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Solvable showcases the world’s most innovative thinkers and their proposed solutions to the world’s most daunting problems. The interviews, conducted by journalists like Malcolm Gladwell and Jacob Weisberg, will launch a dialogue that both acknowledges the complexity of the issues while inspiring hope that the problems are, in fact, solvable.
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Analytically weak
Email hacking as a comparator? Come on. It would have been better with some selectivity rather than “everything can be wrong and we’ll never know” approach, not too different from Trump’s arguments regarding mail-in ballots
Interesting and Informative
I enjoy hearing the different solutions people have posited for a variety of problems. It’s hope-giving to know that there are people out there thinking innovatively and creatively to find solutions to a myriad of problems.
Melissa Lake
Just what the doctor ordered
I greatly appreciate this podcast. Solvable leans into the hope of a better world with vision for what better actually looks like—not just wishful thinking. This is exactly what we need right now. Also, someone commented a few months back that the host’s lisp is too pronounced and distracting. That is a load of BS and very closed minded. Good journalism is good journalism is good journalism. Keep up the good work, y’all!
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Sad pandering
Sad pandering to a courage-less, commonly held, media drum beat. Expect little and you won’t be disappointed.
Not great
A low depth look at issues and solutions you have probably heard of like confederate statue removal, “X” prizes, and micro loans. Pretty good if you haven’t heard of these solutions before. Not as informative as I had hoped.
Not as interesting as I had thought
Nothing I haven’t already heard about income inequality and other issues.
Makes me happy
I really enjoy the tone and information from this podcast. With all that is going on in the world, listening to stories about people out there solving life’s problems is uplifting to say the least. However, Jacob should not be a podcast host - I’m sorry but his lisp is so pronounced that it’s all I hear and I just can’t get through those episodes...may be just a personal preference. Still really enjoy the message.
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I have limited time to listen to good podcasts. When I see something new and interesting I put it through a harsh test: I look for a challenging episode to see how well they handle the topic. In this case I chose the episode on climate change. I thought, "Wow, they're going to "solve" climate change in a single thirty-minute episode?" Well, they didn't. In fact they didn't even try. All they talked about was offering a monetary prize to find solutions. How about that? Who would have guessed that solving climate change was as easy as offering a monetary prize for the best solution? The host of this podcast is Maeve Higgins, a comedian, and maybe that's a hint that this podcast isn't very serious. This podcast failed my audition so I won't be adding it to my list.
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Usually good
In the main the topics are interesting and the ideas wonderful and deserving of our attention and support. The latest episode is an exception with Dr. Uruashi Sahni on educational inequality. She advocates a social indoctrination platform based on her views embedded in a classic education. It’s a disturbing viewpoint that the host doesn’t do enough to challenge. I hope they avoid this type of guest in the future.
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Hope in a podcast
I hear things on this podcast and I wonder if we could achieve some of these things in rural Colorado....teaching kids to write code, using data to solve our problems. Maybe then the kids wouldn’t feel that they had to move away to make a life. Thank you Pushkin!
Another great Pushkin podcast
I’ve been hooked on Malcolm Gladwell for years and now I’m really enjoying this podcast at his suggestion as well. It gives me hope that people are still doing good in the world
The 1%
99% Awesome, 1% Maeve Higgins
So glad this exists
We need more of this. People are doing good things, problems are solvable.
Not that groundbreaking
I was excited by the premise of this podcast and a couple of the topics have been good, but most of them don’t actually seem to be all that innovative or actually solvable. “We’re working on this” is nice, but there isn’t a clear action plan to achieve it for most of the issues, without major government or social change, which is what is discouraging about these problems in the first place.
Strawberry E
Nice to know there are solutions
I’m happy that this podcast exists because I’ve had enough doom and gloom, let’s solve some problems here
I’ve been a faithful listener of all episodes and I’m beginning to worry the quality is beginning to slip. From the beginning, Solvable was touted as a “how to,” a practical discussion of equally practical ways of tackling what seemed intractable social problems. The first episode met and exceeded expectations, as the discussion both provided a great overview of the big picture and “descended into the partículars,” to use Malcolm Gladwell’s phrase. Subsequent episodes, however, have been increasingly less organized and leave you with a sense of what the guest has accomplished, not necessarily how is the problem in the subject “solvable” in a practical sense. I sense the information is in the interview since hints of it are given at the end of the podcast. Recommend re-listening to each episode, outlining the structure and content of the presentation, and comparing them. I’m convinced you will notice a marked difference that progressively erodes the value you are trying to offer with the podcast.
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Expertise meets optimism!
Yes we can!
Soft interviews
Gushing interviews with no hard hitting questions, or alternative perspectives, expected better from gladwell
Anti-right = Pro-awesome
Great show! My favorite adjective is Gladwellian. Waiting on the OED. Pushkin Industries’ content is hella Gladwellian. Jacob and Malcolm: “you know the mentality; keep flippin’ the gift.”
Not good
I‘m a Vox Weeds Fan because I like intelligent arguments. Too bad there aren’t any on this show. Polarizing anti-right podcast.....