Sound of Truth Podcast
Sound of Truth Podcast
Brett Maragni
With infectious joy, Brett, his friends, and his guests, discuss the Bible and life from a Christian perspective. In the ”Bible Chat” episodes, expect informative and applicational talk centered on a particular Bible verse or section of Scripture. In the ”Weekly Interview” episodes, you can expect compelling conversations with Christ followers who have experienced, and are currently experiencing, the amazing grace of God in their lives. Always expect to be pointed to Jesus as the source of real life, hope, and joy!
Ep 202 | Jamie VandenHeuvel - Financial Wisdom During Inflation
Inflation has hit so many of us hard in recent days, with much higher prices ... houses, vehicles, gas, groceries. How can families make wise choices during times of inflation? Should they change their financial plan or strategy? Financial advisor Jamie VandenHuevel joins Brett to provide wisdom for handling money in a time of inflation.
Mar 29
21 min
Ep 201 | Bible Chat - ISAIAH 38
Chip Davis is back to talk with Brett about an intriguing story from the book of Isaiah... God tells King Hezekiah that he’s about to die. King Hezekiah begs God to have mercy on him and God does, extending his life for fifteen years. Does God change His mind because of our prayers?
Mar 23
7 min
Ep 200 | Rich Shipe - ”I Started Reading the Bible on Monday Morning...and I Completed it in 5 Days”
Inspired by the very first episode of Sound of Truth Podcast, Rich Shipe decided he wanted to read the Bible in five days. Hear all about it, as well as insights he received along the way on this, the 200th episode, of Sound of Truth.
Mar 13
28 min
Ep 199 | Bible Chat - ISAIAH 9.6
Frequently associated with Christmas this Bible verse is great all year round. Brett and Chip Davis discuss this wonderful prophecy from Isaiah.
Mar 10
8 min
Ep 198 | Revival! - Tim Wheat Visits the Asbury Revival
Tim Wheat returns to Sound of Truth Podcast to talk about his visit to the Asbury Revival in February. Hear his eyewitness account as well as some takeaways from what he experienced.
Mar 6
27 min
Ep 197 | Tim Wheat - The Sins of Saturday Night
Tim Wheat joins Brett to share his story... a story of God’s grace, a story of God’s calling, and a story of a variety of ministry opportunities. And then there is also this matter of what went on in a small town in Arkansas on Saturday nights when Tim was a teenager. Listen to this episode to find out!
Mar 3
23 min
Ep 196 | Bible Chat - 2 THESSALONIANS 1.3-10
Brett is joined by three of his closest pastor friends: Steven Adams of Georgia, Chris Keathly of Tennessee, and Shawn Wasson of Missouri. In this Bible Chat they discuss the doctrine of eternal punishment, as reference in the first chapter of 2nd Thessalonians.
Mar 2
10 min
Ep 195 | Revival! - Chris Keathly Visits the Asbury Revival
Brett talks with Chris Keathly about his visit to Asbury University in Kentucky, to see firsthand what God is doing in the phenomena some are calling the Asbury Outpouring.
Feb 24
21 min
Ep 194 | Bible Chat - 1 THESSALONIANS 4.3-4
Brett is joined by Randy Chunn for a brief chat about 1 Thessalonians 4.3-4, a passage of God’s Word that seems especially challenging in our sex-crazed society.
Feb 23
9 min
Ep 193 | Revival! - Jim Elliff on the Current Asbury Revival in Kentucky
REVIVAL! - On February 8th, 2023, a special thing happened on the campus of Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. When students showed up for chapel that morning, little did they know that the chapel service would not conclude that day, or the next day, or the next. In fact, students and others have been gathering non-stop, day and night, for prayer, worship, testimonies, and preaching...even to the day of the recording and publication of this podcast episode. Today’s episode features Jim Elliff, who returns to Sound of Truth to talk with Brett about the phenomena of revival, with special attention given to the events occurring in Kentucky.
Feb 15
26 min
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