Sins of Detroit
Sins of Detroit
George Hunter
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Extremely important stuff!
As a fierce advocate for the innocence project, I’m disgusted but sadly not shocked! We need more of these reports to reach as many people as possible! Please listen GET MAD AND JOIN THE FIGHT FOR CHANGE!! From prosecutorial immunity to wrongful convictions and everything in between, this has to stop! Im begging everyone to listen and demand change for OUR PEOPLE! The United States is currently locking women up at a speed no other country can catch up to! If you think it can’t happen to you, THINK AGAIN! This isn’t only a black or poor issue (although they do make up the majority of wrongful convictions) this is an everyone issue! ASK FOR AN ATTORNEY SAY NOTHING THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! YOU ARE NOT “HELPING” this is happening TODAY! We’ve put a huge dent in it but it’s still staggering and righting a wrong is beyond hard not to mention zero accountability or even apologies!
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