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Smart People Podcast
Jon & Chris
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Awesome Podcast!!!!
Jon & Chris, hosts of the Smart People Podcast podcast, highlights all aspects of Jon & Chris and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
5 stars
So happy I subscribe to this podcast.
I can’t stop listening
Good good good, I cannot find anything more attractive so far. Different topics, different ideas, different guests, and all of them fit to my view, comprehension, and hunger for new information. Information that I understand, I can digest and my brain takes without stress. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this.
Alex J. O.
Insightful, entertaining and actionable 🙌
I am consistently bowled over by the brilliant advice and inspiring conversations that Jon & Chris have with their guests. It feels like they're always willing to stand behind conversations that seem challenging to have (or for most of us to get our heads around without help!). Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Smart People Podcast if you want the knowledge AND ideas to explore your own personal / professional evolution & development (and reach your overall goals as a result)!
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Always thought provoking!
Jon and Chris find the most interesting topics and people to join the show. They do their homework and ask questions that delve into key items about the person’s work. I have been listening since 2014 and have never heard an episode that was dull.
By far my favorite podcast
These are my people. A variety of thought provoking guests with the credentials, but with a focus on living a purposeful life. I love Chris’s interview style and questions. You can tell he’s passionate about what he does and I share his sense of curiosity!
Host is busy while guest talks?
Why the sound of bubbles or something while guest is talking, like host is doing something on the computer. Annoying to listen to, and rude to the guest if they hear it too. Stop doing that please.
Great idea with excellent execution
First, they get great guests. They are pretty good at brining on "smart" people :) Second, Chris does a wonderful job of just having a conversation for the first few minutes so you get to know more about the interviewee than just his/her book and area of expertise. Then, Chris is strong with his questions and his curiosity is on display. I have purchased a number of books, engaged in new habits and changed the way that I think based on this show. Kudos to Chris and John.
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Awesome show, highly recommend!
Jon, Chris, and their guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the best tactics and insights on how to become the very best version of yourself and live a more thoughtful, well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to the Smart People Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to live your best life (and reach your overall goals as a result)!
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J. Barshop
Always want more!!!
Whenever I finish an episode I’m left thinking and can’t wait for the next episode!!! If I could listen to one everyday, I would!!!
Terrible Host
The latest episode was just a super left wing screed against Donald Trump. The host didn't challenge a single outrageous statement the guest made, including that Trump is the most un-Christian person since the time of Jesus. They host seemed too afraid to question anything the guest said. It was so terrible that I unsubscribed.
I like it. It is interesting. The style of an interview makes me come back all the time.
Totally worth it!
Smart People Podcast is fantastic - the content is engaging, educational, thought-provoking, and inspiring. Jon and Chris do a great job of interviewing interesting guests and piecing together a phenomenal podcast. All of the episodes are great, but if you're looking for a place to start, check out "Episode 248 – Roman Krznaric – How Should We Live?". It has Krznaric discussing his latest book that entangles philosophy and psychology as he explores practical (applied) history.
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Abundant Amount Golden Insight
This podcast is packed full of golden insight! I am so jazzed about this Podcast because it offers a broad variety of insightful topics from intriguing people. Thank you for the many gains from the interview with Heather Gray about stop compromising. Big take homes were: Ask yourself the question: what does having it all mean to you? Get clear with what it is you want and what do you not want any more. Define your perfert day. Define vision of success and happiness. Are you willing to give yourself permission to feel your ideal feelings and if one is confidence, are you willing to feel afraid and vulnerable? Yes to it all! Thank you! InterviewvaletCF
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The hosts are excellent!
I was skeptical about this - I mean, anyone with a phone can make a podcast - but the hosts really bring ideas to life. They're enjoyable and fun. I'm thoroughly pleased and would recommend it to anybody looking for a good commute-worthy podcast!
Awesome road tripping podcast
The content is never too dense and Chris/Jon do a great job finding great people to come on and talk about the work that they do. The guests provide so many different perspectives and make those long, dull car rides introspective!
Fillup On
Great content! and very practical
Great content and awesome guests. One of the things I love about this podcast is that the host always tries to ask questions to make it practical, makes it worth the while hearing it. You can count on always learning something you can apply, and if you like it you can always go look for more from the guest with the awesome information they leave on each episode!!! Sad to hear the frequency is smaller, but I guess is for a better content... Oh well, great job guys!!
