Sound of Truth Podcast
Sound of Truth Podcast
Brett Maragni
With infectious joy, Brett, his friends, and his guests, discuss the Bible and life from a Christian perspective. In the ”Bible Chat” episodes, expect informative and applicational talk centered on a particular Bible verse or section of Scripture. In the ”Weekly Interview” episodes, you can expect compelling conversations with Christ followers who have experienced, and are currently experiencing, the amazing grace of God in their lives. Always expect to be pointed to Jesus as the source of real life, hope, and joy!
Ep 252 | William Marshall - Doctor Tells Sixth Grader How He Will Eventually Die
When William Marshall was in the sixth grade, his doctor said to him, ”Most people, when they are your age, don’t know what they are going to eventually die from.” Hear how this impacted young William and how God has worked in his life since then.
Nov 23
19 min
Ep 251 | A Word From the Word - Judges 16.23-31
The third part of a three part mini-series on the high cost of sin. In the first two parts, Brett showed how we learn from the life of Samson that sin will take you further than you wanted to go and keep you longer than you wanted to stay. In this final lesson we see that sin costs you more than you wanted to pay.
Nov 21
4 min
Ep 250 | A Word From the Word - Judges 16.21-22
In a second lesson from the life of Samson under the topic of ”Samson in the School of Sin,” Brett points out how sin will keep you longer than you wanted to stay.
Nov 17
6 min
Ep 249 | A Word From the Word - Judges 16.4-20
There are many lessons to be learned from Samson as he faces significant consequences for his sin. This is the first of several lessons taken from a message, ”Samson in the School of Sin,” that Brett delivered to the people of Harvest Jacksonville. The first lesson is... sin will take you further than you wanted to go.
Nov 10
4 min
Ep 248 | Jimmy Daniel - A Dad’s Humility and Apology Led to A Son’s Salvation Moment
Jimmy Daniel returns to Sound of Truth podcast to share his personal testimony. When Jimmy was ten years old, his father’s humility in a moment of pain in Jimmy’s life resulted in his conversion to Christ. Hear the powerful story and more from Jimmy’s life in this episode.
Nov 8
16 min
Ep 247 | A Word From the Word - Judges 7
God is not only capable of doing a lot with a little, He actually PREFERS doing a lot with a little as this story from the life of Gideon so well illustrates.
Nov 3
6 min
Ep 246 | Jimmy Daniel - Mentorship, John 15, The Humanity of Christ, Mental Health, and More
Brett reconnects with one of his early influencers to talk about the Christian life and ministry. They touch on several topics and Bible passages in their discussion. There’s something for everyone in this interview.
Nov 1
23 min
Ep 245 | A Word From the Word: Deuteronomy 30.11-20
God’s people, on the edge of the Promised Land, are offered two choices: life or death. The same choice is offered to us daily in the multitude of choices we face. Choose life!
Oct 26
6 min
Ep 244 | Barbara Hamilton - ”I Was the First One Saved in My Family”
One of ten children raised on the island of South Caicos (in the Carribbean), Miss Barbara Hamilton shares about how she came to faith in Jesus and the impact that had in her home.
Oct 20
18 min
Ep 243 | A Word From the Word - Deuteronomy 26.1-11
In Deuteronomy 26, we see the principle of firsts... particularly the concept of firstfruits. Discover one of the ways in which you can show God has first place in your life.
Oct 18
7 min
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