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Posting Through It is a bi-weekly podcast about our modern political disorder and tech dystopia. Each episode features host Jared Holt interviewing an expert guest.There's a newsletter, too. You can read it at
#186: StewAnon (with 'Did Nothing Wrong', feat. Mike Rothschild)
This episode was made in collaboration with Did Nothing Wrong, a podcast hosted by Jay McKenzie and Griff Sombke, and features a chat with mis/disinfo researcher and author Mike Rothschild. We talk about Jim Stewartson, a self-proclaimed 'anti-disinformation activist' who has some conspiracy theories about, well, conspiracy theories. Then, we talk to Mike about the prevalence of conspiracy theories on the political left, the differences between those and right-wing conspiracy theories, and how we can spot them.Mike Rothschild on Twitter: @rothschildmdJay McKenzie on Twitter: @jamesfourmGriff Sombke on Twitter: @GrzabjjSupport the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Mar 20
51 min
#185: CPAC 2023 and doxing neo-Nazis (feat. Christopher Mathias)
Christopher Mathias joins the show to talk about his experience at the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference, a.k.a. CPAC. Jared and Chris talk about the event's lacking attendance, surrounding scandals, and attacks on trans people. Then, Chris tells us about the latest "Terrorgram" propagandist to have had their identity revealed.Chris' Twitter: @letsgomathiasChris' favorite thing online: Videos of Border Collies herding sheep on InstagramSupport the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Mar 6
33 min
#184: The chatbots are here. What could go wrong? (feat. Ed Zitron)
Ed Zitron joined the show to talk about Microsoft and Google's planned rollouts of AI chatbots into their search engines and the risks of applying the technology across people's lives recklessly.Ed's Twitter: @EdZitronEd's Newsletter:'s favorite thing online: the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Feb 20
42 min
#183: Alex Jones is living in hell (feat. Michael Hayden)
Michael E. Hayden joins the show to talk about text messages the Southern Poverty Law Center obtained from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The messages reveal a conflict between the on-air persona that Jones embodies and the real Jones that lives in "hell."Mike’s favorite thing online: @goth_videosIt's Gonna Be a Long Night newsletterLinks:NYT: DeSantis/Trump pollVanity Fair: ‘RON DESANTIS SUCCESSFULLY BULLIES THE COLLEGE BOARD INTO TAILORING AP AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES TO THE NEEDS OF FRAGILE WHITE PEOPLE’Reason: National Conservatives Can't Find a Good Excuse for Viktor Orbán's Inflation DisasterSPLC: Infowars’ Alex Jones Says He Lives ‘in Hell,’ Texts ShowSPLC: Alex Jones’ Texts Highlight Infowars Overlap with Proud BoysSupport the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Feb 6
57 min
#182: Flounder with Crowder (feat. Amanda Moore)
Amanda Moore joins the show to talk about Steven Crowder's contract drama, her latest article for Talking Points Memo about Nick Fuentes and Ye, the conservative gas stove freak-out, and more. Amanda has spent extended time undercover in far-right MAGA communities and uses her first-hand observations from that time to inform her reporting and commentary.Follow Amanda on Twitter: @noturtlesoup17Read her latest in Talking Points Memo: Why The Ongoing Nick Fuentes-Ye Alliance Is So DangerousSupport the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Jan 23
49 min
New Year, New Mailbag (feat. You)
Jared opened up the Posting Through It voicemail and text message inbox for listener questions and comments. In this episode, he reacts to those messages.Support the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Jan 22
28 min
#181: They worked on the Capitol riot investigation (feat. Meghan Conroy & Alex Newhouse)
Meghan Conroy and Alex Newhouse worked for the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol as investigator and investigative analyst, respectively. They join Posting Through It on the second anniversary of the Capitol riot to talk about the work they did in the Congressional investigation, particularly related to the roles social media platforms had in the attack.Read their essay in Just Security: Insiders’ View of the January 6th Committee’s Social Media InvestigationFollow Meghan Conroy: @meghaneconroyFollow Alex Newhouse: @AlexBNewhouseThe Where's Waldo-style Insurrectionist illustration: the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Jan 6
49 min
#180: Christian nationalism logs into America (feat. Dr. Anthea Butler)
Dr. Anthea Butler is a historian of African American and American religion who serves as the Chair of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She joins the show to discuss the influence of Christian nationalism in American politics and how it expresses itself online. Host Jared Holt and Dr. Butler discuss the uprising of the movement, its impacts on modern politics, and the white supremacy in its subtext.Follow Dr. Anthea Butler on Twitter: @AntheaButler the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Dec 19, 2022
33 min
#179: Are the kids all Right? (feat. Kyle Spencer)
Kyle Spencer is an award-winning journalist and the author of "Raising Them Right: The Untold Story of America's Ultraconservative Youth Movement." Kyle explains how political activists like Charlie Kirk have risen to power in a new era of internet-forward youth outreach by the conservative movement, bringing with them increasingly radical messages.Follow Kyle Spencer on Twitter: @KyleYSpencerGrab a copy of "Raising Them Right" by Kyle Spencer: CLICK HERESpencer's favorite thing: 'Echo 3' on Apple TVJared's favorite thing: 'Kleo' on NetflixSupport the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Dec 5, 2022
31 min
#178: 2022 midterms and the chaos that wasn't (feat. Alyssa Kann and Max Rizzuto)
Max Rizzuto and Alyssa Kann are researchers at the Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) who Jared used to work with. They join the show to talk about the anti-climactic passing of midterm elections. Is election denialism still as potent as it was in 2020? Were fears overblown? Have threats to democracy receded? They argue no to all of the above, even if things went better than expected. If everyone on this episode sounds tired, it's because they are exhausted from working around the elections.Follow Max Rizzuto on Twitter: @maxbrizzutoFollow Alyssa Kann on Twitter: @AlyssaKann Max's favorite thing: The first Fast and Furious movie posted as a Twitter thread (since struck down for copyright violations)Alyssa's favorite thing: "The day I fell into a crevasse"Support the showSubscribe to the Posting Through It newsletter
Nov 21, 2022
29 min
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