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It is better than good, but not quite great
Hi Guys, After listening to perhaps 20 Smart People Podcast programs thus far, I can unambiguously state that I very much enjoy the show. Thank you for creating and managing it, I am sure that it's quite an effort. I am impressed wtih your ability to attract such unique and often times prominant guests; kudos to you. Here is the one thing I think you need to work on and which caused me to rate you a four rather than a five: You often times kow tow to your guests. Sure, they are accomplished people who command a certain respect, as well as courtesy for being on the show. But not everything they espouse is going to be awesome. Sometimes they say things that are subjective, rather than fact-based; sometimes they make points that are questionable. When they do that, I think you would better serve the audience (and yourselves and the guests), by calling them on it. Not in a rude or pointed way, but at least challenge them a bit instead of responding in a confirming way that everything they are saying should be followed resolutely. Instead of saying "Yeah, I totally agree with you" in these cases, perhaps pose that their view is a new one to you and it would be helpful if they can explain it more, or question them about it further. Or even state that it does not mesh with what you have read or been educated on elsewhere. Please know that I really do very much enjoy the show and respect what you guys are doing. It is surely a significant challenge to be working duriing the day and lining up guests and conducting the shows religiously every week. But I make my comments earnestly, and hope they prove to benefit all. Thanks so much, keep up the very good (but aspiring to be great!) work! Gary
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Executive Coach
I use these podcasts to learn about the latest books, speakers and research on all matters related to Productivity, Communication and Life Work Balance. As a coach, I now have a library of Smart People podcasts to pick from to send relevant resources to my clients. The interview style truly gets to the essence of the message and creates an easy understanding. For example the interview with Ann Dunwoody the first female 4star general in the US Army- I looked at some of the talks/ interviews she had done but none of them showed the warmth in her like your interview did - which I believe allows non military people to connect with her message of authentic leadership.
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I really wanted to like this podcast. I subscribed hoping to hear about interesting new ideas that I wouldn't necessarily be exposed to in other areas of my life. While a lot of their episodes sound cool when looking at the summaries, upon listening I repeatedly found myself disappointed in the content. First, I find it incredibly irritating how the interviewer (Chris or Jon? Not sure which) always interrupts *himself* when asking a question of the guest. He will start off in one direction, stop halfway through the thought to explain something related, and then come back to the question. It's an annoying speech crutch that fragments the flow of the conversation. I further find their questions at best unsophisticated, at worst peurile. And clearly scripted. Not that the interviewers are not smart, but I do question how well-read they are. Also, while I think a lot of their guests do have interesting work and cool ideas, I never find myself engaged in the conversations, or never feel like they really get to the core meat of the topic. In addition, some of their guests, while maybe having 'best-selling books,' may not be what I would consider the creme-de-la-creme of society in terms of revolutionary or insightful thinking. I don't have any specific examples in my head, but I've listened to so many episodes and truly can't even remember any ones that really excited me. I listen to so many other podcasts in which I hear ideas that just thrill me, so I have to think it's just that this one is not well done. And I don't feel personally connected with Chris and Jon, which is another important component of a good podcast. In my other favorite podcasts, I always feel like the speakers are my friends with whom I'm hanging out. I recommend Bulletproof, Paleo for Women, Motley Fool, and Reasonable Faith podcasts, to those looking for more engaging, ideas-driven podcasting experiences.
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Educational and Inspiring!!
I've been listening to these guys for about a year. I've learned so much about myself and in doing so, have improved how I approach and view life, both personally and professionally. Great interviewers and amazing guest speakers. Well done guys!
I recommend these podcasts to everyone. Great way to build your book reading list. Thank you! Love your program.
Valuable information on a variety of topics
I really enjoy this podcast because of the wide variety of guests and topics. The show is always thought-provoking and interesting. Every podcast episode teaches me something new or influences how I think about a certain topic.
I enjoy this podcast. It helps me learn interesting nuances that benefit me daily and I often find new books to read and people to follow from the content.
