Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: Reviews, Interviews, and Discussion About All the Romance Novels You Love to Read
Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: Reviews, Interviews, and Discussion About All the Romance Novels You Love to Read
Sarah Wendell - Romance Novel Reviewer, Reader, and Author
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Diary of a wimpy mom
So this has to be my ultime favorite episode. My child is autistic and functions 1 million miles an hour. Let me just say it is so stressful but so rewarding when milestones are reached. I will definitely be subscribing to his channel.
Eunice Marissa
Great content, crap sound
sounds like she's wearing a scarf over her mouth
Such great content!
I’ve heard about this podcast so much over the years and I have finally taken the time to give it a listen. I’m so glad I did! I can’t believe it took me so long to get around to it, but I’m addicted, and I’m excited to dive into the backlog!
I love Sarah
And I could listen to her for hours. Her podcasts are always fascinating and peppered with interesting insights, and she and her guests always have such a good time that I feel welcomed in as a listener.
Neil Plakcy
Love this!
Appreciate the wide range of topics, including a number that I would never have considered. Plus the humor, and the terrible jokes. Thanks, sarah!
Thank you Sarah Wendell!
I can’t begin to count the ways listening to Sarah & her guests each week have made my life better. I started listening for book recommendations as I tiptoed back into reading romance, but it’s become so much more. Sarah has legitimized so many thoughts & feelings about being a woman in this time and this country. Plus she ends every episode with a terrible joke that always makes me laugh!
Amanda in PA
I ADORE this podcast!
Listening to this podcast feels like hanging out with my smarter, sillier, better-humored older sisters and I adore it so much!! I have been a romance novel fan for as long as I can remember so this podcast is like coming home. Thank the pod god for it!
Not Just for Romance Lovers
I don’t identify as a romance reader, but this is one of my new favorite podcasts. The conversations, guests, and topics are always engaging and thought-provoking. I especially appreciate the episodes with writers sharing their inspiration and writing processes. This podcast has helped reignite my love of reading for pleasure (and made me realize I like romance more than I thought).
I love deep diving on this podcast
Sarah and her guests always have really interesting conversations on aspects of romance books and romance reading that I had been unaware of previously. It’s funny and fun and informative and just an overall excellent podcast that I look forward to every week!
Best ever!
This was the first romance novel podcast I found- which lead to finding 3 others. This one though will always be my fave! Thank you for doing what you do, especially with the website which makes it super easy to find all these book recs again and add them to your tbr list lol. Love it!!!
Nothin’ but love...
I have but immense love for this podcast. I’m currently driving about 4 hours a day and SPTB gets me through!
Mojo for us all, delivered once a week all the form of a podcast. All about sassy literature written by women, for women. Most highly recommended!
californiadreamin' 2010
Relevant and hilarious!
I recently stumbled across this gem and am in love. Intelligent discourse on the evolution of romance characters and growth. #STP ✊🏻
Delightful and funny
I enjoy romance, although I’m definitely not a devotee of the genre the way some folks are. I still love this podcast! It’s great to hear people talk about writing (its forms, its processes, the industry) inclusivity, and many other topics. Highly recommend if you like books/writing/authors (even if romance isn’t 100% your jam.)
I only learned that the blog has a podcast and now I’m hooked! Great conversations and wonderful recs.
The Smart Podcast Is a National Treasure
I just started listening to this podcast a month or so ago, and I've been rather entertained and educated as well as learning about new authors and adding books to my ever-growing, always teetering TBR pile. I can FEEL how much Sarah wants to hook everyone up with a good book, and, as a good book pusher myself, that's just fabulous.
Amazing podcast!!
Such a thoughtful and amazing podcast!!
Laugh and Learn
Each week is a new aspect of reading in the romance genre and each episode is full of fun, laughter and geeky exuberance about reading. Thank you for your great work.
Omg Romance Readers this Podcast is for you!
As a romance reader/lover/obsessor I usually get mocked for liking such Mental Junkfood. I love podcasts but most book podcasts avoid romance and that it super annoying. Thank god for this podcast. I have learned so much from this podcast since my first listen. I have read a ton of new books and fell in love with some new authors. Heck I even learned about a great app for anxiety Calm, which I now use. They even have the best sex toy podcast as well. Recommendations are my fav because my kindle goes into overdrive...cough cough Crows series 😍 I don’t know what else to say except subscribe and enjoy!
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Sexy Beech
The best podcast for readers and writers
I adore this podcast. As a reader I get to hear Sarah ask the questions I would ask my favorite authors about their books. As a writer I also get to hear more about my favorite author’s process and other aspects of writing. I also discover new authors and new books - yes, it’s bad for my credit card. Never miss an episode!
Great to hear stories about romance novels
I was listening to Popculture Happy Hour and there was an episode where they only talked about romance novels. I listened for a minute, then was listening the rest of the show. I do not read romance novels, but just hearing the different types of stories in this genre is entertaining to me.
Irish Sharky
Great listening for the romance reader
I enjoy listening to the podcast and especially love the recommendations. Thanks ladies for your work!
A delight
My favorite podcast for a brutal Bay Area commute. I always learn something, get a book recommendation for my TBR list, and feel like I’ve just had a chat with some girlfriends.
My favorite podcast
This is my absolute favorite podcast! Each week I look forward to new episodes where romance is discussed is open, funny, smart, and feministy ways. The guests are always fascinating and I enjoy each new topic! My TBR lists grows with each episode and I have discovered so many wonderful new authors! This is definitely a must listen podcast!!
My Happy Place
I love this podcast--it's always something to look forward to and the topics and books covered are always fun, informative, often squee-worthy and totally up my alley.
