Sodajerker On Songwriting
Sodajerker On Songwriting
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I am so glad I found this podcast.
5 Stars! 👍🏽👍🏽
Excellent podcast!! Great insight on the songwriting process and an incredible list of interviewed songwriters!
Love this podcast!!
michael mizwinski
Episode 98
Episode #98 with Robbie Robertson is probably one of my favorites that has been done with him! He is so enthusiastic about sharing his writing experience and process.
Great great podcast find!
I was searching for a great podcast that offered awesome conversation about songwriting. Score!
How fun and informative can you get
I absolutely love these guys. I’ve been in the biz for 35 years and they share the joy I feel everyday about music What a gift this podcast is. Thanks guys
jack gauthier
Wonderful podcast
These guys are great at getting popular artists to dig into their creative process. Sometimes it’s ghost writers, sometimes it’s legacy acts, sometimes it’s superstars. All sorts of genres, just great and interesting songwriters talking about how they do what they do. Amazing.
jerry arboretum
fantastic interview
tho i wish you had touched on the Babble stuff as well. and the back half of T’Twins catalog like Big Trash and Queer. great songwriting on those albums.
Well done
Great interviews with great artists e.g. Tom Bailey
Orin NJ
Brilliant In Every Way
I, and you, will never encounter a more brilliant podcast about the music we love, than that offered by the two most witty, erudite interlocutors in the history of the modern world. Simply brilliant at every turn. I hope these guys never stop!
Pleasing the Publishers
I am so grateful to you both. As an aspiring songwriter, I have soaked in every bit of information from these podcasts and have seen major improvements in my songwriting. I am wondering it if would be out of the show’s character to interview a music publisher(s) to learn what they are looking for these days when selecting music, if that is even a thing. How do unknown “pure songwriters” get their songs to the right ears in a world of No Unsolicited Material Please!! Are artist managers the ones that have the upper hand now in selecting music? Are single-song contracts still signed? How much needs to be invested in a demo, etc. Just throwing it out there! Thanks again - Jorge from Orlando, Florida
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Well done!
Ad free, nicely produced & well researched. A show for music lovers by music lovers!
The Dan Wilson interview was great
The Dan Wilson interview was great.
Hidden Gem
Great insightful interviews. The guys do their homework and ask all the right questions. This is one of my favorite podcasts these days......and the guests....amazing.
Flaming Cow
Fantastic interviewers
One of the only interview podcasts where the hosts don't try to make it about themselves. The research is meticulous and the questions asked are not the same boring things you hear interview after interview. They bring the same enthusiasm whether they are talking to someone is not quite legendary as they do to the five star guests. Great job fellows!
Songs and Stories
If you can get over thick Brit accents you will hear very nice chats with very interesting creators. Well chosen guests from the very famous (Paul McCartney) and less so but all talented and interesting people. Like this? You should also check out Ross Golan’s “...and the writer is”.
Podcast Gold
I’m not one to leave reviews but I feel compelled to give a shout out. I’m so impressed with this pod. The interviews are thoughtful & interesting. The guests are top notch. I’ve loved discovering how seasoned songwriters approach their craft. Please don’t stop making these episodes!
Lots of great guests!
These guys have a lot of brilliant interviews with hard to find guests. They really know and appreciate the craft, and their knowledge adds a lot to what the listener gets out of it. Highly recommended.
Such a great listen - these guys know their stuff and truly appreciate the music and musicians they interview! Highly recommended!
Almost in tears
Paddy McAloon hit me hard. Prefab Sprout is one of my top 10 bands, ever. I adore the music and this interview was kind, fun, real and forward. I loved it and cherish that they welcomed him back.
Brian and Simon, Thank You!
These guys are great! Thanks Brian and Simon for doing such insightful, entertaining and important work! This is a great podcast for inspiration, comfort and craft in the art of songwriting.
Want to get into the weeds of brilliant songwriter's minds? Click an episode and listen. Brian and Simon ask real, relevant, questions about the craft and the answers are candid and deep. Don't second guess your metodes until you've absorbed ten or so episodes, then go do writing the way you were meant to do writing. New goal for me - be interviewed on this podcast becasue that would be up there with winning a Grammy. :) Keep at it Gents!!
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Matt Boydston
Insightful and genuine
Ego-less interviewing allowing the interviewee to talk freely about their craft with no interruptions. They question with genuine intrigue from a place of passion and then fully listen which allows for the songwriter to speak fluidly and candidly about their process from an intellectual and emotional standpoint.
Mike Posner episode😱
Wow, this is the first episode I’ve ever heard from your show & I learned so much. I resonate with a lot of this. Thank you for sharing a wide eyed perspective of songwriting.
Informed questions from great listeners
Brian and Simon are well informed, polite, and efficient with their focused questions. It’s clear the artists enjoy these interviews by the way each share their creative processes so freely. It’s so cool finding out what has gone into making some of the greatest songs in the world. Thanks, Brian and Simon!
putt blunder
Steve Perry
This one episode alone earned 5 stars. Intelligent discussion, empathy, personal reminiscing, song playlist, mindful questions sans interruptions of guest all came together for a brilliant interview. And there was fun to be had!