Great podcast with great potential
I have been listening to this podcast for several years and feel like I know John and Chris (hosts). Understandably people are sharply critical of the podcast, particularly the hosts; however I feel John and Chris are growing and learning in a field about which they are both very passionate. They are real people who are trying to figure it all out. That's what I love best about this podcast! The guests have continued to get better over the years and I've heard some truly life changing interviews that contine to help me see the world in a different way. One thing I feel could be improved is the hosts' preparation before interviewing a guest. It often seems as if they have spent little time reading material or deeply researching those who they interview. This more in-depth preparation would help the interviews be more meaningful to the hosts and listeners. Thanks John and Chris for a great podcast. I will continue to be a fan and am looking forward to all you do in the future! Love starting off my morning with you.
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Great show✌️⚾️
This podcast is a nice off speed pitch to have. Keep up the good work ace!
Sergio Munoz
take it up
I work alone and ride the bike so look for podcasts that take me out of my head. This show has gotten me through all kinds of tedium and up many a long hill. The guys are sincere and not narcissistic, like so many other hosts, and while not every biz book author is riveting, I click on this show first.
mary uh oh
Great Podcast
I have been listening to this podcast for about a year and love their topics and interview style. I consistently learn something that enriches my life or that is just interesting. I appreciate how respectful they are to each person they interview and like the questions they ask.
Lucy Sayles
Smart and Insightful
I've been a fan since the beginning of this podcast. I am consistently impressed by the caliber of the thought leaders the hosts interview. I think part of the reason that the show continues to attract such top shelf guests is that Chris really does his homework and approaches each interview with genuine interest and curiosity. As a result, his questions are well-considered, insightful and insightful, which is why the conversations are so interesting. My only criticism is that the intros sometimes ramble, but overall each podcast is better than the one before it. Keep up the great work, guys, and thanks!
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Informative perspectives
I find this podcast to be very entertaining and informative. I find the guests to be very interesting and their perspectives valuable. The guests tend to be Authors within diverse fields that are promoting their current books. I enjoy learning about the subjects and authors in the hour long podcast and then diving deeper into the subject by reading the books by the authors that I find fascinating. I feel the host does a good job at staying secondary to the guest and asks broad enough questions to let the guests speak freely to convey the overarching ideas of their work and thoughts on given subjects. I would suggest this podcast to any curious person wanting to gain a broader knowledge base on all sorts of topics from the mouths of top professionals within the field. There are a lot of valuable perspectives to be heard here.
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Great Range of Guests and Topics
Highly recommended. I'm now a regular listener to this podcast. They have a wide variety of guests on a lot of different interesting subjects.
FAVORITE: Great for everyone
I haven't had time to come write a review because I can't stop listening through the archives! Chris & Jon have created an excellent podcast that absorbs many field that can influence a variety of listeners. The interviews are great to listen to because they really are conversations but Chris remembers that there is an audience so it's not like listening to people with inside jokes and experiences we know nothing about (a common interviewer struggle in my other podcasts.) THANKS CHRIS & JON!
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Great info
Always look forward to this one
I struggled with what I heard
Aspartame is not bad for you? MSG is not bad for you? Pesticides? Organic farming uses more pesticides than conventional? Factory Farmed meat is just as good as grass fed. Really? This can all be backed scientifically? Wow! I can go on but she was tough to listen to. And she did not even talk about GMO seeds. I am sure they are better than what nature produces…. Maybe have Dr. Russell Blaylock on to counter the Sci babe. He is a retired neurosurgeon and has credentials beyond Sci Babe when it comes to MSG and artificial sweeteners… I will try another episode because I thought the interviewer did a nice job.
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glen interviews
It is exactly where I am at!
Glad I Found You
Really enjoy your show. Very informative. Great guests. Keep up the good work!
Solid Podcast
I really enjoy the questions these guys ask, always probing the things others seem to overlook.
Almost unsubscribe get
The last two episodes I listened to (one with sci-babe and the other with vegan marathoner) almost made me unsubscribe. I am still highly considering it. I have come to a realization that the hosts just agree with with whomever they interview and don't seem to want to use their critical thinking and question things that directly contradict other things they've agreed with on other previous episodes. If you have been listened to them and listen to the above episodes you'll know what I am talking about.
