Sixteen by Nine (16x9)
Sixteen by Nine (16x9)
Robert Davidson
Pop culture recap show specializing in prestige television based on existing graphic novels (comics). First up, Amazon Prime's The boys. We will be getting to HBO's Watchmen, Netflix's Sandman and eventually FX's Y: The Last Man. (And many others, we hope)
Sixteen by Nine Ep.3 "The Boys" Episodes 5&6
In this late night record the gang dive in to episodes five and six of the boys and discuss Starlight's crisis of faith, a creepy baptism by fire, the introduction of Mesmer, Hughie and Butcher's differences of opinion and much more! Catch up with The Boys -with us!
Aug 18, 2019
1 hr 6 min
Sixteen by Nine Ep.2 "The Boys" Episodes 3&4
Part 2 of 4 of our deep dive into "The Boys"
Aug 6, 2019
59 min
Sixteen by Nine Ep.1 "The Boys" Episodes 1&2
Sixteen by Nine kicks off it's run with the first of a four part break down of Amazon Prime's "The Boys"
Aug 1, 2019
43 min
Introducing Sixteen by Nine
Introducing Sixteen by Nine (16x9) The new recap and review podcast about prestige television shows based on beloved graphic novels. We'll be watching HBO's Watchmen, FX's Y: The Last Man and Netflix's Sandman but to start it all of we will be diving into Amazon Prime's The Boys!
Jul 24, 2019
1 min