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Tim Young:
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#1 In Value
Tim, thank you for imparting you’re knowledge and selflessly providing so many valuable resources. You have given me a firm kick in the butt as I embark on my dream of opting out of the rat race and producing my own, natural, whole food, straight from the Earth.
Jeff Virkus
I have finally done it - I have now listened to every episode.
I have listened to every episode and a handful of them multiple times. My goal is to leave the safety of a traditional job and income and spend all my time on the 40 Acres we recently bought. Woven throughout every podcast is the idea that 80% of your time is spent on some form of marketing. No one else elegantly weaves this into the culture like Tim does. So important. Thank you, Kevin O’Rourke Bear Bottom Acres
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Well worth the time.
Tim is doing a great job creating an entertaining and information packed podcast. His how to's will help redirect you to staying on-point, and his interviews will inspire you and give you some valuable ah-ha moments.
Jackie @Auburn Meadow Farm
Future (or current) Homesteader’s start here!
Want to learn how to live a self-sufficient lifestyle? Start here! Great interviews on all different versions of homesteading, with a focus on the business side of things. Because, if you want to homestead, you may likely want to learn how to support your family. Top that off that Tim is a pleasure to listen to!
Creekside Farm
The accidental Farmers
Hi Tim and Liz! I really liked the throwback to the farm cast. Y’all are so cute together, and your love of life shines through!
Excellent info in the Facebook podcast! That is relevant information that farmers in today’s world really need to know if they want to make it as a business.
Love hearing what i can achieve
Love your podcast all though I listen to it from an android app on my phone. I want to join the academy, but I feel 25 a month is a bit much. I feel if you had a lesser amount or a cheaper yearly fee it would help. I understand this is part of your income. But as a small farmer trying to get started; I feel it is a bit much. Please keep up the useful information.
Great info!
These podcasts are fantastic! Tim shares a wealth of knowledge and his interviews are always with interesting folks!
Great content and guests! Professional and engaging delivery. Helpful and inspiring information and stories. High caliber. Love it!
Excellent podcast
I don't listen to podcasts on iTunes, but I came here just to write a review so I can help bump Tim. If you're considering a homesteading or self sufficient lifestyle this is very interesting, very well produced and very informative. Thanks Tim.
Really well produced.
Great podcast, interesting information, really well produced.
Informative, easy to listen to and authentic perspective. Perfect for anyone interested in modern attainable homestead lifestyle.
Top notch
Great info
Love the shows. Hate the intro/outro
As a suburbian I have no interests in moving to a rural area. I love the middle ground. However as a business woman I find this podcast very interesting and inspiring. The show is very good and I love how Tim tells it in a story format. But honestly I absolutely hate that intro/outro. It's like nails on a chalkboard
Great Quality
Tim Young's podcast is such an encouragement. I have really appreciated hearing other people's stories. The podcasts are very encouraging and keep me dreaming of one day making a living for our family while homesteading full time. My husband and I, along with our 10 children, homestead in SC, but my husband is self-employed in the city with a long commute. I hope one day we can figure out how to bring him home. Thank you so much!
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Rebecca in SC
Great information and a joy listening to again and again.
There are so many homestead/prepper/simple-living podcasts out there. Some of them are okay, but most are…you know. Tim’s podcast (The Self-Sufficient Life) is a breath of fresh air. It is full of valuable information and is very easy to listen to. Thank you, Tim, for the time and effort you invest into every episode. By the way, I really enjoy the episodes when Liz joins the conversation. Her personality is a joy!
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Much Needed Info!
I happened upon this podcast about 1 week ago. I listen to every one that I get my hands on. I hope to make my jump in 90 to 120 days and listening has helped me close some unforeseen gaps.
Been following Tim and Liz from the beginning and so grateful for these new season.. I wait every week for the email and link. Wohoo!!
Great take on an interview type show
Typically I'm not interested in interview podcasts, but this one is assembled in such a way that makes it very listenable.
Informative & Entertaining
I'm outside the target market for this podcast, but I keep coming back because Tim Young does such a great job creating interesting stories about his interview subjects. I really appreciate how he curates the experience with music and extra information to add context. Probably my favorite part is how he does 3 take away points at the end of each podcast - it reminds me of things I want to remember and consider further. I've learned a lot and will keep listening.
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Excellent info
Great podcast. Good and useful information. Pleasure to listen too. Keep up the good work!
Always a great listen!
I am a new farmer and have followed Tim and Liz through out multiple podcasts as i was preparing and gathering information on farming. I always appreciate there knowledge of the subject they are dealing with and the humor along the way. I have learned a lot from the podcasts and continue to look forward to the most recent one.There focus on Homesteading has brough some great new info to the table. Keep up the great work! We are listening on the Big Island of Hawaii -Darrell
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Hawaii Mountain Farmer
Outstanding Production!
This is the absolute best homesteading podcast out there right now...maybe ever! I thoroughly enjoy each episode. So informational, entertaining and inspirational. Please keep them coming!
beudyful chicks
Love this podcast!
I really like the positivity of this self-sufficiency podcast. The stories and lessons are entertaining, informational, and inspirational. I will keep listening to this!
Love listening!
I always enjoy listening to Tim and Liz, and I appreciate that they share the details of their lives as homesteaders! I highly recommend this podcast.
The is the Best podcast bar none
This is the best podcasts for homesteaders or as far as I'm conerned the best and most interesting pocast out today. I love it!
Always interesting- great podcast!