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Last 24 podcasts
These guys get a lot of wonderfully interesting peopls to interview and are extremely eager to hear their message. At times. their admiration is too fan like. But I think it is genuinely strong interest. The intro is cute but after 18-24 podcasts I have listened to I am ready for a more mature entry into the topic. Keep doing the same interveiws.They need to think of the questions someone who has not read/know the interviewee would ask. I will keep listening.
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Listen Dr.
Asks all the questions I would but don’t have a chance to...
I have been listening to this podcast off and on for the past couple of years. I find that Chris and Jon have continued to progress the podcast, truly in the interest of the listeners. I appreciate the diversity of topics and they tone/ approach. While really conversational in style, they are able to ask smart, targeted questions of many people with whom I’d like to speak! Thanks!
The hosts get great guests and do a great job creating a relaxing atmosphere that is inviting for the listener.
Awesome podcasts!
I recently discovered this show and I'm hooked! I think the topics are super interesting and the interviews are wonderful. I have purchased new books to read, and I'm learning about things I think about all the time. If I had a show this is what I would want it to be. Give it a listen - you won't be disappointed.
Thank you!!
Just started listening to this podcast and it makes me want to say Thank You! Thank you for making some obvious statements that is entrepreneurs are thinking. Thank you for having guests that we can relate to. And thank you for discussing topics that don't make us nerds feel so 'weird'.
Super interesting and fun!
If I started a podcast, it would be exactly like this one. “Hello, person who knows cool stuff. Give me your amazing information, please.” And then they do! It’s super fun to listen to. The hosts are open and honest about the fact that they are regular guys but are bringing amazing achievers to the masses. If you love this podcast, you’re an incredible human. Let’s hang out, we’re clearly both great at knowing when things are phenomenal. If you hate this podcast, good. Go away, we’re not friends. I hope you stub your toes on stuff.
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Gets to The Core Meaning of Complicated Subjects
Very interesting and intellectual, yet not full of jargon. It strikes a nice balance and gets to the core of new ideas. Hosts are charming.
Chris and Jon are the Best
Let's be honest. Nobody is perfect. But Smart People is a brilliant concept and I find myself enjoying at least 4 out of 5 podcasts. I've come away with new knowledge about new subjects I wouldn't have normally sought out. And it comes fro the best in the business (mostly). I've turned on at least a dozen people to Smart People and everyone has thanked me. Thank you, Chris and Jon, for all your hard work!!!
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Good Podcast
First of all, they have great guests. Guests full of information and advice. The hosts are mediocre, but not detrimental to the podcast as some other reviews imply. I listen to it about 5 days a week, and will continue.
Many thanks for the hours of eye-opening listening
Hi Jon & Chris! Ive been listening to your podcast for about 6 months now. I started listening because I was making a two hour commute to visit a friend who was sick in the hospital. I visited him many times over the span of a month and listened to hours of your podcasts during that time. Admittedly, I was often going 60 on the freeway and searching for the next episode to devour. Definitely not a "smart" thing to do. Given the subject matter of your recent episode "What is Technology Doing To Us?" I was inspired to finally write a review, rate, and send thanks… The friend I was visiting sadly passed away and on the day he died I was driving and using my phone to possibly help me escape or cope with my emotions by playing a sad song on repeat. I reached for my phone to push play on that song and in the next second I hit the person in front of me. Thankfully, I wasn't going fast and nobody got hurt but my truck was totaled. I saw first hand how quickly things can go bad while using a phone and driving. I chose not to get another vehicle. I now listen to your podcasts on my morning walks. I want to thank you guys for giving me so much food for thought. The ideas Ive heard expressed from you and your guests have heightened my awareness, opened my mind, and inspired my decision making process. Listening to your show makes me feel that I'm a part of a proactive community of "smart(ish)" people who are engaged in dealing with the progression of our modern society.
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Great topics!
The topics are so interesting, the latest one I listened to was about "rust", of all things. I would have never imagined that I could learn so many interesting things about such a strange topic. This is typical of the Smart People podcast. The hosts are down-to-earth guys that have a lot of curiosity and ask the kind of questions that every day people would want to know more about. That's one of the appealing points of this podcast. I will be a long time listener and can highly recommend to other curious, every day people.
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This podcast makes understanding great advice interesting. How do they do it? I dno't know, but this is a great podcast to catch.
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