Debbie DeMontreux & PJ Mehaffey
Get SLAPPED by Debbie DeMontreux & PJ Mehaffey, best friends podcasting from the bowels of Debbie's walk-in closet in suburban New Jersey. They've been making each other laugh for over a decade and thought it was high time they share their silliness with y'all. PJ is a sasspot with dyed platinum hair and a sharp talent for interior decorating. Debbie is an extreme couponer who loves a stiff cocktail and a great manicured nail. Their stories and shenanigans are sure to BACKSLAP you.
Game of Thrones and a Fond Farewell
After years of the Game of Thrones cultural phenomenon taking hold of America's neck and squeezing it into submission, Debbie finally dips a toe into the GoT pool and promptly dives right in, never to be seen again. PJ channels his best Khaleesi with a boxed color platinum. Plus Debbie and PJ have an announcement about Slapped so be sure to listen to the end for what's to come. Don your shiniest chest shield, grab your sword and come hang out with us, for winter is coming!
Jun 25, 2018
35 min
Tragedy Highway
A barred Roseanne, prison reform thanks to Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle's wrinkled wedding gown and Harvey Weinstein's indicted ass...we are cruising down Tragedy Highway with wild abandon. But watch out...we're changing lanes to rejoice HBO's The Tale, Mac Highlighter and Timothee Chalamet in Ladybird. Pop it into cruise control and come hang out with us!
Jun 5, 2018
23 min
Today's Temp Will Be in the 80s
Espirit, Laser Discs, Ricky Schroeder, Sticker Collections...we are Bob Fosse-ing our way down memory lane of the greatest era that ever existed. The 80s! Load up your frothy glass and your bedazzle gun and come hang out with us!
May 30, 2018
33 min
At Your Service
The quirky characters we've encountered in retail stores has lead to getting more than what we've paid for. Plus a determined wasp takes residence in PJ's screened in porch while Debbie takes residence in her local liquor store buyer's ear to ensure he maintains his White Claw inventory now that they are advertising on Bravo. Crack a cold, crisp one and come hang out with us! 
May 23, 2018
23 min
This Is America
Donald Glover for President! Praising the artistic genius of his incomparable song and video THIS IS AMERICA and the creeptastic ATLANTA episode entitled "Teddy Perkins". Plus, getting caught littering and stealing because hey, that too is America. Spring has finally sprung y'all. Come hang out with us!
May 15, 2018
29 min
Me Happy
A Sister Wives marathon on TLC leads to an unsuccessful attempt at explaining polygamy to a 13 year old. Plus March For Our Lives and our outrage over gun control. Drop your gun, grab one of your wives and come hang out with us!
May 7, 2018
27 min
Dirty Hot
Have you ever found yourself oddly attracted to a somewhat unconventionally attractive person? That's what we call "dirty hot". John Cena, Michael Avenatti, Chris Cuomo, Jared Harris, Steve Carell...we're not always in agreement on who's considered to be a dirty hot and who's just plain hot. Plus the dirty details about TLC's Dr. Pimple Popper and My 600 Lb. Life. And our peaked curiosity over the life of a professional fluffer. Choose to get hot and dirty and come hang out with us!    
Apr 30, 2018
27 min
Twerkin' It & Jerkin' It in NOLA
A twerk class, a heterosexual hook-up at a gay bar, baked Alaska and shots fired in a pizza parlor. Just a few of the many shenanigans that went down during a trip to New Orleans to celebrate a friend's 40th. This said friend's nickname is RAGE. Are you surprised? Well don't be and come hang out with us!
Apr 23, 2018
25 min
It's Spring Break y'all. So while we're delayed in getting our next episode posted, we are gifting you with a compilation of PJ's overuse of certain terminology. Note: this compilation was pulled from one hour-long recording session. No repeats. Just straight up PJ, valley girling it in the raw. Soooo liiiiiiike, enjoy.
Apr 16, 2018
1 min
He Hung Up On Her
Due to an extremely frustrating trip to Maplewood, PJ hangs up on Debbie during an active phone conversation. But as best betches always do, they talk it out, air it out and hug it out. Get in on this hug and come hang out with us!
Apr 9, 2018
28 min
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