Love this podcast
These guys ask great questions about songwriting, getting into the details of craft and process. I’m seriously grateful for this podcast because we get the privilege of learning from the masters. A quality podcast.
Simon and Brian are the best
Sodajerker is the most entertaining podcast about music I’ve found. Brianand Simon always do their homework so they ask smart, insightful questions that lead their subjects to offer valuable responses. Their humor and intelligence always draws out their subjects. Thanks for your great work, guys!
Wonderful discussions on process —a must for writers
I’m a recorded songwriter and I get SOOOO much out of each interview — far more than any other podcast. Deep and rich and helpful. Very knowledgeable hosts!!
Gem of a podcast
I discovered this last year and binged on old episodes for weeks. Allen Toussaint, Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, Lamont Dozier... the list of past guests was impressive enough that I was a little embarrassed I hadn't heard of Sodajerker. Now it's the podcast whose new installments I look forward to the most. The hosts are affable and smart, and they're experts at putting guests at ease and getting them to open up about their process. Very highly recommended
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S. Jacobson
Essential listening
This is the best musician-interview show I've ever heard. The hosts are exhaustive in their research, as well as warm and generous, and they've talked with many of my favorite songwriters.
This podcast is a must-subscribe. The guests are dynamic and varied, the questions are fresh and on-topic. Simon and Brian do their homework and, unlike so many other interviewers and personalities on podcasts, ask the lucid question and get the hell out of the way. The content is the star of the show, not the hosts. I appreciate Sodajerkers for taking on this "side" project that will live far beyond its born-on date - the Richard M. Sherman interview should be preserved in the Library of Congress NOW! Thank you, gentlemen.
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For musicians by musicians!
When I first started listening, I thought the intros were too long. Then, I came to appreciate the thoughtfulness and amount of research that must go into each episode. Amazing guests and great questions peel back the layers of each artists' songwriting craft. Featuring actual song clips during the interviews is brilliant. Highly recommend this podcast.
Songwriters looking for inspiration, look no further.
Without a doubt, the best podcast on songwriting on the inter-web! Interviews that are insightful, intelligent and inquisitive. Lastly, I have discovered more great songwriter’s here that than any streaming music service! Keep up the great work guys; I look forward to many more interviews!!
Focused Interviews
These guys conduct fantastic interviews with top songwriters and stay focused on the craft of songwriting without getting bogged down in the silly questions that often plague celebrity interviews. It's a "must-subscribe" for songwriters of all genres.
SamI Was
A must for songwriters
A brilliant collection of interiews with world class songwriters - I've learnt so much not only about songwriting but about the whole creative process and how everyone from the top down goes through the same struggles. Great podcast.
Best songwriter interviews!
These guys do a consistently stellar job of eliciting songwriting insights and experiences from an impossibly broad selection of artists. Their enthusiasm and painstaking preparation make for the best conversations on songwriting you could hope to be part of. I've listened to every one of them and learned immensely from each one.
Great podcast
Even if they're interviewing a songwriter that I'm not familiar with, or one whose style I don't typically listen to/enjoy . . . I've enjoyed & learned something from each episode.
My favorite podcast
The Sodajerker guys connect with smart, literate songwriters and ask them thought-provoking questions. The result is a consistently great podcast. Recommended if you love songwriting, music, or insights into the creative process.
Marc Oxborrow
Excellent songwriter interviews!
These two Liverpudlians have mined the world for many of the great songwriters of my generation, as well as younger and older. So much spirit and in-depth research go into each of their interviews. I always look forward to their next episode and enjoy looking back through their archives. Highly recommended!
THE best podcast on Sonwriters and Songwriting
Hands down the best podcast on Songwriting. Each episode is a candid discussion about craft and a behind the scenes view of the successes and, sometimes, failures in the songwriting journey of any given guest. Highly recommended!
music fan
A consistently great listen. They listen and ask all the right questions.
One of the best music podcasts out there
Certain the best music-interview podcast there is, in my opinion. Brian and Simon get amazing guests, and ask all the right questions.
Great job guys
Pure songwriter heaven
Lovingly curated, pain-stakingly researched, wittily and engagingly presented discussion of music and songwriting. Every episode is a gem and the selection of interviewees is top-shelf.
Entertainment Insight
Brian and Simon are gracious hosts, and entertaining to listen too in their own right. The guests they have on the show are big names from all eras of songwriting. The insightful questions from the shows host's help to chip away and reveal the gems held by guests.
If you love the art of songwriting and want to go in twelve layers deep you will love this podcast. Unreal!!
Always Enjoy
Love this podcast. The host expertly draw out even the most reserved guest. As a songwriter I love to hear how others are inspired.
Loving sodajerker! Inspiring to hear influential songwriters sharing their methods. Nice that there is not too much extra banter too.., sticks to the meaningful content. Thank you! Keep them coming!
Top notch guests
Leave it to songwriters to elicit the best insights into the craft from other songwriters. Always a fascinating glimpse into the wildly varying creative processes of my heroes.
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