic times | Episode 230
This week, we're joined Rachel Miller, journalist and author of The Art of Showing Up: How to Be There For Yourself and Your People to chat about how we can take better care of ourselves and our friendships, especially during a time when we're all feeling extra depleted. And as always, we'll share our cool picks of the week. Hey, follow us on social! We're on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We'd love to hear from you.
Mar 25
30 min
14 talks to have with your child before 14: A conversation with author Michelle Icard | Episode 229
As parents, we have an idea of what sorts of things we need to be talking to our kids about, but author Michelle Icard really lays them out and offers helpful guidance in her new book: Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen. She shares how to (and how not to) have these conversations, and offers insight into when to have them, and more. As always, we close our show with our Cool Picks of the Week. Join our We Time Project with our sponsor The Great Courses Plus. It's like all of us taking a course with all of you, then doing a Spawned Live to chat about it. You can sign up and get a free month trial, then join us on Facebook Live to chat. Details on our site. We're on social, follow us! Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Mar 12
36 min
Kate DiCamillo: Why kids need superheroes right now | Spawned 228
We were so honored to sit down with Kate DiCamillo, the wildly popular author of The Tales of Despereaux, Because of Winn-Dixie, and Flora & Ulysses, to talk about kids, reading, writing, imagination, superheroes, the need for diverse protagonists, and so much more. And we especially love her answer to the question: Should we make kids read the book before seeing the movie? Wow, she is a joy! // Shownotes and Cool Picks of the Week:: Cool Mom Picks podcast page // Brought to you by Outschool, the platform offering thousands of engaging, live online classes for kids of all ages...from manga illustration to Hamilton choreography, coding to filmmaking.Some as affordable as $5 each! // Please subscribe and leave us a nice review! And thanks so much for listening.
Mar 10
33 min
Janice Johnson Dias: Parenting with joy, raising change-makers, and navigating the f*ckery of life.  | Ep  227
Fair warning: This episode may really make you miss your IRL get togethers with your favorite mom friends, because that is exactly what this conversation with Dr. Janice Johnson Dias feels like. We knew that talking to Janice -- you might know her as "mom of Marley Dias" -- would be helpful, but we had no idea it be SO funny, so honest, so inspiring, and just so nourishing! (Also a little NSFW if you have little ones around.) Enjoy her tips about parenting and caregiving, joy, raising activists, nurturing kids' passions, and always always making time for yourself, // Brought to you by the 2021 3M Young Scientist Lab. Be sure your problem-solving kid enters by 4/27/21! // Shownotes and links: Cool Mom Picks podcast page // Thank you so much for listening, for subscribing...and extra socially-distant air hugs to those of you who take the time to write a nice review on iTunes!
Mar 2
41 min
Donzaleigh Abernathy, Martin Luther King Jr's goddaughter, on growing up in the civil rights movement | Spawned 226
This week, in honor of Black History Month, Liz has an incredible chat with Dr. Martin Luther King's goddaughter, activist and actress Donzaleigh Abernathy. Her stories about "Uncle Martin" and her childhood memories of the segregated south are simply riveting -- plus we talk current events, politics, racial justice, and being more engaged as anti-racist parents. She shares her honest views about what's changed in America, what hasn't, and what she finds incredibly encouraging. (Hint: it has to do with parents like us.) We also share a great love for scented candles and Meghan Markel! // Shownotes: Cool Mom Picks podcast page // Thank you so much for listening, sharing, and for your kind reviews. If you haven't yet, please leave us a five-star review, which is an easy way to support Spawned, totally free.
Feb 23
54 min
How organizing our homes is giving us some control we need | Ep 225
There's a reason lots of us are organizing, uh...everything right now -- it helps us feel in control, during a time that so much feels beyond our control. So we're thrilled to be joined by professional organizer and President of the National Association for Black Professional Organizers, Naeemah Ford Goldson. She shares some brilliant advice, insight, and tips that we're already putting to good use in our own homes. // Graciously brought to you by Chicco baby feeding essentials, which have the safety, function, style and performance parents love. They're also the sponsors of our new 2021 Guide to the Best Baby Gifts! // Thanks SO much for listening and subscribing, and if you have a sec, please give us a nice five-star review! We're so grateful for all your support.
Feb 11
32 min
Why we need to reframe how we view self-care, with Dr. Christine Koh | Episode 224
We've talked a lot about self-care over the years, but nothing as deeply honest as we do in this week's episode with our friend, author and podcaster Dr. Christine Koh. She's been sharing her own journey of radical self care on her Instagram feed, so we wanted to tap her to share what she's discovered along the way, and how we can reframe our own view of self-care to get us through tough times. You can find our cool picks of the week, along with links from our show over at Cool Mom Picks. Make sure you're following us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Jan 29
36 min
Vaccine safety and Covid-19 with Dr. Perri Klass | Ep 223
If there's one thing we're all talking about, and maybe even tearing up about (if you're Liz), it's the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccines. So we invited the most perfect guest, vaccine expert, author, NYU professor, pediatrician, NY Times science columnist of "The Checkup," Dr. Perri Klass. She's offering a fantastic perspective about the vaccine that we hope will either help put you at ease, or give you another reason to continue celebrating. She's so informative and reassuring, that we really hope you'll take a listen. Be sure to share this episode with someone you know who needs to hear it too. // Shownotes: // Many thanks to our awesome sponsor Life360, the leading family safety membership service, which offers comprehensive, easy-to-use safety features for life at home, online, and on the road, all through one simple app.
Dec 18, 2020
39 min
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