Hello y'all! Tim consistently puts together a great podcast. I look forward to hearing each week's episode. Lots of fabulous guest interviews and real life self- sufficient information especially from Tim & his lovely wife. Tim makes podcasting look (sound) easy-- it's not! SELF-SUFFICIENT LIFE IS A PODCAST YOU CANNOT MISS!
Love it!
In particular, I really enjoy listening to him chat with his wife about their homesteading journey. She is a delight! Very inspiring stories from other homesteaders, also.
Your story could be here someday...
This podcast pulls, instead of pushes, people into the positive frame of mind needed get going on the homestead dreams we have. Lots of great podcasts out there, but I often hear a lot of preaching and guilt about wasted time, laziness, etc. Not here. I think people do sometimes need a push to get going but adult responsibilities are real and become overwhelming. We start and stop over and over and get bogged down ending up where we started. Instead of telling us what to do, Tim takes stories of people who found better ways to live and relates them to our lives, highlighting how we too can stand up, start walking, and step over the first hurdles to get where we need to be. Like some other commenters, I first thought this was a college class presentation podcast. Very high quality production.
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quality podcast
great stories - excellent production quality. My go-to podcast for school commutes with the kids (they enjoy it too!)
Cheeto hog
Entertaining and informative
Tim has a style that makes you feel like he's in the room talking right to YOU. It's fun to listen, and the information and guests are always interesting. I always learn something when listening to one of the shows. Thoroughly enjoyable - way to go, Tim!!
Leslie Kupkowski
Love it!
Highly inspirational!!!
Hungry for more!!!
My husband and I left the rat race 6 years ago, but had to hobble back to it a year later to afford things the farm needed and then support a baby. This podcast inspires me in so many ways and lets me know it's possible, even if the 1st time wasn't successful. I can't wait to see all the great ideas to try and leave the unsustainable lifestyle behind again... this time, for good! 😊
Toni ALL Account
5 Stars!!
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It helps me get through my Friday's at work.
Great Podcast
I really enjoy the content and the delivery. These episodes are chock full of value for beginners and folks already living or in the process of transitioning to the country and self sufficient life.
I hope this is my future
I have a small homestead now and hope to move to a larger one. I have learned a lot already and really enjoy these podcasts!
Well done!
Nicely done, NPR-style interviews with people who have done what the rest of us want to do. Keeps me going until I can get there too.
Good Info
Lots of good info and ideas
Motivating, Informative and Entertaining!
Hands down my favorite new podcast! I rank this up there with Homegrown Liberty and The Survival Podcast. It's suprising that this is new because the production quality is top notch, to the degree that you woudl think he's been doing this for a while! The content is awesome. These stories are so motivating and captivating. The music in the background really drives the mood of the story and the narative is very well written. It's like listening to an exciting audiobook, but better. Love this podcast and look forward to new episodes every week.
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Class of 2000 rude boy
Very informative
I've listened to these multiple times now to get a better grasp on self sufficient design.
Have been following Tim and Liz since their Nature's Harmony days. Have always found their journey to be inspiring. The Self-Sufficient Life podcasts are excellent! Wish I had started my journey earlier in life.
Always helpful
Tim is a great podcaster and a wealth of knowledge. I hope he always has something going to keep me informed and entertained.
To be honest, my expectations were far exceeded with this podcast. As someone who has dabbled in audio recording/mixing, I can tell you that the author spent a LOT of time editing these episodes. In my humble opinion, it's one of the best podcasts I've heard in its genre. I love how the stories are all intertwined into a larger narrative of self sufficiency and simple living. I don't know if I'd love farming, but the podcast has challenged me to think differently and start moving in a different direction.
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Great Show!
Great information about being self-sufficient - practical too!
Gives me hope and encouragement
The self-sufficient life podcast is a wonderful resource that encourages, inspires and motivates me to continue on this journey of homesteading.
The PA homesteaders journal
So Inspirational... I'm pumped up!
After listening to the first two podcasts, I'm just so inspired. These podcasts are very professionally laid out, and they keep you interested. I've got a bit of a following on Instagram for my small homestead, but now I'm thinking I need to step it up and start producing an income! During each episode so far, the gears are turning in my head thanks to all the wonderful ideas, advice, and encouragement in each and every minute. I've been a fan of Tim Young for a while now, and even though I'm not normally into podcasts, I have a feeling this will quickly become part of my weekly routine. I really am excited to move onto the next podcast and get caught up - it seems each one is better than the last! Keep up the good work, Tim. We're all forever thankful to you for sharing your knowledge, experience, and awesome friends with us!
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Emily@Little Baby Farm
It's great to hear stories about and advice from people who have successfully made the jump to a more self sufficient life. My wife and I are on that journey as well, and the financial focus of the podcasts is perfect for us right now, as we are both in our second year of home-based self-employment.
Mike Maines/Ridge Pond Farm
Tim Young does a fabulous job talking with some very interesting people about their journey into modern homesteading. This has quickly become my favorite podcast. I think you will enjoy it too!
Derek Smiley
Loving all the motivation!
As a small farm with already being homeschoolers and home steaders we are looking forward to having our own business too and creating our own income. Its very encouraging listening to all of these interviews on how others went through the same process we are going through to get where we want to be. Hope and lots of tools are what these interviews deliver. We especially relate to Ep. #1 and the gaots milk soap business as we press on with our loose leaf tea and herbal salve business. Thanks for sharing all these lovely stories... I'd recommed Abundant Permaculture for one of your next ones ;) They would fit right in!
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St. Fiacre's Farm
Looking forward to the next
I've enjoyed each one. I look forward to hearing more. They are well done and well put together, and completely enjoyable to listen to and Inspiring!!! Thank you.
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