Sorry We're Stoned with Tish & Brandi Cyrus
Sorry We're Stoned with Tish & Brandi Cyrus
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Sorry We’re SO Excited for Episode One
35 minutes Posted May 28, 2020 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

It’s the first official episode of Sorry We’re Stoned and Tish already has the munchies. On today’s episode, Brandi and Mama Tish can’t wait to get started after months of teasing the podcast and hearing from you guys about what topics you want covered! This mother-daughter duo will be exploring everything from pop culture and design tips to life updates and Cyrus family stories. Plus, they’ll be answering your questions and dishing out their hot takes on parenting, relationships, and even cannabis. We can’t wait to read your DMs (if Tish can figure it out, that is) and hear your voicemails for Dear MT! Leave us a voice message at 818.839.0534 and listen next week to hear if wise Mama Tish answered your burning question.  

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