Soul Ignition w/ Zhanna
Soul Ignition w/ Zhanna
Zhanna Romm
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Welcome to the Soul Ignition Podcast (Previously Real Talk) w/ Zhanna. It is my mission to help as many heart centered entrepreneurs as possible, get their gifts out and into the world, and into the hands of those whom need them. My intention for the listener: To help empower you to see yourself at cause of where they are currently, to inspire you to take your power back, and motivate you to create a life and business that you love. If you like what you hear, subscribe and tune in weekly for Soul Igniting conversations! Support this podcast:
Embody Absolute Self Love and Create an Inspired Life w/ Anna Locke
On this week's episode, I had the privilege to interview Life Coach and Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Anna Locke.  She took us on her journey of self discovery that led her to staring her coaching business, the struggles of becoming a mom, and the growth she has experienced as a result.  Connect with Anna: Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
Jul 27, 2020
42 min
A Deep Dive into A Marriage of Science and Spirituality In Self Mastery
This week's episode is deeply nourished as I interview Bryn Petterson and speak into her passion for science and how she has integrated her love of science on her spiritual journey. Connect with Bryn: Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
Jul 19, 2020
20 min
Secrets to Successfully Grow Your Business w/ Juliana Garcia
In this week's episode I had the pleasure to interview a dear friend Julian Garcia, a Soulful Marketer for Coaches. She is the founder of Soulful Marketing where she helps experienced coaches and consultants unlock their unique message, and create magnetic content that attracts clients who pay in full. What we covered: Keep the Faith & Trust During the Pause The Compound effect in Business Using your Voice for Something Meaningful You and Your business are two separate entities Untangle your Identity from your business Price based on the value of the service you provide Connect with Juliana: Instagram: Expose Your Truth Challenge: --- Support this podcast:
Jul 5, 2020
34 min
Create a business where you get paid to live w/ Lizzy aka "cheeckycononuts"
This week's session is packed full of inspiring stories and practical tips to support you in creating freedom and financial freedom in your lives.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Lizzy aka “cheeckycoconuts”, an Advocate for Authentic Living, with a passion for helping the collective to come back to balance in all areas with a focus on Health and Wellness. What we covered: create a business where you get paid to live and be your most authentic self Coming home to self through balanced living if it causes confusion, Question it Taking the leap to follow your dreams own who you are fully! & so much more. Connect with Lizzy: Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
Jun 29, 2020
41 min
Fat Loss, Inner peace, and balanced living w/ Katie Miller
This week's episode covered Fat Loss, Inner peace, and balanced living with Katie Miller.  Katie is a Holistic Female Fat Loss Coach. She teaches women how to loose fat without sacrificing their social life or mental state.  She share on why Sacrifice is not Required & How to attain balance between mindful & intuitive Eating. Connect with Katie:  Instagram: Facebook: --- Support this podcast:
Jun 22, 2020
32 min
Transform your Money Mindset & Create Epic Wealth and Success w/ Helena Grace Donald
This week's episode was filled with so many juicy bits.  It was an honor to interview Helena Grace Donald, Money Mindset Expert & Business Success Coach, and talk all things money mindset. Helena helps female business owners radically transform their money mindset and helping them to embody their Divine Birthright of Prosperity and Abundance. What we covered: The Law of Non Attachment Learning to Love the Girl in the Mirror A love affair with money Money is an Energy Source The way you show up for money, is the way it will show up for you Connect with Helena:  Instagram: Drop in to her DM's with any questions. She is there to support!  Her website is: Free Money Magnet Meditation: --- Support this podcast:
Jun 15, 2020
53 min
Becoming the Author-ity of your Life w/ Tarra Lee
This week's episode with Tarra Lee Ayurvedic Soul Astrologer & Consultant, we took a deep dive in to the impact that the cosmos has in our lives.  This conversation is intended to empower you as you navigate and co-create your life from a conscious perspective. What we covered: Guidance through Karmetic Codes of your Soul Identify your gifts and amplifying through awareness and choice Daily practices to support you as you navigate All true healing needs to occur first at a karmic level Connect with Tarra Lee:  Instagram: Facebook: --- Support this podcast:
Jun 8, 2020
29 min
Trusting in the Blessing on the Other side of the Breakdown w/ Aaron Rose
This week I had the pleasure of interview a dear soul brother of mine Aaron Rose.  Aaron Rose serves our collective evolution as an inspirational speaker, transformational coach, and visionary writer. He has mentored top public figures in embracing their role as new paradigm leaders, facilitated cultural change across multiple industries as an inclusive culture consultant, and speaks and writes on co-creating a world where we all thrive as ourselves. According to Aaron, a better world is not a future possibility; it's already here, if we choose it.  Follow Aaron online at @aaronxrose and learn more about his work and resources at Download and enjoy Aaron's free Future World Meditation: --- Support this podcast:
Jun 1, 2020
33 min
Waking Up to The Great Awakening w/ Kerri Hummingbird
This week's episode with Kerri Hummingbird will take you on a journey!  Kerri is Kerri is a Soul Guide, Channel of Spirit, and International Best Selling Author helping you move through the Cancun to the rebirth on the other side of your Re-birth as the Highest Expression of Self. Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide, inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom with her Reinvent Yourself programs for individual and group mentoring. She is the international best-selling author of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama" and the award-winning best-selling book "Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love" which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening. She has served as a social activist, leader, and philanthropist for over three decades. She is the Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement and Host of Soul Nectar Show. What we covered: The power of story Listening to the messages You have a life, live it. Stop exploring your past lives Seeking the original wound in healing Connect with Kerri: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Giveaway: Love Mastery Game, an oracle that helps you to understand the 'why' behind your current challenge in terms of the Love Mastery principle and State of Being you are learning through it. It also connects you to the Earth allies and their medicine that can help you process the challenge. --- Support this podcast:
May 25, 2020
42 min
How to break the cycle of People Pleasing w/Shawna Kathleen
I had the joy of interviewing a dear soul sister Shawna Kathleen this week and boy was it a juicy conversation.  Shawna is an Embodied Manifestation Mentor. She teaches vision building women how to create their life with self expression, personal power, and mind body connection. We covered: How to break the cycle of People Pleasing The Universe is Mental The feedback we give our Source, its all perfect as it assist in our evolution Everything has a purpose Being a master in your work Progress over perfection Connect with Shawna: Instagram: Facebook: --- Support this podcast:
May 18, 2020
49 min
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