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Smart Sex, Smart Love with Dr Joe Kort
Dr Joe Kort
Psychotherapist, life coach and author, Dr Joe Kort is breaking through the taboos of the most intimate of subjects, to bring leading experts together to talk all things sex and relationships. There’s always room for improving sex and together, Joe Kort and his guests delve deeper into the most personal of human behavior, getting right under the covers to discuss the different paths we take towards pleasure. #pleasure #sex
Jacob Rostovsky on Transgender Issues
25 minutes Posted Oct 20, 2019 at 10:00 pm.
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    “When you’re born in the wrong gender, your gender changes, not necessarily your sexuality,” says this week’s guest, transgender activist, Jacob Rostovsky. Jacob, who came out at 13 years old as trans, has been fighting for transgender rights, acceptance and access to affirmative care ever since. Jacob believes there is no one way to be trans, especially when it comes to exploring someone’s transgender and sexual identity. Hear Joe and Jacob talk about trans sex and sexuality – it’s less complicated than you think, and why gender expression is what you go to bed wearing, rather than who you are with.