Songs In Seven with Matt Burt
Songs In Seven with Matt Burt
Matt Burt
Songs In Seven with Matt Burt
Matt Burt
SONGS IN SEVEN WITH MATT BURT is a weekly music podcast that showcases a brand new original song every seven days. The twist? Each song was written, recorded and performed that week by your host. Join one-man-band Matt Burt as he takes you through the ups and downs of his creative process in each episode, navigating ludicrously tight deadlines to deliver a fresh track every Sunday night. Diving headfirst into the worlds of songwriting, recording and production with wit and humour, SONGS IN SEVEN is ideal listening for music fans seeking exciting new sounds, as well as aspiring musicians, songwriters and producers looking to hone their crafts. It doesn’t hurt if you like to laugh, too. New podcast episodes go up EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT. You can also check out the songs on their own at! Follow along as Matt embarks on an epic quest to create great music while improving his songwriting, performance and production chops with each passing week. It's music in real time! Listen to the podcast that reviewers are unanimously hailing as "engaging... charming... funny... brilliant... entertaining... an inspiration for creators of all stripes." Don't forget to subscribe to the mailing list at the SONGS IN SEVEN website so you don't miss a thing! Follow Matt on Twitter @ songsinseven. #si7
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February 28, 2016
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