So Very Wrong About Games
So Very Wrong About Games
Mike Walker & Mark Bigney
A podcast about all manner of hobby games by Mike Walker and Mark Bigney. Bad games don't go easy on you, so we don't go easy on them. Thorough analysis via reviews, news, and discussion of topics in gaming. We take context seriously, we value your time, and we're not into hype. Just because games are fun doesn't mean we can't take them seriously, and just because we take them seriously doesn't mean we can't have fun.
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Top 5 board game podcast
Mark and Walker are insightful, honest and very well versed in the history of board games. This podcast does not cater to the “feel good” audience of board gamers who can’t handle harsh critique or a strong opinion. Snowflakes criticizing this podcast because conversation occasionally brushes up against politics or personal tastes with respect to social issues need to stop watching Fox News. Those angry about Mark’s vocabulary are the kind that struggle with their, they’re and there. Really, really great work, guys. Thank you so much for producing such high quality content. Best of the Best Board Game Podcasts: So Very Wrong About Games Five Games for Doomsday Board Game Barrage Board Game Mechanics Shut Up and Sit Down No Pun Included Secret Cabal Design: Ludology Board Game Design Lab The Game Design Round Table Nerdlab The Ascent of Board Games
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G.D. 50
when you order poutine at a restaurant with the fancy light bulbs
Equal parts goofy, insightful
The gamers you know already...
...for better or worse. Pros: They compile quality content. They talk about games in a way that feels increasingly rare, that is to say, winning them! I enjoyed at first but have increasingly wearied of it to the point of burnout because... Cons: sometimes the dynamic between them is all too familiar if you’ve spent time at the local game shop and some of the usual suspects that turn up there. Mark in particular, reminding me of a Philosophy BA that works at a GameStop and can use $10 words to describe why Dark Souls II is *actually* the fun one of the series. tl;dr - good content. They seem nice enough. Too much pretense and self-seriousness.
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Good, but Mark needs to talk less and listen more.
The podcast features great gaming insights and entertainment. It also features Mark Bigny holding forth in unnecessarily erudite descriptions of straightforward concepts to show off his vocabulary, complaining about the same three social issues every episode, and pretending to listen to his likeable co-host Walker, when Mark is really just waiting for his turn to speak. Lately, the latter features have begun to outstrip the former.
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Sneakily Political
I’ll keep this short. I was drawn to the podcast by the description saying this was simply about board games and nothing more. No fluff. Less than 2 minutes into my first ever episode, I already realized this was a mistake. Political reprimanding of art was on the agenda. I’m out.
One host can’t contain his desire to make societal commentary and it’s wearisome. Every week he blathers on about either his aversion to any art that depicts a woman with a bust-line larger than a b-cup, an overly enthusiastic review of anything with a female designer or any other topic regarding the current inquisitional zeitgeist. The other fellow while likely a lovely chap that I would happily sit down and play a game with is just not gifted verbally and is painful to listen to. If you want to hear about flicking games, the proper pronunciation of anything French or the word “fantastic” uttered ad nauseam then this is your podcast.
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Not very good at all.
the Florian Trout
Good stuff
Smart, insightful, funny, great podcast
J Wallabyman
Not that great
There is some okay content here. I like their news segment, however, I honestly found one of the hosts to be a bit pretentious and hard to like. I have listened to at least 15 episodes before giving up, as there are some shining parts in this show, just not enough for me to stick around.
Great Analysis, but a couple of problems.
I love listening to the lightning round-style reviews of the games they play every week and the deep dive into featured games and mechanics. The analysis that the hosts provide on why a game doesn’t stand out among the chaff or where it can improve is helpful and informative. However, I feel like one of the two hosts overshadows the other in terms of the amount of talking. There are also healthy amounts of digressions about “problematic” themes and artwork that really detract from the gaming discussion. The occasional rant is fine, but it comes up once or twice an episode. If the things I find negative about this podcast aren’t negatives for you, it will easily be a 5/5. The quality is high and the information is dense. Despite my issues, I listen almost every week.
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Comprehensive and thoughtful
It’s great to have deep analysis of some games alongside a quick summary of gaming news, aways with the legwork and context so you know the pedigree of upcoming games and the like. From Cthulhu Wars to the Phil Eklund Dilemma to Tapestry, they always seem to be covering the things I want to hear about, with a lot of thought given not just to the game dynamics but to the societal context in which they exist.
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Solid and entertaining but too much PC...
Smart, entertaining and generally spot-on with boardgame reviewing, but a bit too strong of a Politically Correct-ism theme-related (religion, history) “preaching” element that at least this reviewer does not appreciate, as more than likely not every listener has such strong views about PC in boardgames as the podcast creators.
Great Show
I really like these guys! They are of course wrong but I do like them a lot. I’m using
Is it really sarcasm?
