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Thank you for sharing. I admire your honesty and openness.
Beyond courageous. I can’t actually believe when I just heard. Of course I believe her but I really cannot imagine. I truly hope she finds lasting peace and happiness.
Impressive courage
I admire Raquel’s ability to honestly confront so much trauma head-on. She explains details so hard to navigate back through and does so in a way that is so eloquent, I had to remind myself she was only 25. The best and hardest part for me was her addressing how she had become implicit in the cycle of abuse. Incredibly hard for most people to admit. In response to the reviews critiquing her voice or delivery.. snap out of it. This is not a fictional story curated to your taste. This is a personal account of something she has endured and been processing over the last 10+ years. It’s not meant to be entertaining.
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Meow Along
Raw and sobering
Thank you for using your voice to bring the issue of sexual abuse to the surface. It gives so much strength to others!
Amazingly well done
A truly raw, real, and beautiful exploration of a difficult past for this young woman and her entire family. So important to hear, and so important to have been said out loud. Bravo to you all, and especially to Raquel for taking ownership of her place in the cycle as both a victim and an abuser.
This was one of the best and most interesting podcasts that really taps into the effect of abuse and the power of overcoming. It moved me. I was sad when it came to an end. Very powerful!
Princess Di 34
Lived Experience & Reflection
Pretty raw lived experiences of an extended family unit. Hopefully intense stories like this will increase trauma informed care, reduce child trauma, and reduce victim stigma. I was interested throughout the short series and am grateful for the bravery of all the individuals featured in this podcast.
Such a brave family sharing their courageous and well told story of real life issues which are usually kept in secret. This will help so many people.
The delivery needed work.
The story was interesting and hard to listen to, which I think was good (based on the subject matter), but the hosts delivery sounds extremely tired and bored. This was so distracting that it made it difficult to focus on the subject. I respect her and her families ability to be open about their experiences. Unfortunately I felt like it was forced in the direction of her story when there where many more extreme events occurring outside of her personal experience. Her voice is so emotionless and monotone and it’s such a huge contrast to all of the accounts she delivers. I finished it, but I wouldn’t listen to anything else by the creator.
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Hard to understand—takes forever to get to the point
Woke Drivel
This is the first 1 star review I have gave. I typically enjoy a broad variety of opinions and topics. To be fair to the podcast creator I only listened to 18 minutes of the first episode. I really wanted to like this but the amount of subjective experience being treated as truth was a real bummer. Some people may like this but if you require empirical evidence before you believe something you probably won’t.
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So brave. Great podcast.
This family is so brave & I really admire them for using their truth to try and help others. It wasn’t just a podcast about their own trauma, but also brought in a deeper facet as to how it all relates to us as a society, and breaking the cycle. To the Medusa person who left that rather insensitive review about not understanding how they could possibly try to forgive their father etc.. it seems you are a bit ignorant on the subject of childhood abuse and should not be judging how they choose to tackle their demons and move forward in life.
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Silent Waves
Inspiring. This family deserves happiness. Matt is an awesome brother.
It struck me at the end that she makes the remark or asks the question of her brother Matt, If he thinks it’s easier for them to forgive him because he gave them good things in their childhood? Is it really for them to forgive him for what he did to Gabriel? Forgiveness is not theirs to give for the damage he did to Gabriel and the childhood he stole from him. I wonder how she would feel if others in her family said that they had forgiven the relative who sexually molesting her? She needs to focus on that forgiveness, because that’s her to give. She must accept who her father was. He was not a good person. Forgiving him is not really part of that process IMO. You love him still? Ok but don’t call it forgiveness. There is absolutely no excuse for physically abusing another person. She seems to think that it’s ok because she is female? She is working on it? No. You stop doing it. There is no degree of assault verbal or physical that is acceptable to inflict on others. If this was a man physically abusing a woman? He’d be in jail. There would be no tolerating it while he was working on it. Part of the last episode seems a lot like wallowing in victimhood and making excuses for your bad behavior. Wow Marlon. I feel sad for him. I think he’s traumatized. Left me feeling like he is the victim that is being ignored. Convulsing? You mean epileptic seizures? I’m a bit confused.
