Two friends dive deep into the art of horror and all things spooky and terrifying. Join our hosts as they review films, discuss urban legends and look into real life horror!
Episode 24: Vodka & Crime Time
This week our hosts are diving back into the world of true crime!  They each brought two stories, and things get pretty festive.Make sure to watch HEXED on YouTube: sure to RATE, FOLLOW and SHARE:
Nov 22
1 hr 12 min
Episode 23: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
Let’s be honest, we all have a thing for leather daddies and this one even knows how to sew.Our favorite is throwing gender norms out of the window and we’re all about it.Tell granny to let you inside and get your chainsaws ready ‘cause this week, our hosts are delving into the 2003 remake, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003).Make sure to share and rate:
Nov 15
1 hr 14 min
Episode 22: Halloween (2018)
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!This week our hosts are discussing the 2018 smash hit HALLOWEEN. 40 years after murdering her friends, Laurie will have to face her demon in Michael Myers. There will be blood... RATE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE the podcast!  Follow us:
Oct 31
1 hr 21 min
Episode 21: The Craft
Enter this circle with love and trust in your heart.  This week we are discussing the legendary, supernatural thriller THE CRAFT.  The hierarchy of high school and the need for power all come to a head in this 1996 classic.  May the best witch win... Make sure to RATE and SUBSCRIBE. Follow us:
Oct 25
1 hr 5 min
Episode 20: Trick 'r Treat
Grab your snacks, make it candy corn and get ready for a dive into spooky season!  This week our hosts are covering the Halloween anthology, TRICK 'R TREAT!  Make sure you're following the rules of the holiday, or you may just get a visit from Sam... Make sure to leave us a rating AND subscribe!  Follow us:
Oct 18
1 hr 12 min
Episode 19: IT (2017)
Would you be able to face your fears and take on the otherworldly Pennywise head on?  This week our hosts are discussing the 2017 smash hit IT!  They also discuss the trailer for THE CRAFT: LEGACY, the set photos surrounding SCREAM 5 and more! Make sure to subscribe, rate and share! Follow us:
Oct 4
1 hr
Episode 18: The Blair Witch Project
This week we are celebrating our friend Shannon's birthday! We will be taking on the 1999 classic THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Sit back and enjoy the ride, and make sure to avoid any piles of rocks. RATE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! Follow us:
Sep 20
1 hr 6 min
Episode 17: Chillin' & Killin'
This week our hosts are kicking their feet up and talking about whatever they want!  Strange disappearances, murder and exorcism are ALL on the table.  Grab a snack and get ready to chill and kill.  Make sure to follow and subscribe!  Rate the podcast and share it!
Sep 13
1 hr 34 min
Episode 16: Jawbreaker
Sometimes a harmless prank can take a deadly turn!  This week our hosts are discussing the 1999 cult classic JAWBREAKER.  Everything is just so peachy keen!  Make sure to RATE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast!  Follow us:
Sep 6
1 hr 42 min
Episode 15: Last Shift
This graveyard shift just took a turn for the deadly!  This week our hosts take on the 2014 film LAST SHIFT.  Not everything is as it seems at this isolated police station. Make sure to subscribe, comment, share and RATE the podcast!  Give us a follow:
Aug 30
1 hr 25 min
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