Sounds True: Insights at the Edge
Sounds True: Insights at the Edge
Tami Simon
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So very listenable
She is a great interviewer, asks all the pertinent questions, plays devils advocate a bit, but in a gentle way.
Tami is an Amazing Interviewer
The questions she asks and the way she conducts the interview is brilliant. Brings such clarification to the interview.
Amazing interviews
You will learn so much about self-development, spiritual practice and teachings, and some great book and audio recommendations from the best teachers of our time. This is one of the very few podcasts I take time with pencil and paper and truly listen deeply. Tamil is a gifted interview and you will enjoy all the questions she asks of her guests.
The most insightful podcast ever!
I love this podcast… I love the guests and Tami's gifted art of asking profound questions. Jami
Jami Hanna
Love this pod!
This is a podcast that will leave a lasting impression on you that will make you want to learn more. Tami brings on extraordinary guests to have discussions that will blow your mind!
Meg- GroundedNourishment
I love this podcast, I learn so much from it and Tami Simon is a fantastic interviewer. Her “Mm-hmm” responses are the best. Each one is a little different from the next and each “Mm-hmm” gives an inkling of what she’s thinking. Haha…she’s awesome. Thank you Tami Simon and Sounds True for helping to raise the world’s vibration.
Sounds True is helping me change my life
I want to start by saying that it is coming up on two years since I happened to stumble upon Sounds True. I honestly can’t even recall now how I came to know about Sounds True, but think it was actually a job listing when searching for jobs in the Boulder, CO area in late 2020. I didn’t get the job, but what I did get was more of a blessing to my life then I could have ever imagined or asked for in the first place. I’ve been listening to the weekly podcasts which I receive via email to my inbox every Sunday morning helping me to build a solid foundation along my healing journey. The Sounds True Founder, Tami Simon, somehow manages to search out, learn about, and interview an ever-growing cohort of inspirational and thought-provoking thought leaders whose individual unique perspectives have left me breathless and in tears of happiness, joy, sorrow, and everywhere in between. I’ve never felt more connected and as a part of a community in my life. So much so that I think I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and commit to a year membership for Sounds True One. The value and benefit I’ve received from the weekly podcasts along with a great deal of additional free content shared after signing up for the Insights At The Edge newsletter are immeasurable and it only makes me want to dive deeper and keep searching and learning. All I can say is Thank you to Tami, Sounds True, and everyone else along the way. Thank you for giving me the courage to be myself and move forward fearlessly. Thank you!
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Andrewww C.
Absolutely hands down THE best conversation going on.
I cannot thank you enough for bringing such great content week after week. Your conversations are relevant poignant thought provoking educational expansive challenging progressive. I have listened to many many over and over again.
Fantastic interviewer
I am so happy I have discovered this podcast! I love her Tami’s voice and she is perceptive and probing! Love it!
Tulsi Deva
Jumping off the leading edge
It’s great to hear of others willing to take the leap so the Oneness can expand. We are here to remember and thank you to everyone reminding us of our love vibration. Thanks, Tami, for opening the door.
Tami Simon
Great podcast. Much better photo of you!!
Melissa Brown’s Nourishing your nervous system
I thought I’d point out that at ”59:50 Melissa Brown diverts her thoughts in response to Tami’s question, to having lived in Africa. She references knowledge of tribalism, mentions having seen five year olds with kids on their backs etc etc.. and I have to say I was extremely shocked by this switch/comparison and patronising of poor Africans who have have no sense of agency. My first question was why a universal heart grounding session would switch to referencing poor Africans? What is Melissa’s experience of seeing poverty in Africa meant to communicate in this context? I’ve listened to Sounds True for years and I have to say I found it difficult to continue listening. A discussion that was grounded on nourishing and nurturing should not have allowed that statement to stay put without some wise course-correction by Tami. This podcast reaches a global audience of every kind and creed. I hope such statements are queried or interrogated in the future and that guests can reflect on/ and check their own biases and blindspots, even if it means self-correcting in the course of a grounding exercise. The spiritual discourse should really begin to interrogate attitudes towards non-western cultures and ways of being.