Informative and full of thoughts on modern gaming you won’t find elsewhere. Yet too often it’s difficult to get through the sarcasm. One example is a recent episode in which one host ranted about not being impressed by the hundreds of games in someone’s basement game collection immediately followed by his humble brag of the number of games he’s given away that’s part of his “passive collection”. I love the thoughtfulness these guys bring to their podcast but don’t always love the cliquish thinly veiled contempt for anyone listening that might not agree with their assumptions.
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Hilarious and on point!
I love these guys! I find their brand of humor consistently hilarious, and more importantly they get right to the topic and really dig into it and provide interesting and deep commentary. They freely share and clearly argue their opinons, usually in a hilarious self-deprecating fashion that makes me feel free to disagree. They don't just cover new releases; they are happy to dig into older classics as well, which is refreshing and really enjoyable. I love when they cover a game I actually know or am interested in because it's been around for a while, but haven't had a chance to play.
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Consistently Solid
These guys have quickly rocketed up my list of gaming podcasts and are now pretty much the only show I'll listen to religiously, without fail. Our tastes don't necessarily align. Walker and Bigney play a few too many dudes on a map games whereas my tastes are solidly in the euro realm, but they make the conversation engaging even if its a game I don't much care about, and that's rare. Even if I see the focus of the show is on a game I am not interested in, the topic they will hit soon thereafter certainly will be. The show is irreverant and funny, but do not mistake that for two guys who care more about banter than content. These guys take this seriously and it shows in the production quality and professionalism. Highly recommended.
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Great podcast!
These guys put on a really fun show that is full of Insightful opinions and game discussion - one of the best out there for boardgames content, I look forward to it every week.
Ronald Thomas Jr.
These two do a wonderful job providing insightful, humorous (not in a forceful obnoxious manner), and consistent content surrounding the world of board games. Thanks - appreciate your stuff.
In-Depth Reviews
Mark is fantastic at breaking down does and doesn’t work on board games and explaining why. I don’t always agree with his conclusions but he’s always insightful. Always look forward to next week’s episode. Great stuff.
Highly recommend
I love listening to this podcast because these two have a clear love for this hobby. They do a great job of reviewing games in a way that's cognizant of the fact that everyone's tastes in games is different. The format of the show is well balanced. I enjoy hearing what they've played each week (or currently every other week) and taking the time to feature one game each podcast works well. Definitely recommend giving them a listen!
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Dr Whoosier
So wrong, yet so right
I hate to admit it, but these guys are correct that they are often very wrong about board games. That in itself is fine, but sometimes the presentation of their opinions is a bit frustrating: one host is reasonable, patient, and measured in his reviews, but the other tends to bowl him over dismissively and say ludicrous, unsupportable things that are more rants than reviews. Sometimes entertaining, but my particular cup of tea...
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Love this podcast
These guys provide the kind of board game analysis I want. They bring up specific features about games that they like or dislike and explain how those features impact the play experience. The reviews are very insightful and intelligent.
Excellent gaming podcast
I’ve followed Mark Bigney ever since I stumbled across his video reviews on reddit, and All the Games You Like Are Bad wormed its way into my heart for Mark’s erudite gaming experiences and his deadpan humor. I was disheartened to hear it’s cancelation but this new podcast with Mike Walker is an absolute treat. The hosts play well off one another and bring their insights into anyone looking to learn more of this wonderful hobby.
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Nice refreshing take on board games
Often board game reviews are too positive, but it is really the negative points that help me know whether a game is for me. While this podcast doesn't focus on the negative, they aren't afraid to go there either. Great consistent format, too.
I'll call you Mike Bigney whenever I want! :)
I listen to a lot of board gaming podcasts. This is the one that when it comes on: I pause what I'm currently listening to and go to it? Why? Both hosts have a great outlook on gaming and Mark Bigney (who everyone keeps calling Mike) has very similar tastes to myself. I love to hear both of them blather on (this is a term of endearment, trust me) about games and things happening in the gaming world. Highly recommended.
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An informative conversation
I stumbled across this via A Feast for Odin thread on Reddit. I was unprepared for how good this is. The two hosts have an easy rapport, are sufficiently relaxed and sound professional without being produced. They talk about the games I like to play in the way I like to listen to. So good.
Antidote to the Hotness
Not my style
Too much hating and ranting for my taste. Be careful about alienating your listeners with this style. I’d like to think board gamers are generally a more positive crowd.
So very good to listen to.
Mark and Mike have a great chemistry in their discussion about games they played the previous week, game news, reviewing a game, and the topic of the week. The conversation is structured well with concise dialogue that gets the point across well. It is great to have this to listen to after the long absense of the highly regarded All The Games You Like Are Bad.
Cullen Wells
Better than your average Board game Podcast
I recommend this podcast if you enjoy intelligent discussion about board games. These guys are refreshingly honest and insightful when it comes to their reviews. Give em a try.
Refreshing Board Game Podcast
A refreshing and irreverent board game podcast! Not too light, not too heavy, not too nice! I love the in-depth analysis of board games and everything that makes this a great hobby. Give it a listen!
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