Something Positive for Positive People
Something Positive for Positive People
Courtney Brame
Episode 109: Big Confidence with Carolyn Toney
1 seconds Posted Nov 28, 2019 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes
Who gets herpes and then writes about their sex life? I'll tell you who! Carolyn Toney! After her friends' support caught her off guard compared to the negative feedback she expected thanks to stigma, she was pretty comfortable out the gate about her status. Her blog, Tales of Toney (link below) is where she writes about her amazing sex life despite having HSV. She poses the question in dating, "If I didn't have herpes, would I still want to be with them?". Carolyn has a big confidence about her that we need in this community. It's amazing to have an outspoken black woman who is polyamorous, unapologetically herself and advocating for sexual health conversations in the communities we represent. Carolyn has appeared on the Whoreable Decisions Podcast episode 128 and the Shit I'm 30 Podcast episode 88 spreading that good word about sex positivity!
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