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An Instant Favorite
This podcast has become a daily go to. Tami asks thoughtful and sometimes hard questions. The humble, esteemed guests always answer so willingly and even gratefully. I feel affirmed and lifted by each episode as I chart my own healing path. Thank you.
Meesh Meyer
Hi Tami, As a working psychotherapist who deals with individuals with trauma, I thought Mary Firestone had some valuable things to say. It was clear, though, that she doesn’t work (on an ongoing basis) individually with people with trauma histories, despite her education as a client. Yes, that impressive PhD Holocaust survivor is doing well, but to say that you “choose” victimhood or survivor is dangerous. Most trauma survivors do well, and much of the reason the small percentage (I’ve seen a range of 7 - 9%, but would check) for people who don’t do well is due to ongoing interpersonal trauma. That is, usually, abusive parent(s). In addition, those of us lucky enough to have had more than one child know that some babies just are more sensitive, from day 1. I’m very glad that Mary has gotten through her past trauma of sexual abuse, which can be extremely painful. AND (not but) if she had gone through that with abusive parenting, in poverty, she would have likely had a very different outcome. I’m also glad that you brought up $ resources, and wish that you had done so earlier in the podcast. Yes to meditation, EMDR (tapping in), etc., (I would add yoga for trauma, IFS, TIST, and somatic work you can do on your own like the old progressive muscle relaxation) but she basically said that after years of therapy, it was her work with Ketamine and MDMR that provided her breakthrough. Ouch. $. Legality in some places. Clearly this is a woman who has grown up with money and has always had it. Now she takes groups of affluent women to beautiful places, and no doubt does healing work. I’m not saying she doesn’t have a good heart, I’m saying that a focus on words like “choice” and “depersonalization” is dangerous to some people in the abstract. Also, towards the end when you asked about how she deals with anxiety and overwhelm (common emotional trauma symptoms), she said, “I know it will pass” and takes psych drugs. Trauma therapists understand that drugs can be helpful, and sometimes life saving, but generally feel that our AMA culture has an over dependence on meds. We also, when uncomfortable feelings come up, generally ask our clients to sit with those feelings, if they can. If they can’t, we generally recommend that clients accept those feelings and use their bodies to comfort those parts (not just to shake them off). It’s one thing to have a masters in Psychology, but a completely different experience to work for years with people doing their utmost to let go of trauma pain. For many clients, it doesn’t feel like any kind of “choice”. And for that reason, many of us don’t take clients to the Caribbean or start our own lines of perfume; many of us use expensive post graduate training to give clients who can’t afford years of therapy, or whose insurance companies only give them 12 sessions, much reduced sessions. That’s spiritual. Best Wishes, Susan Hanway, LICSW
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Love to cook? someimes.
Like a bell ringing
There have been many times over the past few years when Tami Simon and insights from the edge have felt like a life line, a light in the middle of a tunnel—all the saving metaphors—but today in particular, I needed to hear the clear, calm, intelligent voice of Cheryl Richardson. What a relief to have her confirm that 50 or 60 something is just that, not some treadmill of forever youth I have to climb onto every day. The truth of her understanding rang through me like a bell ❤️thank you.
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conference caller
Thank you for Oren Jay Sofer
Thank you, Tami, for interviewing the outstanding Oren Jay Sofer. Just hearing his voice had a beneficial, calming-but-uplifting effect on me. Which leads me, also, to express appreciation for the excellent audio quality of this interview. I'm not sure if you've returned to doing studio recordings, or if he just did a very good job of home recording. If the latter, it reminds us of the high quality of remote recording that is obtainable when care is devoted to the technical aspects (good microphone well placed, solid ethernet connection, and lack of noise suppression processing). Hearing his voice with good fidelity and a lack of distortion is not only a breath of fresh air after countless, god-awful pandemic-era home recordings, it helps us better to appreciate his wisdom. Thank you both.
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Insights at the Edge is a regular podcast for me. Tami is very prepared for her interviews. Her guests have a wide range of expertise and she approaches her conversation with an authentic, open and curious manner. She strives to understand the perspective and knowledge of the guest which is helpful to the listener who is new to the topic. There is always an opportunity to learn something new and grow.