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the modern medusa
I have often heard that pedifiles were made by being victims of abuse themselves. This doesn’t condone their actions, not everyone thats been abused become an abuser. It’s more about a control issue than sexual. I wonder if Ralph had been abused?
Pamela JBH
Such a well told story. Very heartbreaking but also inspiring to see how they all try to move forward from their past. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share and for advocating for survivors of sexual abuse.
Phenomenally done podcast
This is heartbreaking, and hard to listen to but it’s well done. It opened my eyes to what was right in front of me.
Such a strong inspirational group of people come together for this podcast. Covering so many important topics- racism, child abuse, suicide, self-help and personal growth. In 7 short episodes this is a must listen!
Randi EUG
Great podcast
Great podcast. My heart goes out to all.
this is truly an incredible series of past trauma, trauma perpetuation, and this vital story of breaking ancestral trauma through your brother and personal traumas with yourself and other family members. thank you for your beautiful contribution to further the narrative of abuse from the perspective of a person on their journey of healing. hearing you take a moment to speak on restorative justice had so much truth, hardness, and deep empathy. I am proud of you for healing and taking all of these steps to undue these things for your future. 5/5 ✨
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Adrian Scott
Thank you for sharing your story! I think more people need to be educated about this topic. You did a great job talking about a topic that has affected you.
Absolutely brilliant! Powerful story telling that moves you to your core.
Powerful story, strong family, honest beyond honest. I was blown away by how this story unfolded and the way this family rallied around each other. I was quite taken by how Matthew seems to have a maturity far beyond his years and clearly appears to have seamlessly taken on the role as family patriarch and hero.
What a brave family
This podcast is very different than anything I’ve ever listened to. The strength and resilience that each family member has displayed is a testament to their love for each other. Keep shining a light!
Incredibly powerful
The family members involved are open and honest with one another in the way that consistently drives the healing process. Incredibly told story
i pretend I'm canadian
One the most heartfelt things I’ve listened to
I am a mother of a daughter that was abused by a family member. I am also a victim of sexual abuse, not by a stranger. This podcast has me reeling in emotions on so many levels. I appreciate her honesty, her strength and willingness to share. Everyone of us has a story. Raquel put her story out into this world to heal and help others. I think she is magnificent!
Difficult to listen to but well worth it
Thanks for sharing this story. Very well done.
eg portland
Thank you for sharing your story. I feel truly inspired by your vulnerability, bravery and resilience.
Great listen
You go girl. Congratulations on your successful journey
No words can explain all of these peoples courage !!! All I can say is thank you !!!
I found this podcast from Case Files and I am amazed by the strength and live of this family. This is a must listen for everyone. The honesty and love between these siblings and especially feeling the strong emotions of being mixed race of the older child is something That resonates with me as I grew up without knowledge of my African heritage too. Thank you for this series! Bless this family.
lei lei 431
I Tried
The story is sadly fascinasting, but the narration is so monotone it drives me to distraction. Maybe in a visual documentary it wouldn't be so difficult to take, but in a completely audio format it just doesn't work. I listened to three episodes and had to quit/unsubscribe. Every time it came up in my feed, I skipped it because I just couldn't get past that delivery.
Very relatable! Love the way they present the story. Sending lots of love xxx
Well done
This cast is perfectly presented and I think does a real service for our fellow human beings. I thank the family for being so brutally honest. I would recommend this to anyone.
Painfully honest and beautifully told.
This is raw and brutally honest. Shined a much needed light on the cycle of abuse that is perpetuating many victims and families.
Fiona Justine
I can’t rave about this podcast enough. Through the course of 3 days I binge listened to the whole series at any down time I had throughout the day. In breaking their silence and coming to terms with abuse that was inflicted upon multiple members in one family, I believe they opened doors for many other victims who’ve experienced sexual abuse to speak out. Through all the interviews Raquel had with each family member I was brought to tears multiple times in hearing the bonding that was taking place in sharing their experiences together; particularly with her mother and youngest brother. Best podcast of 2019 I’ve listened to! Just so Powerful
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Your Story Tells Lives Of Many...
