Silver and Black Today - A Las Vegas Raiders Show
Silver and Black Today - A Las Vegas Raiders Show
Silver and Black Today
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These guys sound like Raider haters
And why do they keep having that anti-vaxxer doctor on? If I wanted to hear that “plandemic” nonsense I would’ve voted for trump
7 Round Mock Draft Episode
Come on guys!!! You need to be on your A game. How could you mock a 6th round pick when the Raiders don’t hold one???
Love the energy
Love the energy and with Hondo (spl?) this is the format for me!
Rockin Rollin Raiders
Got nothing but mad love for the podcast, Scott and Q are the best when it comes to giving us the Raider crunch on and off the field. Enjoy listening you guys daily! Go Raiders!!
Q is the man
The reason why I listen
Q is the reason
I gave this a listen because of Q Myers (he is fantastic and a must listen for raider fans).
Q is the man!
Love Q Gully is ok stop having Sam and Ash on I get it they’re sponsors but we don’t care what they think. sorry they can’t get deep into the game. Just “politically correct answers” Why don’t u have a segment and every week u start w/ an era so these new Vegas fans understand our deep history. So then they go to games and see the old school players jerseys from The Assassin, Mutuzak, shoot ZACK CROCKETT (which I will rock at my 1st game in Vegas next year hopefully) etc.. even then ugly years lol Like it but can be better
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My Boy “Q” in da house
Q takes this show over the top, humble and hardworking Dude!...follow all his pods. #Raidernation
Raider AL
You have my two favorite pods on one show it dont get no better
Raider Al from Georgia
Great show!
Been listening since the start of last season and have been a fan of the show but with Your Boy Q now on full time, I’m making sure to make time to listen to the show or podcast daily! Keep up the informative and honest Raiders talk. With all the Raiders podcast out there, this one along with Qs Locked on Raiders, I now have my daily Raiders fix. Thanks and good luck guys. Go Raiders!!!!!
Mechanical Heart
Way better than the official Raiders pod!
Great podcast. Lots of timely information. Beats “Upon Further Review” by a mile. Great info and real football talk.
Could improve
The show is solid hate the political commercials and the fact that they post tidbits as well as the full show just put the full show I hate that I get a million alerts to listen to 10 mins of something I’ve already listened too
Q Meyers
Has improved the show dramatically! Well done. Love the podcast! Lessss goooo Raidernation!!!
Isla Vista SB
I’d rather hear Kelly complain.
Raider Beyond
Your boy Q
Bring that man on full time. Best voice in podcasts, from voice quality to his takes and opinions... it’d be a smart business move to bring him on board
Please post podcast earlier
I am a big fan of the show but noticed that podcasts do not get released until Sunday morning. Makes it difficult to listen to before game, not enough time. Thursday or Friday release would be much better. No one will listen to a preview of the game after the game.
Why are these guys doing this?!?
I have listened to good bad and ugly Raiders podcasts. Usually the bad and the ugly are because of poor recording equipment or just poor ability to speak “on air”. This podcast has me completely confused, the guys on this podcast do not want to talk anything Raiders, and the only time you hear passion or clear intent is when they talk down about the team or players. Locked on Raiders, & the Pillaging Podcast are 1000% better. This podcast deserves ZERO support from reader fans.
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Not Raider fans
If you want to hear a few guys that don’t like the Raiders talk about the Raiders this is your show. At times it feels like they’re mocking the Raiders. There are plenty of good Raider Podcasts made by fans for fans. 2 stars because they do have good guests and interviews occasionally.
At first I liked this show. But, overtime, I’ve found them to be overly critical and mocking of the Raiders. There is no reason they cannot find the glass half full, but they want to find the glass half empty. Ever since the draft, I’ve found the show to be a Raiders criticism piece. Perhaps they think they are more credible journalists by being negative, but there is a lot of good things happening with the Raiders so why mock all the things you can mock! Not a way to build an audience with Raiders fans! They also seem overly know it all — like why should they have that credibility with us?! We don’t know them!
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Tom in Burlingame
Arrogant a holes
Wanted to like this one. Unfortunately Scott, LVGully, is an arrogant arsehat on Twitter to people. Pass.
Legs Asleep
Looking for new Raider Podcast
So I have been listening to Raider podcasts since the OG Raider Nation podcast with Raider Greg and Raider Randy (check it out). I grew in So Cal rooting for the LA Raiders so I am not loyal to Oak or Vegas. I have been in the military for 17 years so I move a lot, including multiple overseas locations. I look high and low for any “good” Raider podcast and sadly there are not that many. I stumbled upon S&B Today and started to really enjoy since the Oak station 95.7 the Game stopped talking Raiders out of spite. But lately all the S&B Today has been doing is talking trash on Oakland and telling them “to get over it” and “Nobody does it bigger or better than Vegas.” As a Raider fan I don’t care where they play but this move has turned into a contentious issue and instead of being sympathetic, the S&B Today are just making Oakland fans hate Vegas even more. I just want to hear about my Raiders fellas. We get it “you won” but let’s not forgot it’s only because Mark Davis couldn’t get LA. I would like to continue listening but might have to keep looking if you can’t stop being pretentious about having an NFL team.
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MntnChp Lover
Scott Winter fired
So much potential here... unfortunately a Hard Pass with main contributor Scott Winter let go. Raider Nation never forgets LVGully 🏴
Do Our Best!
Podast keeps it simple and looks at the Raiders on and off the field with special focus on the move to Las Vegas. Worth your time Raider Nation!