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No Bad Parts except Tami Simon
I was looking for a podcast to learn more about Dr. Schwartz’s new book “no bad parts.” dr. Schwartz was amazing, super informative, calm and vulnerable - just amazing in every way. And I loved hearing about the new book. But Tami Simon interviewed him like she just caught him selling cocaine to a 12 year old. Her tone was so adversarial that her questions felt like she just wanted to blow on our eyeballs. There must be a serial killer somewhere that she could be more comfortable interviewing. Yeah she was just horrible. Dr. Schwartz handled everything beautifully of course
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Your “uh-huh” response after a guest responds to your question is almost dismissive.
When you ask a guest a question, and they answer, your uh-huh response sounds like you could care less about what they just said and all you want to do is to move on to your next question. It is very discounting of your guest. You might listen to your podcasts to hear how this comes across. The alternative would be to actually seem interested in what they just said and truly acknowledge it!!!!! Then, move on to your question.
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Best way to expand your being
The guests have the deepest, most fascinating insights to share. Tami is hands down the best interviewer on the planet. I feel so blessed to be able to listen in on these conversations. My wildest dream is to take a year long sabbatical and live among Tami and her guests, immersing myself in their worlds. My next best dream is my reality: to listen to every podcast and try to implement something I learn each time. Sounds True is a gift to humanity.
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Disrespectful show notes
I enjoy some of the interviews, but the show notes always only give the first name of the guest, and I find this disrespectful to the guest. Sometimes the guest is promoting a book, or people might want to look for their website. This is not just a one-time oversight, it seems to be how they’ve chosen to write the notes. On the other hand, the host’s full name is always given.
Life changing content
This podcast is a reliable resource for the exploration of what matters most navigating our life in these changing times. Exceptional. Highly recommended
The Art Of Holding Space
Tami, I've listened to a quite a few Sounds True podcasts over the past two years as I've been going through a very simliar experience as Matt Kahn explains in The Art Of Holding Space. In this episode he echoes everything I've come to believe is most essential to humanity right now on an interpersonal level. And even more in this episode than some others I've listened to, you are so present, so engaged, and so honest & humorous from a very personal place, and that made the episode really resonate on an emotiopnal level. It drew me right in and touched me in a deeper place. I thank you for what you do with Sounds True - you, through this platform - are holding the space for all of us to listen dynamically and ask the deeper questions we need to answer for ourselves to take us another step on our journey of awareness and healing.
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Lisa Wieneke
Excellent purpose and value you bring, Tami
Variety of topics and guests to help us improve our lives and understanding true meaning of what we are here for Thank you!
The science of Spontaneous Healing
I’m am so grateful for your podcasts, Tami! You choose such timely topics with guests who offer so much insights and knowledge that I can’t wait to receive your email for the next interview.You offer such enthusiasm and in-depth questions in your interview that it misled me want to read the books written. Looking forward to next week’s interview. Thank you!
Star Chikd
Enjoyed listening to Living Untethered
Very interesting, truly enjoyed listening to the interview with Michael Singer, author of Living Untethered - much food for thought!
Diana from Northbrook
Great content and aggressive interviewing
I love Sounds True and all the work they’re doing. I do believe that Tami’s interviewing style regularly crosses the boundary from assertive to aggressive. The guests, many of whom I’ve listened to on other podcasts, can seem shaken and lose confidence. For me, it does not add value and feels discordant with the spiritual messaging of the podcast.
MA Travel Dreamer
Always inspiring
I listen to Insights at the Edge on my morning commute to work. It always leaves me completely inspired. Tami Simon has amazing cutting edge thinkers on her show, and she’s a grounded, personable interviewer that interviews w dignity and respect for her guests, and listeners. I’ve been listening for so long I feel like she’s a friend. My favorite to date is her conversation with Dr. Akomolafe. It was a beautiful thought provoking conversation and he provided a much needed profound framework to view these chaotic, tumultuous times we are living in. Thank you Tami for your vision in creating sounds true and this podcast.
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Absolutely LOVE Deb Dana
I’ve LOVED your conversations with Deb Dana. As a therapist in an all-male prison, I appreciate conversations being had surrounding the nervous system. I work with a population of dysregulated nervous systems and I love learning all I can on how to help my clients. Took soooooo many notes. Thank you for creating these conversations.
