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So All Over The Place Podcast
Renata Eileena
Multiple personalities, Ratchet and Righteous, humble and cocky, pretty and ugly. Renata Eileena and co hosts bring you into their world of being SO ALL OVER THE PLACE! There is no limit to what will discussed and the way it will be discussed. Renata Eileena is one person with one million different ways to describe how complex and simple she is! You will be confused, mislead, understood, lied too and told the truth all in one segment. Come and join us as we even the playing field with SO ALL OVER THE PLACE!
Black Businesses Matter
The Gang is back and ALL HERE! @Ceeyonce AKA "The Naked Bandit" @Lucyloobee AKA " Big booty Lucy" and @Ms_Possiblecosmetics AKA " Nike Check Nata" don't ask you'll just have to listen lol:) Their back for episode 6 after about a month long  hiatus. The gang has a lot to discuss this week as they get into what's being going on with them during the month long hiatus and as per the usual the girls are all over the place!  This episode was a little more heavy than the others as they discuss some tough issues around "Black Lives Matter".  They get into George Floyd , Breonna Taylor and the disparities that they face being black in America!   The girls also chat about mental health and "Nike Check Nata" shares her breakdown during all of this. Although, this episode isn't as light hearted there were some laughs shared somehow Lil Waynes 6 dreadlock having ass got drug into this.  Towards the end the discussion got heated ( Sorta) as the gang aired their grievances concerning supporting black businesses , and Nike Check Nata came with a different point of view.   Follow us on social media  @Soalloverpodcast_   Hosts  @Ceeyonce ( Chrissy)  @Lucyloobee ( Lucy)  @Ms_Possiblecosmetics ( Renata)
Jul 2
1 hr 37 min
Ain't nobody fucking with.....Who?!
Whew Chile! They gang is BACK for a 5th episode Hellcat Nata @Ms_Possiblecosmetics ( don't even ask) Chrissy  @Ceeyonce and Lucy @Lucyloobee get into some hot topics and even a little disagreement about some statements that Renata made ( of Course because she always got something to say) In this episode they discuss hitman holla to what we now know was a prank on his girlfriend for "youtube" but whatever. The gang also discuss the difficult conversation that Chrissy had with her ex. This episode made an interesting turn as Hellcat Nata makes a BOLD and seemingly arrogant statement that didn't go over well with the rest of the gang sort of. Their still lit and all over the place but added a little debate in the midst! Don't forget to subscribe ,leave a comment and follow our instagram page @Soalloverpodcast_
May 6
1 hr 24 min
Wake up now 😳
The GANG is back and all here and they honestly just want to go outside. Chrissy @Ceeyonce, Renata  @Ms_Possiblecosmetics and their unofficial 3rd Member Lucy @Lucyloobee is back for a 4th episode. This time the girls get into some spicy topics. Renata, Chrissy and Lucy talk about the dumbest things they've ever gotten dumped for , PU$$Y picture editing, this new dumb ass loom game and Renata gets into a high speed chase with the cops lol? They also express what they have all learned about themselves during this quarantine from praying more, drinking more, alone time & asking cops to race  during this pandemic smh. These mildly drunk girls get into MANY side conversations that have nothing to do with nothing lol. Pour you a drink, roll up do whatever you do sit back and listen to these girls be SO ALL OVER THE PLACE @Soalloverpodcast_ Enjoy!
Apr 20
1 hr 7 min
Quarantine TALK!
LOUD ass Renata and Chrissy are back for episode 3 , they seem to be a little more sober than usual ( well Chrissy was) and the conversation got longer and a little deeper. In this episode they discuss the CLOUT chase, being taken care of by a man, KETO- patron smoothies, black family trauma and not having just a relationship but having a partnership! A lot of ground was covered as they stayed true to their name and was all over the place. Sit back, get make your quarantini and listen to what these two mildly drunk black girls have to say!
Mar 22
1 hr 34 min
Pussy, Patron and Lucy......
Whelp Renata @Ms_Possiblecosmetics and co-HOEST Chrissy @Ceeyonce are back again for episode 2 and let us just say. Its SO all over the place. In this episode they're joined by guests Mima @Mima_canan and Petey @Rackwork55th_st where an array of topics are discussed. From being in love, too being on drugs to what the bible says about you niggaz lol. Its all in this episode WARNING: They are SO ALL OVER THE PLACE so listen at your own risk! Follow @Soalloverpodcast on instagram for the latest updates! Enjoy 
Feb 13
1 hr 7 min
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