Not only does your story give others the familiarity, helping bring their dark to light.. But it helps show them they can speak about it and conquer its shadows. In addition, it aides families to see how coming together actually works out better in the end than turning the other cheek. Because some of us got as far as having the power to reach out to our loved ones, just to be shunned. Hopefully you start a cycle that paves a path to take when trauma smothers reality. Stay strong, I envy (in a good way) how loving your family is!
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Nike Noodle
Quite Moving
This podcast is very well done, the interviews are difficult to listen to because the emotion is so raw but it’s a story the should be told. Amazing work.
Excellent & sad
Raequell told her story, & invited her family to tell their stories of sexual abuse together along with her which made the entire effort of the telling much more meaningful to me personally. It’s obvious it was a grueling yet healing experience for all but possibly Gabriel. I hope healing comes for him in time with such an amazing family surrounding him & that he does not push you all away! These folks either aren’t real or are the most loving, amazing, wonderful, caring, people I’ve ever had the pleasure of whose story to be exposed to! What a happy ending point! Except for Gabriel! But given he only hooked back up with them ‘2’ weeks ago perhaps he’s doing even better now or will over the course of time! He’s got a great family if they let him in like I think they will because that’s their way.
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Excellent story telling
Loved this series - very engaging and easy to binge listen. The narrator has a great cadence and I hope she continues to make more podcasts. The story is super sad, enraging and terrible - but it’s like, and EXCELLENT podcast and so well told.
Bugs from Portland
Heartbreaking yet riveting.
Thank you (and your family) for sharing this story. Very well done.
Powerful and Urgent
Familial sexual abuse is an unspoken scourge in our society and stories like this need to be told. It’s fascinating to go behind-the-scenes of a trial and hear what the victim and her family were thinking. A very well-done podcast.
Gently-used Merkin
Powerful and poignant
Title says it all. Praying for the entire families continued healing.
Isn't okay
It takes real strength to share the deep secrets and trauma of a family in a way that respects each member. I feel for Raquel and her family after all they’ve been through. But I am confident that they will be okay because they are able to speak their truths and work through their trauma together. A truly poignant story that needs to be heard. Thank you.
Honest and Raw
I rarely write a review, but I can’t resist on this one. The narrator opened her soul and that is a rarity in the podcasts I listen to. The courage it took to do this podcast is rare. She has/is facing her demons head on and I loved this podcast. I hope it was cathartic for her. She deserves peace. Don’t miss out. Worth every minute of your time.
Not engaging
I’m a huge fan of casefile and was eager to listen to this show because it was recommended by them. It’s not engaging at all. Listened to the first three episodes and did not carento listen to the rest.
Beautiful and Heartbreaking
This podcast is incredible. For Raquel to put herself, her family and their traumas out into the world takes so much courage!!! Sadly, her story isn’t unique to her; however by sharing it she will empower others with similar trauma to seek treatment and tell their own stories. The podcast is also has top notch production quality, as does everything Casefile publishes. I wish only the best for Raquel and her family, they deserve to have lives of peace and tranquillity!
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Absolutely Brilliant
Sorry for the length of my review but I really wanted to share my experience. As a survivor of family sexual abuse by a cousin our stories are very similar. The abuse started when I was 11 and continued until I was 15. There is way more to the story including an older brother but Raquel and her expert contributors shared much of what I went through. I’m 48 and have been struggling with PTSD for decades. I am so grateful for this Podcast because family sexual abuse is so prevalent and has continued since the beginning of the human race. I’m also a social worker and worked for Child Protective Services as well as with sex offenders in a prison treatment program so I fully understand how imperative it is that all people need to know the facts and consequences. Otherwise, this will never stop and this heinous cycle will continue to wreak havoc in the lives of everyone who is connected. 93% of juvenile victims knew the perpetrator and yet the public is not informed. Fear of, “the white van” persists. Thank you Raquel
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A 5-Star Show
Poignant, emotional, and well-produced. Raquel’s bravery, story telling, and honest familial conversations portray a darker side of family dynamics that are not talked about enough. Her bravery and humanity is compelling. I look forward to future episodes.
Nothing to see here
Nothing to capture my interest. Sadly, an all too common story in more families than one unaffected by sexual abuse could ever imagine. The narrators and contributors to this podcast, however, are just not compelling.
Mildre's Marie
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