This Is My First Fan Letter - Ever!
Dear Tami, Thank you for knowing how to ask interesting people the most interesting questions. Thank you for your open mind. I especially appreciate that your open mind includes openness to skepticism. Thank you for accompanying me on many walks especially throughout the pandemic. Walking in the woods and listening to an episode of Sounds True has become my favorite spiritual practice.
A trusted guide on your spiritual journey
Whenever someone asks me where to start on their spiritual journey if they are busy and “don’t have time” I recommend Tami Simon and Sounds True - especially beginning with the podcast. I’ve had the privilege of time (due to health issues) for intensive study and embodied practice, and I understand the lives of those who cannot (or even choose not) to dedicate themselves. So much can be learned in these incredible one hour gifts of wisdom! Thank You for these!
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Add last names to descriptions please
I love this podcast and have been listening to it on and off for many years. But the guest’s full name is not in the description or title which makes it harder for me to find out who the person is and decide if I want to listen or not. It also prevents the podcast from being found if someone searches for the person in the podcast app—I do this a lot when there’s a new book out and I want to hear the author before deciding to buy the book.
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Is There a Holy Grail of Healing
I just listened to this podcast. It was wonderful! As always Tami asks such great questions. And I can’t wait to read Dr. Rankin’s book. Thank you! Roberta
Roberta 🙌🏻
A BIG Fan!
I’m so happy to write this review. I look forward to traveling from Houston to my home in Livingston Texas so I have time to listen uninterrupted to every episode. Tami is excellent at interviewing her guests. I’m truly a BIG fan!!
Has become so whitewashed. So disappointing.
I used to listen to this show frequently. Rarely missed an episode. I was so encouraged by the fact that Tami and sounds true didn’t seem to shy away from the hard stuff: racism, white supremacy, privilege. But then it seems like something shifted. I get the sense that someone somewhere decided “this is too hard. We risk offending our base” and now the episodes are the same old new agey, often spiritually bypassing, not really addressing the hard stuff, sort of shows. With guests who are white and advantaged and honestly I’m tired of this. It is out of touch with what we really need to be exploring, digging deep into, undoing, and re-learning. I’m disappointed because I really thought Tami and Sounds True were going to be leaders in this paradigm shift. I find the same dynamic in their classes and programs as well. I’ve been a fan for years. Time to move on.
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Discovering Sounds True
Thank you so much to you Tami and to your entire company! I always believed in spirit God as a little girl however my parents didn’t raise me in a religion so I was always a seeker. Drawn to the Catholic Church in high school and ended up marrying a Jewish man. I mostly practice Thw spiritual mind and had a strong interest in Tibetan and Buddhist literature. However it was after listening to Eckhart Tolle about 20 times right before Covid,Where I somehow saw the ego and was able to see the Misery that I created from my mind. I became free of suffering. And that’s when I discovered your channel.I listened to a podcast every night going back three years.This was a phenomenal experience for me because most of it I could finally understand but all of it I could use and relate to. I am in awe of the foundation that you have started and hope to be able to make a contribution to that as well. Blessings to you for following your dreams and making such a wonderful company!!
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Wonderful conversation with Maria Shriver!
It was so good, helpful, hopeful. I’ve listened a great deal during the covid pandemic, and now count Tami as a “friend.” She’s so accessible, honest, provocative, and true. Grateful!
Best podcast on living well and deeply
I love Tami’s interview style- honest, sincere, and well-prepared. I’ve learned so much about relationships, personal growth, sobriety, etc. The wisdom and compassion from this podcast complements my personal spiritual practices (yoga, meditation, reading, spending time in nature, and listening to music.)
Lauren P in DC
Beautiful and profound information
Absolutely love sounds true and their mission as well as the guests they interview. So much great knowledge. The only critique I have is that the interviewer frequently responds to the interviewee with “alright but” or “ok but” which feels like all the profound lovely information just shared is negated and they were answering the question wrong which I feel isn’t the case. Just a little distracting for me. Great podcast none the less!
