Small Triumph Big Speech
Small Triumph Big Speech
Dylan Marron
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Words cannot express
I found this podcast randomly on one of my daily walks I take to destress. This made me feel such joy. Little things matter! Thanks for the wonderful idea and dedication to this cause Dylan!
Nick Hamz
What an amazing find
I stumbled on to this podcast today and Iโ€™m loving it ! So fun, intelligent, entertaining and heartwarming. Not just that itโ€™s also a fundraiser for a wonderful cause! Bravo Dylan !!!!
This makes me so happy!!
I stumbled onto the before the alarm goes off episode and I loved the reaction of the winner. It was such a HAPPY show! Love love love it! Look for donation soon!! Steve
I love this!
My commute isnโ€™t what it once was, and neither is my mind... The podcasts that I found compelling BC19 (Before COVID19) no longer hold my interest, but THIS one has brought me so much joy! These celebrations that recognize the divine within the mundane make my soul move with the muscularity and weightlessness of a professional dancer. Iโ€™m spreading the good news of this podcast with the vigor of a newly-ordained evangelist on amphetamines!
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Watho's Wolf
Dylan does it again
One of my very favorite podcasts is "Conversations with People Who Hate Me." Now during the early days of the many of us are staying home - trying to stay healthy both physically and mentally - here comes Dylan to cheer us on! The amazing thing to me is that each short episode has some relevence to my own daily small achievements and the big speech at the end seems written just for me. I'm probably old enough to be Dylans Mom so I want to say "Good job, Dylan."
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Made me laugh. Gave me goosebumps. Cheered me up & left me glad, even amidst these strange times. Thank youuuuuu.