Smart, Indeed
Perhaps less professional than some podcasts, but sincere and smart. If you’re looking for book recommendations, this is for you: all the hosts and guests show their personalities so it’s easy to guess whether their tastes are similar to your own. The occasional issues with sound make it more down to earth. The host is smart, quirky, and funny. It’s super feminist and empowering to women and their sexuality.
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The website in podcast form!
Listening to this podcast is always a highlight of my weekend! I love listening to SB Sarah and the gang talking about my favorite genre of books and a wide range of other awesome topics. I only wish I had unlimited time to read every single book they discuss each week...
Fun and excellent guide to Romance
Romance novels have not always been my first choice for reading material, so when I started to read and few and realized how huge the genre was, I was at a loss for how to figure out which was really the type of romance for me. This podcast (and the excellent blog attached to it) have been the answer for what to read, and a variety of opinions from the group of folks talking. This is also a lovely interview podcast, one of the very few times I've seen readers, writers and librarians (YES!) sought out for book thoughts. Thanks, ladies!
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Leda V
Something for everyone
If you're not a romance reader, you might be tempted to think this podcast isn't for you but it's extremely relevant for readers and writers of all kinds. Yes, it's fun when one of my favorite authors appears on the show but I also learn a lot from other people in the publishing industry (ranging from personal assistants to the head of marketing) or when the hosts discuss a topic. Sarah asks her guests about what they've been reading and this has brought so many wonderful books into my life. I look forward to a new episode every Friday.
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Love love love
Absolutely love Sarah and all her guests. Wicked smart pod about romance books. My to read list is sooo long now! 😀
Fighting the Patriarchy and Finding Your People
SBTB is my first and favorite podcast. If you like romance novels or anything remotely related to them (knitting, love, erotic intelligence, pet shenanigans), you will ADORE this podcast which is smart, funny, and thoughtful. But be warned that it is SOOOOOOO expensive to join the Hot Pink Palace 💖
Jenifer Kelley
I found my tribe
You ladies are awesome and your podcasts have helped me through a lot over the last 3 years! I hope you all have an awesome day and keep up the great work! PS I love when you recommend books that I can find on audible! They’re free for me (boyfriend works for them ) so my wallet stays safe for another day 😻😻
Just so good.
I started listening when a friend of a friend was a guest on this podcast & I am hooked. Like the website, this is so much fun & I've learned a lot of things, not just about romance novels. Thanks for the hard work!
Finally Home
I have found my people. I've been listening for a short time but I am a diehard fan can't wait to walk to listen to the smart women who read romance.
Love love love this podcast
There are only TWO romance book podcast active on i tunes right now. this one and Scandalicious book reviews. Yes there is also XOXO After dark but a lot of their podcasst talk about other things aside of romance novels. Since i started lIstening to Sarah's podcast my book collection has grown and my TBR pile is taller then me.
Christian greys lady
Each Episode is a Treat!
Thoughtful book discussion, clever snark, and a plethora of excellent recommendations! This is one of my favorite podcasts, hands-down.
Great podcasts!
Dearly love these podcasts and I am not even a big reader of romance novels. The interviews are so entertaining and Sarah Wendell is a kick.
Love this podcast!
I enjoy listening every week. Insightful and funny!
Smart Women, Great Reads
The host (SB Sarah), regular guests (Elyse, Amanda, RedheadedGirl, and Carrie S.), as well as the interviewees are smart women discussing serious issues like sexual agency, portrayals of women in popular fiction, gender relations and power dynamics, and women's history. BUT the best part is they take the topics seriously, but not themselves! This makes the podcast really fun to listen to - you feel like you are listening to an intelligent, but not overly academic or pedantic discussion so jokes are welcome! Plus they offer tons of great recommendations for romance and suspense fiction regularly and also other reads on a less regular basis such as history, biography, historical fiction and children's lit.
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This is it! I've found my people!
I cannot give enough praise for this podcast! I was in search of more romance readers, and help finding great reads! This podcast, as well as their website contains it all! Sara is the most delightful host, and the interviews of authors or those in the romance community are perfect! Thanks for the amazing content, and for helping me find amazing reads!
fantastic! my new favorite podcast
I just discovered this podcoast, although I've looked at the website off and on for years. Now that I have a moratorium on listening to current events, I am binge listening to as many episodes as I can. It's a pleasure to listen to such smart interviews and discussions.
yay books
Smart and insightful
I love this podcast!
So entertaining
Really entertaining blog with a wide variety of guests and topics, all related to the romance-reading community. It's a must-listen for me every week.
Just what I needed...
...was another podcast addiction! However, a blog post somewhere or other guided me to DBSA, and I'm delighted to have found it. Really interesting interviews, fun discussion, and helpful recommendations. It now has a permanent place on my overfull iPod (and is also filling up my Kobo library).
Great for both writers and readers alike.
I learn a lot from this podcast each time. I've read so many great books recommended on the podcast and learned a lot about publishing and writing which I appreciate as an aspiring author.
Great podcast
The highlight of my Friday morning work day is listening to the latest episode.
One caveat
I love the content of this podcast, love the guests, and love the informal conversational tone. However, I listen to the episodes on headphones and the very loud laughing that happens pretty frequently is very jarring. It's so loud on headphones I almost can't listen anymore, which is a bummer.
great romance & book news
I love this podcast. It's like listening to my friends chat about book news and the romance genre. The interviews are wonderful. Sometimes the audio is not super great, but it's getting better all the time.
Love this podcast
I've been listening to the DBSA for a couple of years and LOVE the podcast. For me it is a must listen the second it comes out. They do a great mix of genre reviews, author and reader interviews and discuss topics that I always find interesting. If you love the romance genre you will love this podcast
A pleasure to listen to every week
It's so refreshing to find a podcast about romance that is intelligent, thoughtful, and hilarious. I never miss an episode!
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