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Fantastic guests fantastic topics speaker would do well to take a Toastmasters class
Tammi does a great job with connecting listeners to some of the best spiritual leaders currently on our planet. Hands-down. However, her ability to present questions and ideas seems impaired with lots of “fluff “”superfluous” awkward sentence structure in her comments and questions. Much of the superfluous approach could seriously be edited . Sentence structure like” and so I want to ask you“… why not just ask your guest the question you want to ask them without all this fill-in . Given that this occurs at least 8 to 16 times per podcast…it’s very distracting.I find myself setting the speed on my app for 1.5 or 1.8 speed just to get through this.
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Professional trainer
Erin Falconer Interview
I consistently enjoy (and look forward to) Tami’s podcast (interviews) each week, with the exception of the interview with Erin. Erin recently wrote a book about female friendships which sounds both intriguing and thought-provoking. However, Erin presents terribly…she meanders, is disorganized while speaking, and repeats herself consistently. Hopefully, she is a more effective writer than speaker, because this interview was next to impossible to listen to. Tami should have guided Erin a bit more tangentially, so that her responses aligned with the questions asked of her. In turn, more depth could have been explored through her book which she was promoting. Tami is one of the most compelling podcast hosts today; I wish she had taken more direction with this interview.
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Fraser Listenet
Personal development
I absolutely love this podcast! I tune in every Sunday morning and I call it my “church.” I don’t attend an organized church, but I have a strong call to growth and becoming a better person for myself, my family, and my community. This Sunday morning routine has become a staple to keep me on track. I’ve listened for years and I’ve been able to work out many issues through listening to the diversity and knowledge of all the wonderful guest speakers interviewed by Tami. Thank you so much for creating this space for us to grow!
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Finding meaning in our grief.
Tami is hands down the best podcast creator/interviewer in the spiritual journey online space. This discussion with David Kessler felt so grounded and real, like I was in the room with them. My family is going through a recent loss and I believe this episode and David’s book can be of great service to them when they are ready to receive it. Thank you, Sounds True, for once again bringing high quality and thoughtful content to those of us on the path.
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Like getting back home after a long trip
Thank you Tami Simon for devoting your life to bringing out the truth for everyone. Wanting to help bring the Real into every person that is willing or searching for it, and introducing these incredible amazing people you interview. Your ability to really Listen, and be completely present in every moment of every interview never fails to amaze me, and your talent to know how to ask and what to ask For your listeners to clarify and ‘bring it down’ to practical everyday tools is outstanding. You are on my (short list) of people I would love to have lunch or a cup of coffee with :) Peace & Love Elizabeth e.
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Deep gratitude…
Great podcast! Very inspiring conversations. I sincerely appreciate how you listen before asking very insightful and often down to Earth questions. Knowledge, wisdom, there is always something touching my brain and/or soul. Best wishes for you and your team in 2022! Catherine
Great Podcast
Kudos Tami Simon and Sounds True! Enlightening, Enriching, Entertaining for the soul!
Liz burger
Thank you
Thank you for all you do to enlighten our hearts, minds, and spirits. I’ve followed your products and services for over a decade and have never regretted a single moment of the time I’ve spent reading, listening or watching. You and your calling are a true gift.
Excellent moment in my week
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a year now and almost every time I listen to an episode, I feel more connected and more tuned in to my higher reason for being on the planet. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one is so well produced.
Jamie in Holland
The voice of a listener
Tami Simon is a master interviewer she knows how to pause and listen to her guests instead of talking over them. Even though Tami is promoting there work in partnership she engrosses her self in the material and asks challenging questions. The interviews are long enough to go deep and give a good overview. I so appreciate how well they are done. I have been listening to them for years. Cheers to your team that help you put these together what excellent work they do. My only suggestion would be to take it on the road sometimes and get some different location ambiance. Also I would love to hear Tami interview or get interviewed by Terri Gross another true master.
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Deep gratitude always and in all ways..
Thank you thank you…. A long overdue thank you to Sounds True and Tami Simon, for all the deeply nourishing work that has been an enormous part of my own healing and learning. I am continuously amazed at the depth and quality of content in conversation, the vulnerability of the conversations and the value of the teachings. I have found so many teachers and guides through Tami, and feel so grateful to her own commitment and integrity to the work of truth- relationship to deepening the conversation with the truth of all things, on all dimensions. In deep gratitude, Tracey
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