Smart Music Business Podcast
Smart Music Business Podcast
Chris Greenwood
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Thanks Chris!
This is helping a lot! I really want to become a musician and this is very helpful! Thanks again! -A BIG FAN
So much more than music advice!!
I started listening to this podcast several months ago to learn a few things about the music business. Little did I know, Chris’s words were so much more than just wise advice based on first hand experience, but daily motivation to get me off my butt and follow my dreams!! To me, this podcast has been a part of my daily routine in the morning (along with a 1-2 mile walk that oddly enough Chris started doing himself). 😁 Chris, if you read this... man, thank you so much for putting in the time to make this podcast. As cheesy as it may sound, it has definitely changed my life. You inspire me to do better and push myself everyday. Thanks again dude!
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Great, smart, advice! Always helpful
I have been greatly impressed with the advice that Chris gives for all types of social media. He is very well versed in the software and is willing to help with questions during his Coaching calls with Fanbase University. I would definitely recommend his courses and have no regrets buying them.
Trust In Mercy
Love This Podcast 🎉🙌🏻
I’ve been working with Manafest/Chris as my marketing coach for the last few months, and he has totally changed the way I interact with my fans and steward my music! His advice is simple and powerful, and he’s actively in the music business and knows what he’s talking about. He is super generous to be sharing so much knowledge for free on this podcast, and I highly recommend anyone to consider taking his courses too. Easily one of the best investments I’ve made in my career so far 🙏🏻🎉
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Kevin Winebarger
Successful musician, GREAT coach!!
I’m thankful and blessed to be working with Chris/Manafest, as my coach in my music business. He motivates me as I balance a career in finance and raising a family, yet still reaching out to hit my music goals. He helps me prioritize my goals in order of what monetizes first, which enables me to reinvest in myself and my business.
rock phenom
Rip Off
I ordered a course. They took my money and delivered nothing. If the business model is rip people off .. well done .. success.
The worst
Literally some of the worst advice I’ve ever gotten from this dude. You can’t ask him questions without him getting overly sensitive and offended about his course either.
Josh Moose Mitchell
Very inspiring
I listen in the morning to get pumped up. Chris has great online courses too.
Music Knowledge Bomb
I've never met anyone that knows more about marketing your music more than this man. An inspiration for all artists!
Jeff Rose, CFP
Way to go, Manafest!!
Very encouraging! Stay rooted in Christ, dude! 👍🏻 Thanks man!!
Very, very good
Manafest, I am glad I started listening to this. I've been a fan of yours for probably a couple years now. I feel I can relate to your music. As well I've always wanted to be a song writer and get some messages out to be heard by people needing to know what I've done, what I've been through. So your message is inspiring. Keep doing what you've been doing. Hope you can get up to North Dakota soon.
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Crossfire Band
Hey manafest can you please do podcast 67 I love all your podcast Chris you are so amazing Chris I'm glad you are working hard I can't wait too the new music from the album reborn peace out Chris
Sweet CountryGirl
You have changed my life
An awesome addition to my devotions
This year I decide to read through the bible in one year. I am doing this as my devotional after I read my devotional book (has a lesson and goes through the whole bible in one year) I listen to an episode, and it's such an inspiration! I completely love this podcast.
Love this podcast
This is the best podcast ever!!!!!!! Manafest is awesome.
Gamer boy7677
Hey Manafest
Manafest, I love your message and how grounded you are in your music and writing. I’ve enjoyed listening to a few of your podcasts. You’ve mentioned that you like hearing suggestions for future podcasts. One I thought of today is relating to non-Christians. I have a hard time loving non-Christians and instead most of the time I have a tendency to judge them. Is this something you have dealt with in your Walk? How do you stay humble when you start to feel morally-superior than others? Thanks man!
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Tellin' Em'
Dude, you are such an encouragement. Thanks for being out there doing what you do.
How to be a fighter
This podcast is great. The attitude that comes from this podcast is so positive. I've been blessed by this podcast as I heard "Attitude is Everything" right at a low point in my life when it was hard to stay positive. To top it all off, you get to hear an awesome Manafest song at the end of these. Well done.
SA2B Is Awesome
I love it
Been listening since the first episode, love it and enjoy the message
Great Message in Short Time
I love the message Manafest is putting out. He is really challenging me to be better and have focus in life.
So amazing, so inspiring, just so awesome! Definitely have been reaching for my dreams lately! Thanks so much!!
Super Awesome & Inspiring!
Great wisdom from a Godly man, father, and overall rockstar. Very motivational and inspiring words that help me throughout the day. Thanks Manafest!
Great Advice
Amazing work, Chris! I've listened to every one of your podcasts thus far, and have loved all of them. Due to this 'Fighter' empire you've established with the album, the book, the podcasts, etc., I feel much more self confident.
I gotta admit Im pretty impressed with the life lessons that Manafest is spitting out! Everyone needs a healthy daily dose of positivity in their life! From bands to bill to creativity and marriage, Manafest covers it all AND as added bonus you get great songs at the end to go out into the world and make a difference!
Thank You
I had the pleasure of working for Manafest as a sound tech in Grand Junction, CO. From the moment they arrived till the moment they left there was something really different the whole crew. Chris you have inspired me to overcome fear of failing, and realize that it is never to late for me to go big through your book, podcasts, and just watching your career grow through your constant perseverance. So I thank you for that! Keep on keeping on. It’s great to have someone in the Christian music business that is a bag of Cheetos. Few and far between. -Cha$e
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Very encouraging. Sometimes when I am trying to serve God people treat me like little miss perfect and can be quite mean.
Keep doing more man we enjoy it!!
Getting Started in the Music Industry (Part 1)
I love your music, this podcast, and your whole ministry. You passion for Jesus is inspiring. May God continue to bless all you're doing! The fire you have for God is crazzy and this podcast so encouraging! Thanks so much bro!
A brother in Jesus
Slow Clap
Thank you so much, Manafest. Your encouraging words not only inspire me as an upcoming songwriter/artist but to be a better Christian and a better overall person. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and please continue to put out amazing music. I appreciate it all. God bless you!
Nails it!
I've listened to Manafest for a while but just started listening to his podcast's. I love how much of an inspiration he's been and i've especially needed it lately. I just listened to his "why debt is dumb" and it's probably one of his most powerfuly hit ones to me. I've quit my job, gotten another one and gotten fired and just been struggling to get my finances in hand. And just hearing Chris speak about that and really showing that its not a money problem but a Spirit problem really kicked me in the butt. I have a possible job landing tomorrow and this was almost perfect timing to hear. Not to go into a deep rant but please listen and subcribe to him (if you havent already). Amazing stuff. Keep putting these out Mana, you really speak!
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FLOrida RAWKer
Great podcast!
This is a great podcast full of inspiration and truth! Chris is a very smart and positive man! The Fighter book helped me to have a better outlook on life and this podcast continues to build off of the book. Keep up the great work Manafest!
“Manafest”your World! Inspiration to the Masses!
If you love his music and the inspiration placed into each of them, you will love his podcast! Very meaningful in each topic Chris makes. Well worth listening to! Check it out!
Terrific podcast!
I found about this through RadioU's interview podcast. I'm seriously digging it! Saw Mana live at Rock the Desert at the beginning of August, awesome performance. Keep it up!
Phill McJ
Great Fighter
Awesome podcast to get encouraged and inspired!
Love Manifest
And these podcasts are thought provoking and truly awesome!!
I Love Listening too Manafest Pod Cast it amazing too me because im learning things about myself Love Chris Greenwood Hes Like A brother too Peace Chris
Great influence
I love the voice you're putting out so far. keep it up man, very influential!
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